November 30, 2008


Ugh, I got sick. And I'm hating it!

The game was good, actually it was great the last 5 minutes. The rest of the time I froze. I had 5 layers of clothing, hand warmers and foot warmers (that didn't work), and a blanket. I was miserable. The end of the game was really good. Probably one of the best games I have ever been too. I just wish it wasn't so cold. I'll blog more about it later. I'm off to bed to rest. I have a fever,cough, running nose, and aches to get rid of before tomorrow! Send me some mental get well soon wishes! I need em'!

November 28, 2008

It's Game Day Eve... from the mouth of Sara

And we are off for the KU- Missouri game! It's frigid today and lightly snowing. Hoping that tomorrow is sunshine-filled and hot temps. Ok, so maybe I'm dreaming! Don't worry though, because I bought hand warmers and feet warmers. Hopefully they work!

Have a wonderful weekend and cheer on those Jayhawks!!

(think of me when I'm freezing my hiney off!)


November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

As I sit here at my mom and dad's for our family thanksgiving, I started thinking about everything I'm thankful for. Here's my list...

1. My husband - I considered myself a pretty lucky gal. He's my rock, my best friend. I love you!

2. My families - I have a great family and a great 2nd family! Both families have been more than helpful when Sean and I got married and continue to support as today. We love you!

3. Reese- My furbaby that I love more than anything!!

4. My friends - I cherish the friendships I have had for a long time and grateful for all the new friendships I've formed!

5. FOOD - Yup, love food!

6. My job- I might not like it at times, but it pays the bills and allows Sean and I to have a life! With this job I don't work weekends and have off on Holiday's which allows us to spend more time together and do all the things we love like the lake, Ku games, traveling, etc!

There's tons more but I think that sums it up for now!

Hope you all have/had a great Thanksgiving!

ETA : A note from Sean

I asked Sean what he was thankful for...(I should have known better!!)

I'm Thankful for:
My Wife
My Family
My Friends
Being a Jayhawk fan instead of a Wilcat or Tiger fan
KU National Championship
Big Screen TVs
XBOX 360
Pets--Gauge, Cooper, and I guess Reese
The internet
College football and basketball games

I have a lot more -but Andrea has already been shaking her head in disbelief of what I have written - I George Foreman Guarentee it!

November 26, 2008

Soon to be Turkey day!

I *love* family time. I love being around people and spending holidays with the ones I/we love! I can't believe that tomorrow is the day I will gain 5 lbs and then in under 30 days it will be Christmas! Love, love, love the holiday! I love the meaning, the cooking, the decoration, the presents, the shopping, the wrapping... get my point?

Tomorrow we are heading to Russell to do the lunch thing with Sean's family. Then it will be a trip to GB for dinner with mine! Lots of travel but it's nice to get to spend this day with all of our families!

I'm super excited about my post for tomorrow... I'm pre-blogging in my head!

Night ya'll!

November 25, 2008

I forgot...

to blog about how awesome of a wife I am! Duh!?! How could i forget! Anyways, the way to my husbands heart is through KU or XBOX. Well he's been wanting the new NCAA 2009 and yesterday I got it for him! :) I know it's nothing *BIG* but it' something to let him know he's appreciated! It's not like the guy wants me to buy him flowers to show him how much I love him. Instead I buy him Xbox games so he can spend quality time with the TV instead of me! :) Love you, Bub!

Also, I forgot to blog that Sean and I are headed to KC for the KU- Missouri game! I'm really excited to go and tailgate and watch them *WIN* hopefully! I love planning, as you should know, so I'm excited to get a menu together and make some awesome food. I even have cute lil napkins too! We are going out kinda sorta big... we have the KU canopy, a grill, banners, and food! Come see us if you'll be at the game!

I'm so thankful that Sean and I have the opportunity to go out and do things like this! It's one of my most favorite things I love about him. He's not much for staying at home and this way we can go and experience things together and makes memories in the process! I'm beyond *Blessed* and oh, so thankful for him and our marriage!

A day late...

of, course. That's how I roll! Fashionably late! Actually, Sean is the more of the fashionably late and I'm more like 5 minutes early! Anyways, it's 6:30 as I type this! I was really planning on doing this last night, but I was exhausted. It was early to bed for me!

Nothing new in the love world of the Rodger's. Sean spent the evening watching the KU game and I spent it cleaning up the kitchen and going to bed! Yeah, I really exciting! I was hoping to sew my items last night and then I thought I'd do it this morning but both of those are negative. Hopefully tonight! Actually, I more or less need to do it tonight for sure!

So here's this segment of STALK THIS BLOG! It's called 30 days and gives tutorials for homemade items, which I *heart* right now. Anyways, they have some AWESOME ideas and have already added some on to my to-do list! Now if only I had more time!

Oh, and for a countdown... only 1 month til Christmas!

November 23, 2008

Man I'm loved!

by you two girls! I feel *honored* that you guys actually get excited to read what I blog about considering we see each other just about everyday! Man, I *love* blogging!
Let's see, Sean and I had quite the weekend! I had 2 photo shoots this weekend which went really well! 1 was a new client and the other was a returning client! So I was and still am really excited about that! :) After the session, I was talking to Sean on my way home and found out that his Uncle Ron ran into his pick-up! He took out the driver's side front bumper and broke the light and crushed in a few other things. It's still drivable, just not very pretty! We've been talking about get him a new one, and now it looks like we will be doing that! We are hoping they will just total it out b/c what the truck is worth and the $$ in damages will be close to the same. At least that's what we are thinking/hoping for! Then after that wonderful news, I found out that Sean's cousin KJ and his 9-yr-old son Luke were coming to stay with us for the night. They had rented a cabin out at Lake Wilson but was unable to get into it! So in a mad dash we cleaned the upstairs. It's pretty much been our holding room for Christmas presents and such. But there were also some junk items up there as well. So we shoved things into the closets, vacuumed and dusted and managed to make it look clean! A deceiving clean, but it was never-the-less clean! We all went to eat at Gella's! We. Heart. Gella's. I didn't have a beer but now today a lemon ale sounds*SOO* good!
To finish off our night we all fell asleep around 10:30. Exciting, huh?

Which leads me to now! Happy Sunday! I have a *HUGE* list to accomplish today! Here goes...
1. Finish Tara's pics - check
2. Upload Becca's pics - check
3. Design Wanda's Christmas Card and Collage- check
4. Work on parents Christmas card - check
5. Work on MY Christmas card
6. Finish the Perez's pictures - check
7. Start both yesterday's Session

And I'd also love to sew a few baby things! I need to make a gift for someone by Wednesday and need to really get that done! - half check

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

November 19, 2008

Hump day...

Thank goodness it's Hump day! I wish I was saying, Thank goodness its Friday, but hump day will do for now! Today at work we had the Dr. from Denver in, so of course it was a busy day! He's a great doctor to work for. We don't have to baby him and he's self sufficient and nice on top of that! But when he is here it makes for a really long day... I got out at 5:30 and I know a few other girls were there way after (but that could be b/c they were wanting Botox! :) ) Then Becca and her fab kids came over and we did some shots of Eli - they are super cute!!! I can't wait to work on them! And now I write this when I should be working on pictures, but I'm to tired! I'm going to clean and up and go lay in bed and go to bed EARLY if I can! I wanted to post some pictures we took this weekend with Sean's family! They turned out fabulous! Now I get to work on our Christmas cards for this year!! Ok, well I tried uploading pics but blogger won't let me. I guess next time!

And again, I have stuff I really want to blog about but I'm way to tired! So we'll save that for a raining day!

P.S. Becca, anytime you want to bring me that ice cream you can! I'll be waiting! :)

P.S.S. Tara, my back hurts. It nnnneeeeeeeeeeeeddddssss you!

Night my peeps!


November 17, 2008

It's Stalk This Blog Monday!

Today's Stalk A Blog is PatchyApple. It's an awesome site for different crafts things. Whenever we have kids, I'm going to sew my own car seat cover and make a homemade teether ring! I'd much rather have homemade than premade any day! Especially when it's being *frugal* (still haven't come up with a good word yet!) and *green*. And it's much safer for kiddos!

Have I mentioned I love bloggin? I like being able to sit down and write stuff that *MAYBE* someone would find helpful or heck, even make some one's day - (ok, probably not but maybe someday).

Here's what is new in the Rodger household. Saturday was spent putting up our new child - the 8 ft jayhawk in order for the game. I then spent the day cleaning, working on photography, and organizing. My wonderful husband also put up my new sconces, a decorative sign, and cleaned the tub! He's pretty amazing...(but don't tell him I said that!)

On Sunday we were going to try to go to church but didn't end up making it. We went to Wal-mart then started cooking for our family get together that evening. I then had an awesome shoot with the "New girl" at work and got some fantabulous pictures! After that session The Rodger clan got together and we got some pictures taken, then everyone came over for some awesome food my awesome husband cooked! I should add, I made some *amazing* potatoes!
And to sum up the day, Sean and I watched What Happens in Vegas. It's was good but had some slow parts! So slow, Sean fell asleep for a bit! Oh, and we also had to put up our child again since KU have a basketball game to play - of, course!

All in all, it was a good weekend! I have more I want to write about but not enough time. My awesome friend Becca recently wrote about how *blessed* she was and everything she was *thankful* for and I want to do a blog about that... good topic, Becca. Very fitting for this up-coming Holiday!!!

November 15, 2008

A full weekend!

Again... I have a lot I want to accomplish this weekend! Here's the list!

1. Hang sconces - check
2. Hang new sign in living room - check
3. Finish Perez pictures - check- and customs- check
4. Upload samples to website - check
5. Stalk a few blogs - check X 10
6. Clean up craft room - check
7. Hang picture frames in craft room
8. Wash Laundry - check
9. Dry Laundry - check
10. Fold Laundry - check
11. Put away Laundry
12. Clean basement floor
13. List some things on Nex-tech
14. Start pantry shelf
15. Pick paint color for basement

Hmm... that should be good for now. Like I said, a lot to do! I did have a photo session today but it got canceled so that should give me more time to get this all done!

Oh, last night Sean and I went over to our friends' house, Tony and Deb. We were just hanging out and Deb and I started watching Barbara Walters special with the woman turned man who got pregnant and is now pregnant AGAIN. All I have to say is it was weird watching a man push out a baby. And one doctor said she has delivered close to 35-40 deliveries were the MAN had the baby.... that was a lot to handle. Power to em' but it was still weird.

Alrighty, have a wonderful day and Good Luck KU! And yes, Sean did put up our beautiful 8 ft Jayhawk today! Nice...


November 12, 2008

Tuesday's To-do's

Back to organizing. I didn't quite get everything done that I wanted. Truth be told, I didn't even get half! But any is better than none! So here's today's. The good news is I only work until 12. So I'll have sometime to work!

1. Grocery List
2. Blog Sunday's pictures
3. E-mail price list to potential client
4. Upload Tuesday's pictures and begin working
5. Sunday's custom storyboards
6. Start budget
7. Order 2 picture orders! - check

That should keep me busy!

Lots to do!

I am so proud of myself. Why, you might ask? Well I'd love to tell you. I've gotten up at 5:30 or 5:45 for the past 3 days. I got up at 5:15 Monday and couldn't fall back asleep. So after getting ready for the day, I had all this time and was able to get a lot of things done! I loved it! So I'm hoping to continue doing it! I also have more energy during the day and sleep better at night! I've managed to stay up on the laundry daily - yes, I said daily. Normally it's a every 4 or 5 days and ends up being a pain so I'm pumped!

Actually, I'm just excited to be back to organizing and stuff. It seems that for a little while I was in a slump of some sort and couldn't get motivated to do much. So I'm happy I'm back to where I was before. And I have tons I need to do to "make up" for my laziness!

So here's my today's to-do list! Sean will be at basketball tonight so I'll have the house to myself for a few hours :)

1. Edit Sunday's session pictures - check
3. Upload yesterday's pictures
4. Hang up laundry that's drying now
5. Organize my bookmarks on my computer
6. Place 2 photo orders
7. Clean out Inbox - check
8. Make homemade cleaners - check
9. Start on budget

I think that's enough, right? Hope you have a blessed and organized day, too! :)

Oh, one more thing! I need some help with a better word for *frugal*. Frugal makes me feel frumpy so I need a *cute* word that means the same! Any suggestions? Best suggestion wins.... something - maybe! :)

Peace and love kids!

November 10, 2008

Stalk this Website!

Here's my Monday's STALK THIS WEBSITE! As I've blogged recently (like 10 minutes ago) you know I WANT to do the *green* and *frugal* thing. This website is a great site to save money using coupons and saving strategies at different stores. It's unbelievable how these people get such deals and I *hope* to be able to do it. Still in the learning phases but I will start soon! And again, it's a MOM website and yes, I know I'm not a Mom, but it'll be great for when I am a Mom. Plus I'll already have it down by that time! So happy stalking!

Weekend round-up

Oh. My. Goodness! I had a fantabulous weekend! I love my annual Mother-Daughter shopping trip and boy did we do that. We decided to take my Durango instead of my Mom's Cadillac so we'd have more room and amen for that. The back of my Durango was completely full and I couldn't see out of the back window and also the backseat was completely full. I, uh, almost hit a car (oops) and when I slammed on the brakes we got showered in bags full of the stuff we bought! Overall we had a great time. Also hung out with my brother and his girlfriend and went out for Kev's birthday! The big 23! OOHH, weird story. Mom and I were getting ready to leave to head home and we were at this stoplight. I look to my left (the turning lane) and notice this lady and her 2 kids staring at me. So I look away and I could still *feel* them looking at me so I turned my head again and this time the window was down. So I put my window down, hoping this lady with 2 kids wasn't going to shoot me, and the lady asks me, "Are you married to Sean Rodger?" How entirely weird was that. I didn't know who she was but she said she went to school with him and that her name is Tiffany. It was pretty bizarre. Never in a million years would I have thought that's what she was going to ask me. I assumed I had a flat or something. Oh, and she tells me that she's seen me on Facebook and that's how she recognized me! Weird!

Anywho, busy week ahead. I have 3 photography sessions this week and a few orders to place so I'll be busy. And I'm in super organize mode and want to "re-do" my house with some stuff that I found.

Excluding this weekend, I'm trying to become more *green* and *frugal*! Honest, I am. And it's a super fun thing to do. Tonight I'm going to make some homemade cleaning supplies that I found here. What's better than being *green* and *frugal*. I'm liking this :)

Happy & Wonderful Monday ya'll!

November 7, 2008


I'm in trouble! I spent a bit to much today and still have tomorrow to go. Becca dear - I got a new purse! It's not a Valentino but it should do for a month or so until I decide I "NEED" a new one! :)

I'm exhausted from Shopping and need to gear up for tomorrow. Shopping should so be a sport!

November 5, 2008

"Change" is upon us...

Who knows if this is "change" is going to be good for America or bad but Sean and I both tend to believe that this so called wonderful "change" is in to hurt rather than make good! I think supporting someone that is pro-choice, someone that wants to raise taxes, someone that has terrorist ties, and someone that lacks experience (c'mon people, he only served 143 days in the senate) is retarded. That's only 1 session of "governmental" (is that a word?) work. Sure he has experience in other areas of politics, but in my opinion that's not enough! Why oh why would we want that? (I know, obviously a lot of people did).

I'm moving to Canada for a 4 year vacation. Who wants to come?

In better news, I'M GOING SHOPPING! I'm so pumped for this! It's my mom and I's annual shopping trip for stuff for me :) Ok, and maybe Christmas shopping but that's not important! We are leaving tomorrow night and coming back Sunday. I'm ready to spend some money!

Have a wonderful weekend!


November 4, 2008

McCain 2008

I VOTED! And I sure hope you did too! This was my 1st voting experience so I was kinda excited to do so! Sean and I went together and this year we got to vote on the new computer machine. Very easy! Honestly, there shouldn't have been any reason why someone couldn't have gone and voted. I think Sean and I were there less then 10 minutes. No waiting, no lines! I know it's not that simple in bigger cities but still! This is a huge election, one that will effect us in the long run! I'm not afraid to hide who I vote for b/c I'm confident he should be the next President of the United States. I morally can't vote for someone that believes in pro-choice, raising taxes, banning firearms... seriously?!?! We should find out who the next prez is here in a few hours. I'm hoping for the best but thinking this retarded and immoral "change" might be upon us!

Other news, Sean & I took our adorable niece Abi to the Victoria football game tonight. We won (of course)! It was a really good game! Abi is obsessed with cheerleaders right now so I thought she would love going to watch them. It was so funny because she was actually really shy at the game and wouldn't cheer. We bought her these pom-poms (every cheerleader must have em') and she'd shake em' but that was about it. But at soon as we got home she was a cheering maniac! She's SOOO cute! Couldn't get a pic though because our batteries died :(

Yesterday I took some pictures of my nieces and my SIL down at a park here in Victoria. They turned out soo good!! :) Here's a few and if you want to see more head over to my photography blog @ (Like that advertising :) )

Have a great night and here's to another 4 years!!!

November 3, 2008

Another Monday Blog

I might have just fallen in love with this blog... didn't want to wait until next Monday to share. It's called MomAdvice - and yes I know I'm not a mom, but they have some excellent resources for homemade cleaning supplies, ways to save money and my fav - organizing! Definitely check it out! You'll be oh so happy that you did!!!

Monday to-do list and Blog Monday

So I am so blessed to have this wonderful Monday off. These are the kind of Mondays I enjoy! So I have lots to do. For the record, I could so be a stay-at-home wife! :) Kids or no kids :) Anyways, here's my to-do list to keep me trucking along and keep me from playing on the Internet (i.e. stalking blogs) Oh, and that reminds me of something. I'm starting my own "blog Monday." Every Monday I'm going to blog about a blog I stalked the week before or one that I absolutely love. Today's blog is This Mama makes stuff. She has some really cool ideas and I have a few of those things on my own craft to-do list. One thing I want to try is the stuffed letter pillow. I think it would be so cute on our couch to add a little touch. I'm going shopping this weekend and have some new material on my list to try this out!

Ok my own Monday to-do list:

1. Laundry - Check
2. Fold Laundry - check
3. Actually hang up the laundry instead of laying it in the bedroom :S - check check check! Go me
4. Reorganize my craft room - check
5. Finish sewing my baby blocks and cut out material for 2 more and pin together.
6. Make a baby block tutorial - this is a ?
7. Transcribe session 4 practice reports
8. Start session 3 test
9. Edit pics from Sunday's session - check
10. Design Xmas cards for 2 people
11. Wipe down all baseboards
12. Photo session with my adorable nieces - check
13. Wipe down walls in basement
14. Clean basement floor.

Ok I have to get to work. No more playing on the Internet... :S

ETA - I'm slacking for the most part - man I love the Internet. Here's what I really have been doing...

1. Visit with customer about pictures by e-mail for about an hour
2. Talk to Dad for 30 minutes
3. Talk with Mom for 30 minutes
4. Upload pictures to facebook
5. Stalking more blogs
6. Editing my own blog :S
7. Pay Bills

Back to work :)


November 2, 2008


I must say I love blogging! But mostly, I love stalking other people's blogs! You can find so many interesting things out there on the Internet. Currently I loving craft blogs like this one. She's an awesome crafty person and I've gotten a lot of cool ideas from her. I'm always looking for more ways to use recycled materials and make things including my life more green! I also have a few money savvy blogs and a few organizing idea blogs. I. Love. Blogs. Pretty much I'm addicted. If you know of any, puh-lease let me in on your blog world!

I found this new hat stalking this blog which led me to stalk this blog. They have this super cute crocheted hat. I'm not a big hat wearer but if I could crochet this I would so wear it. This might be on my to-do-list... hmmm. Come on people, stalk with me! It's fun... and the best thing about stalking is no one knows your doing it. (That is if you don't blog about it, ha!)

Anyways -

Sean is heading back from the Chiefs game as we speak. I could probably give you a play by play on where he is since I feel like I'm calling every hour. I'm ready for him to be home and his "man" weekend to come to an end. I need a good snuggle.

Well I'm off! Peace Dude!