August 23, 2013

33 weeks :: Baby Jay 3.0

  It's been a while since I've done a baby update! It's super crazy that I have less than 7 week until my due date. But because my babies have a history of coming late, I add on 2 weeks. So, in no more than 9 weeks, Baby Jay 3.0 will be here! As far as myself, I'm pretty miserable I took a bad fall when i was almost 32 weeks, and I'm still hurting from that. I hurt, I can hardly move and putting on shoes is getting to be a challenge. Even though this is our last baby and I want to enjoy it, I just don't. I'm very ready for her to be here and for me to be done! 
As far as the baby, she is doing really well. Her hb has been between 136-144 at our appointments, which I'm now going to every 2 weeks. She's measuring good and is an active little thing.
How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain? Around 20 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yup
Sleep? Not great. I'm normally up for an hour or 2 every night. And getting up to pee about 3-4 times a night!
Best moment this week?  I don't really have one for this week, but last week I passed my gestational diabetes 2 hour test after failing it for the 1 hour test. That was definitely a good moment!
Miss anything? Being about to move normally.
Movement? Yup, pretty often! She is pretty low and likes to move a lot, especially on my bladder!
Food cravings?Nothing really. I haven't craved much with this pregnancy.
Anything making you queasy/sick?Not lately, knock on wood!
Gender? It's a girl! And yes she has a name but still a secret!
Labor Signs? Nope - but braxton hicks contractions happen often!
Symptoms? Normal pregnancy stuff. I hurt, I'm tired and I don't move very fast! :)And I feel HUGE.
Belly button in or out? Slightly out.
Wedding rings on or off? Off
Happy or moody? Honestly, I'm pretty moody - just depends how I feel. But I'm pretty sure Sean is ready for me to be back to my happy self!
Looking forward to? Not being pregnant and for her to be here!

The girls' room is almost done and then I'll post some pictures of it. I'm waiting for some shelves to go up! And finalizing some decor! I have a few more projects to finish up and to buy a few things but other than that, we are ready for her to be here!

August 12, 2013

Riding bikes...

Lyla is FINALLY starting to enjoy riding her big bike. It has taken forever (or so it seems) since the Easter bunny got her the bike.  After a few falls and then refusing to get back on, a marshmallow convinced her to get back on it and we've been riding fools since.

Somebody was jealous, but his short little legs don't quite fit the pedals yet!

The other day I even caught Sean pulling Cohen in the wagon and her riding her about about 2 blocks from home. I can't believe she actually rode it that far, but now she enjoys going and doing it everyday. 

My baby is getting big! :(

August 11, 2013

Herzogfest 2013

 Our little town just wrapped up Herzogfest and it was so much fun, as always. And the food...amazing. I look forward to herzog for the food every.single.year. Especially being pregnant, I REALLY looked forward to it this year. And I got my 2 favorites each day. Potato and dumplings and this BBQ sandwich that was SO yummy! Saturday night, Sean and I actually each got one and then split so we could eat both! 

Saturday morning, we got up early for the 5k run. Sean pushed the kiddos again and bettered his time by around a minute 20 seconds from the Wild west fest run. He got 38th out of 65 guys I think and got 45 out of 160 total. He also got 3rd in his age group and as always 1st in the (imaginary) stroller division.

 Afterwards - they love their daddy! :)

After the race, we went and watched the parade which basically consisted of firetrucks, 4 wheelers, a few tractors and horses. It was probably the shortest parade to date! But the kids still had fun and we enjoyed hanging out with some friends!

That night we back down for dinner and hung out with some more friends. They also put up a hot air balloon for display for a little bit and that was fun to experience.

And then it was over. :( Until next year!

August 9, 2013

Summer Slam Tri 2013

 Last weekend, Sean competed in his last tri of the year. He got 14th our of 29 guys and improved 7 mins from last year.  That's even with his bad knee!  His swimming was always his worst and he has improved so much! 

At the end, the guy behind him was super close to passing him - so I yelled at him to pick it up that he was going to get passed and Sean kicked it up a notch and stayed ahead of him! :) He has a few more races this year, but that's about it! No more tri's until next year!

August 8, 2013

Russell Country Fair 2013

 After we got back from vacation my mom came up and we were working on the girls' room so Sean took the kids and met up with our niece's at the Russell Fair.  Sean said they had a really good time! And mom and I were able to make a lot of progress on the room!

She's looks just a little bit scared! :)

 Feeding more animals!

 This little guy had lots of fun on the rides!

Until the next fair...

August 7, 2013

Baby Jay 3.0 - 4d experience

Yesterday, we got to see our little girl again! Sean, myself, my parents, Sean's mom and grandma all came with us and we got to do a 4d scan of her!  This was one thing I was super excited to do with baby number 3 as I'll never get to do anything "fun" again since this is our last baby! It was a fun experience and I loved getting to see her. She was pretty mellow at the beginning and then got crazy at the end and ended up rolling over and showing us the back of her head. Game over for her! :)

We mostly just saw the right side (I think) of her face and she had her hands and toes by her face the rest of the time!  She is a bendy, flexible little thing! She is head down and basically folded in half as she was playing with her toes and they were right by her face! And actually, she is kind of a big thing - she was weighing in at 3 lbs 6 oz and it measuring at 30 weeks (so 1 week behind). I may just get my first chunky baby! 

In this picture, her face is to the left of the screen and her fingers are by her face!

Her face again and you can see her chubby cheek!  Her hand is in a fist on her nose!

In the video below, her face is on the left side of the screen and you can see her opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue a little.

Her face without a fist right in front!

Opening her mouth again and you can see her tongue a little better. It kinda looks like she is licking her arm! 

This is a video of her foot/heel and her calf.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see her rib and then you see her elbow and arm come flying through too.

Overall, it was so fun to see! I've been lucky to have quite a few sonos so I was able to detect most things but sean really had no idea! :)  It was still an awesome experience and it is the last time I'll see baby girl before she makes her grand appearance! :) 

August 6, 2013

Vacation part 2

 The next morning we headed out to Deanna Rose Farmstead. It is a free place to go with lots of different animals! There was so much to do and we didn't even get to see it all. Between the heat and cranky kids, we ended up leaving after 2 hours!

 Lyla loved feeding the goats and Cohen hated it! :) He got super freaked out if the animals swarmed him!

 I kinda like the goats too! :)
 Besides the animals, they had tractor rides, wagon rides, horse rides, fishing, feeding goats milk, etc. There was seriously a lot to do!

 Lyla's first time riding a horse I think!

 She loved it!
 Next up was fishing, but they didn't have much luck. The fish kept getting the worms off the hook, but right before Sean was about to give up, they finally caught one!

 Told you he was freaked out! :)
 They swarmed Lyla quite a bit too, so Sean ended up feeding the goats their milk!
 And then seeing a real cow close up. Again, Cohen was in heaven! :)
After that we headed to Lawrence for a little walking on mass street, then to Topeka, ran a few errands, ate dinner, and then headed to our hotel where we got to swim!  The kids were worn out by the end of our trip! It wasn't anything to special but we made lots of memories together and that I love! Love my little family!

August 5, 2013

Quick vacation 2013

 Apparantly I took a semi long blog break! And we have had quite a lot going on in July. Since I last blogged we took a trip to Kansas City for a few days, I got to photograph my sweet new cousin being born, Sean competed in another tri, Lyla finally decided to learn to ride her big girl bike, we are process of getting Lyla to stop sucking her thumb, and county fairs.

So first up, some vacation pictures. We first stopped off in Topeka and ate lunch with some friends and got to meet their new little boy! We then headed off to KC and first stopped off at Wonderscope Children's museum.  This place was pretty awesome and the kids LOVED it. It's an old school converted into a children's museum with lots of activities in each of the rooms.  

The first room we went into was a ball/race track room, so Cohen was in heaven.

 Next up was a farm/market and once Cohen saw the cow he was in heaven once again! 

 Then we did a lego room...
 and a fort building room.

They had a super cute vet office/pediatrician office and I think the kids couldn't have stayed there for a long time! Cohen is in a baby stage and just played with the babies over and over while Lyla loved taking care of all the puppies and cats.

She would make a super cute doctor!

Next up was a water room!

 Cohen loves knocking things over, so he was in heaven here too!

 I think they had fun!
 We then went to oak park mall and did some shopping and then headed to the casino. I had a free room to use up and so we stayed at Harrah's and ate dinner at the 810 zone before conking out for the night. 

The next day we head to the crown center and went to Sealife, the aquarium. Even though they don't look like it, they were super excited! I didn't think it was that great since we have been to quite a few aquariums, but it was fun! 

We then went to some of shops and checked out the Curious George exhibit .

Next up was Fritz's - they serve your food on a train. While it was a fun atmosphere, the food wasn't that great. 

Ordering our food...

Cohen was a little freaked out for some reason once the trains kept coming by!

 Later that day we headed to Legends for more shopping while the kids cooled off by the fountain.
Cohen was soaked when it was all over!

 After a quick snack at the dinosaur restaurant, we headed over to the Tbones game. Both of the kids are big into baseball right now, so they had lots of fun. We had some awesome seats and the Tbones won!

 Cohen was not a fan of the mascot!
 Love them all!
 He was pretty mesmerized. We hear the word ball no less than 200 times a day (for real) so he was in his happy place!  And he happened to be going through a phase there where he had to take his mitt everywhere.