June 30, 2013

KK's baby shower!!

 This weekend myself, Sonya and Kayla's cousin, Jess, hosted a shower for Kayla's baby girl! I did a pink and grey chevron theme - love me some chevron - and it overall turned out pretty cute! She got some great gifts and is set for their little girl to arrive! She's due the beginning of August, but my guess is she is going to have a late July baby! Guess we will see! :)

I was sorta busy so I didn't get many pictures at all!

Her cake was made by one of the mom in my mom club and she has made all our cakes lately! Super yummy!

 The set - simple and sweet!
 I love the banner I made! :) I thought it turned out pretty cute!

The glowing momma-to-be!
 Cousins! Love these girls so much!

And for the record, yes I look huge. I was told I looked so big for only 25 weeks. Thanks ya'll. Yes, I know I'm big... I was big with my first, bigger with my 2nd, and I'll be even bigger with my 3rd! :) 
Only about 14 weeks of hugeness to go! :)

Kayla and the hostesses!!!
Congrats Miss Kayla! Hope you enjoyed it!

June 25, 2013

Miss our Piper girl

 It's been about 3 weeks (I think) since we sent off Piper to her new home! It could be more, but considering I don't even know what day it is today, I'm not sure! :) I arranged for the family to come while I was at a shoot because I knew I couldn't handle being there when they got her. So before I left, we had a quick little session with her!   We are finally to the point where Lyla doesn't mention her every day or where Cohen puts up his hands and says woof, woof!  I however, still think about her every day and have actually gone as far as going outside to call her inside and couldn't figure out why I couldn't find her!

 This is normal activity with Cohen and Piper - wrestling! Good thing she was a patient dog!


 They love her!

It is super strange still not having her! We also really notice her not being here by all the food under the table. Among other things, she did make a good clean up dog! :) 

June 24, 2013

24 weeks ::Baby Jay 3.0::

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain? Around 11 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yup
Sleep? Hasn't been horrible!
Best moment this week? Reaching the week of viability
Miss anything? Margaritas still!
Movement? Yup, pretty often! She is pretty low!
Food cravings? Steak! Fruit and veggies! Sweets are starting to creep back in!
Anything making you queasy/sick? Not really anymore!
Gender? It's a girl!
Labor Signs? Nope - but braxton hicks contractions happen a couple times a day!
Symptoms? Normal pregnancy stuff. I had my first episode of swollen, hurting feet! Boo.
Belly button in or out? In-ish
Wedding rings on or off? Off
Happy or moody? Honestly, I'm pretty moody - just depends how I feel. But I'm pretty sure Sean is ready for me to be back to my happy self!
Looking forward to? Shopping for this little girl!

At my 22 weeks appt, baby was doing good and heartbeat was 144.  He mentioned that my amniotic fluid is on the low end but isn't alarming so i'll probably be having another sono to check that out later on. Other than that, everything is good!

June 17, 2013

Father's Day ::2013::

 We had a fun little Father's Day around here!  We love our daddy so much! :)

We headed to church, but before we left, I wanted to get a few pictures! The first one is just proof that my kids don't always photograph well! :) I had someone say that my kids always smiled so good for pictures - here's proof that isn't true!

 I love these three so much!! Can't wait for another little girl to complete our family picture!

After church, we went to Carlos O'Kelly's for lunch and then headed home.  My parents came up that afternoon and we then headed to go play putt putt. I think everyone enjoyed it but me! :) It was HOT and this pregnant girl does not like hot! Plus I wasn't feeling the best so that mixed with the hotness didn't make for a fun time for me! But the kiddos had fun and it was Cohen's first time to play! He really had no idea but he loves golf and so he had fun!

 I think Lyla was over the heat as well! She had no interest in taking a picture!

 He takes putt putt very seriously!

After putt putt, we headed home where I layed on the couch and Sean finished up ribs he had made for all of us! Super yummy!

Happy Father's day daddy!!

Hutch, KS and answers for Cohen

 In May, we headed to Hutch for a doctors' appt for Cohen and made a little road trip out of it. 

We stopped at Dillon Nature center as Sean wanted to take the kiddos there because he remembered going there as a kid. I guess they had lots more since Sean has been there last so we got to do some exploring.

If you know me, then you know that I'm not a nature fan really and most nature things freak me out. Snakes, frogs, fish, turtles really are not my thing. At ALL. 

Cohen enjoyed the exploring and had lots of fun. Lyla is more of her mother's child and was content just holding my hand. We kept each other safe! :)

 While it was pretty, I'll be good with not going back. I'm more a city girl!

 We got to feed some ducks - who happened to be too friendly and freaked me out. Which then made Lyla scared and she wouldn't feed them. But Cohen was game and don't tell the people that work there, but we fed them a blueberry muffin! It's all we had!

 After Cohen's appt we headed to the Hutch Zoo. It's a free zoo and it was super cute! I like zoos, not nature parks! :) Cohen is obsessed with cows right now and so he was having a hay day when he saw this!

 We then took some pictures - this is me at 20 weeks!

So about Cohen. If you didn't know, Cohen has pretty much been a sick kiddo since he was born. Around 4 months he got his 1st ear infection and it has all gone down hill from there. At least once a month (and many months it was for the full month) he was sick with a sinus infection and ear infection. That mixed with his low weight and consistent ear infections even after tubes, we got a referral to meet with an immunologist/allergist. They did allergy testing on him and we found out that he may be allergic to peanuts and that he was allergic to dogs. They did some blood work on top of that, the doctor believed he had an immune disorder. So this past Thursday, we got the results back and it turns out Cohen is not allergic to peanuts (maybe a slight sensitivity) but does have the immune disorder that she thought. It's called transient hypogammaglobulin of infancy. Basically his immune system is premature and that slowly this is something he should outgrow! Since our appt in May, he's been sick again! :( It seems like it is never ending! So he will be getting an extra vaccination to help boast his immune system and give him more protection again sinus problem and ear infections specifically. Basically we are just doing it as a precaution going into the winter months. He won't be able to get it until he is 2 - so in September some time most likely.  He is also allowed to have peanuts again and shouldn't have to worry about that.  He will also need to be on a nose spray and and sporadically will be taking an allergy med to see if it helps some.

So it was nice to get some answers! And I'm really hoping he outgrows this quickly! 

This was after he got all his allergy testing. He couldn't touch his back for 20 minutes after the got poked! But he did SO well! He didn't cry and would just say ow every once in a while. If he has an allergy to something, then apparently the spot will burn some and so that is what he was whining about. We were there for 2 hours for the appt and both of our kiddos did SO good! We are pretty blessed! And super thankful for technology!

June 14, 2013

A few random pictures

 Thought I would post a few random pictures that I don't think I have nor will I get a chance. Most of these were while I had morning sickness so they were just random snaps I managed. I'm pretty impressed I actually picked up the camera some as I felt like I was on my death bed during that time! so thankful that time frame is OVER! 

 This was Cohen's first time having corn on the cob! He loved it!

 This kid also loves to climb. This was back in february and he was obsessed with climbing on the table any chance he got. I probably found him there 10-20 times a day!


Another day of painting!
 In february, Lyla has her first dentist appt! And she did SO good!
 She let them do everything they needed to do, even xrays! And her teeth were looking really good!

 This was rom Lyla's valentine's day party at her preschool! They got to decorate their own cookies! I feel so blessed that I'm able to stay home and attend all these fun times of my kiddos life!

 Just doing a little project while Cohen slept. We made so goo that didn't turn out right! 

Oh, you know, just some nakey pouting at the table. Life is rough when we don't get our way.

I can't get over how young he looks here! There was from february too and one of the rare times he was healthy! And his hair was SO short!
 I love him!

 Love this precious girl too!
Ok, randomness over! :)