September 1, 2009

Mission: GROTB

So I kind of forgot to weigh myself yesterday morning so this is a day late. Here's the scoop...

(Aren't the stretch marks hot?)
I weighed 146. WOO stinkn' HOO! That's only 5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. But my body is definitely not the same as it was before baby, so I still have a lot of work to do even if I'm super close to my pre-pregnancy weight. The blob has got to go!

So I'm going to start The Shred tonight and I'll let you know how that goes. I'll also update with a picture of "The Blob" once Sean gets home.
ETA: Ok, so Day 1 is behind me with The Shred. 3 words. Out. Of. Shape. Seriously out of shape. That 20 minutes kicked my behind. I couldn't do much of the cardio because they did jumping jacks and jump rope and well, my new porn star boobs don't quite allow for jumping just yet. I might need to wear 3 bras in order to be able to do that. Mental note: Nurse before exercising.
Other than the boob part, it wasn't bad, but I am exhausted. I was able to keep up with the ab part so that was nice to think that I might still have some abs left underneath the blob. Oh, and they did push-ups for the strength part of it and yeah, I got nothing in my arms. I'm not sure there is even 1 muscle in my arms, really. Not joking. But Miss Jillian is going to kick my butt and get me in shape. I'm holding you to it Jillian.
Also, I'm going to get my hair chopped off tomorrow. It has gotten so long and it's a pain, honestly. And when I say long, it's still really short, but it's at that annoying length that I can't stand. I actually think I'm going to go a bit shorter than before so I don't have to do much to the back. I don't have much time whenever I shower now (which sucks btw) much less try to actually blow dry and straighten. So I want/need something a bit easier. Any suggestions?
A few pictures to share! Miss Lyla tried out her little jungle gym for the first time last night. There's also another of her and I doing what we do best along with her super cute outfit from the rehearsal dinner on friday. And yes, a huge flower atop her head! I loved it!!

Well Miss Lyla is a wake again so I think we'll eat and go for a walk! Oh, I love this life!
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