April 27, 2010

Splish Splash

My Lyla's taking a bath!

Love this picture of her!!! Such a pretty girl!

April 21, 2010

Easter Part 2

Easter in pictures! These are from Easter with Sean's family!

Abi finding Easter Eggs!

Lyla and her first Easter Egg!

First Easter picture as a family!
Lyla's Easter Basket

Digging in!
Part 3 coming soon!

April 19, 2010

Happy 8 months pretty girl!

Holy moly, she's 8 months old already! I just can't believe. It's kinda sad... she's growing up way to fast for me!

Miss Lyla, this is what you are up to these days.

-You sleep from about 8ish-7ish... give a take.

-You are a great napper at daycare, but stink at em' at home.

-You are still size 3-6 months though I've been sneaking in a few 6-9 month outfits because I'm getting bored with your wardrobe. You have a ton of cute 6-9 month springy clothes to wear! You just might fit in them by 9 months, if not, then definitely by 10 months.

- You are still nursing and plan to until your 1 year.

-Still in cloth diapers at home and still size 3 diapers at daycare.

-You are an awesome eater and love your veggies! New things you've tried this past month has been raspberry's but you're allergic to them. You've also had yogurt, blueberry's, and cauliflower.

-You are not a fan of self feeding. Everything else in this world goes into your mouth but for some reason, food is the only exception. You are working on it though and doing much better.

- We are thinking you are allergic to raspberry's and yogurt right now! You get a rash whenever you eat them. Here's to hoping you don't have milk allergies!

- You are still a stationery baby. You haven't tried to move much at all, but you are doing little things to make us think you could possibly be thinking about it!

-You have started walking with us holding on to your hands.

-If we say kiss kiss, you'll give us drooly open mouth kisses.

-You still only babble the dada, baba, and mama sounds though the mama sounds are few and far in between.

- You weigh around 15 1/2 lbs. Still an itty bitty!

We love you sooo much Miss Lyla!! You are growing like a weed and we couldn't be more proud!!!


On a picture note, our monthly sessions are getting a LOT harder. This child is wild at times!

April 15, 2010


We got Lyla a little swing for out on the deck this past weekend and finally put it up tonight. I'm not quite sure she knows she swinging... but the straps must be tasty. Have I mentioned before how much I love spring!!! Oh yes I do!

April 13, 2010

Oh, Spring!

I must say I'm absolutely, without a doubt, loving this weather!!! Thank goodness for no more snow!!

This past weekend I had a bunch of photo sessions (yay for me!) and so Sean's mom came over to watch Lyla while Sean did some work outside. His dad then decided to come over to "help"! Right, Gary?! :) Sean and his dad ended up fixing a few things around the house and putting up a new gate/fence thingy in the backyard (thanks a million, Gary!). So we ended up getting Taco and had our first dinner outside on the porch! Love, love, love this weather! It was also Lyla's first time eating out there as well and her first time eating spinach! Yum! haha! Lots of first around here! :)

Here's a few pics of our doll. And yes, I know she looks rather boyish. Someone else in this house dressed her that morning! :) Even if she looks slightly like a boy, she is still stinkn' cute! :)

April 12, 2010

Comment away, pretty pretty please!

I've added a new commenting system to make it easier to comment because I know deep down inside you are dying to do it!! You just have to fill out a few things and then you are good to go (ahem, mom!!). I love comments and love hearing from you especially if you are going to tell me that my daughter is stinkn' adorable! :) Or you can also tell me I'm adorable too. I won't be mad! :)

I have part 2 of my Easter post coming soon!!! I just need to find a few minutes to do it! :)

Happy Monday!

April 9, 2010


I'm beyond excited.

My life will soon be fulfilled.

My blogging family and friends - you will not believe what I just found on the internet!

::::::::::::::::::::Drum roll, please:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

A snuggie tutorial. I can now make my own instead of buying one!!! The second I stumbled upon this I immediately added it to my favorites and started looking for new fleece! I am soooo excited!

Kayla... let Ty know he will so be the owner of a snuggie!! :)

April 8, 2010

Easter part 1

Did you have a great Easter?? Hopefully it was better than mine! Mine was good but definitely coulda been better. I spent the better half of it feeling like poo. I spent most of the evening laying in my parents bed and barely ate a thing...ugh! Not fun!!! And from there, Miss Andrea had the flu! Yippee I tell ya...again...not fun!

Rewind to Saturday. My friends Becca and Shelly met up with me at McDonalds at a very early 8 am for some breakfast before we hit up the FHSU Easter Egg hunt!

Meet Becca at 8 a.m. Pretty little thing ain't she!?!? I forewarned her that I was posting this picture and while I may have gotten a death glare, I still had to post it! Love ya dear!!

My little lovebug at McDonalds for the first time!! Cutest little thing if you ask me! :)

My little thumb sucker!!

This is baby D... one of Lyla's boyfriends. They are 8 days apart and D weighs about 6 pounds more than her!!! But they love each other! :) Shelly has 4 boys and really wants/wanted a little girl. Wouldn't he have made a cute little girl! :) His dad may hurt me for doing this! haha!
Becca and Eli before the 3 minute Easter Egg hunt!

Shelly and Weston getting eggs!!

Becca and I with our kiddos!
Group pic!
Afterwards, Lyla and I ran a few errands and then went to lunch with Shelly and Dalton. After that we headed home, napped and then snapped some Easter pics!! :) Isn't my little bunny adorable! Ahh, she melts my heart!!

Stay Tuned: Part 2...coming soon!

April 5, 2010

My Birthday recap!

This will be quick as this cute girl has the flu and ain't feeln' to hot. My birthday was Saturday and overall it was an ok birthday. I guess it is time to no longer love birthdays as someone in our house is NOT a fan of birthday weeks. Ugh.

Here are flowers Sean and Lyla sent me to work on Thursday. Very pretty!!

My friend/coworker got me this tile and it is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

Sean took Lyla and I to dinner at Gella's where I even got a birthday desert... mmm!! These were pictures before we left!

Lyla's favorite thing to do!
Happy 26th Birthday to me!!!

I have tons more to post... soon! :)