September 20, 2009

Our weekend in pictures!

Miss Lyla enjoyed her second trip to the lake this weekend. Sean's parents rented a cabin outat Lake Wilson. They were super nice cabins and we even had DISH. Nothing like roughing it, huh?

Heres our cabin we stayed at.

Lyla & I did a lot of this...

and this. If I had a picture of her bawling, I'd insert that here too.

We also did a little of this.
And my adorable niece and I took a lot of pictures like these.

The boys did a lot of this.
And we also did a lot of this!

Overall, it was a nice weekend! The water was freezing so we only took the boat out to fish and take Abi out for a ride. We ate super good food and even got some sleep. Miss Lyla slept 6, yup 6, hours straight. Momma however didn't sleep near that as I kept checking to make sure she was alive and well. The second night she slept 5 hours and then another 3 1/2 hours straight. Heavenly!!!!
Someone also got to wear her first bikini!! How cute, huh?!

Hope you had as great a weekend as we did!!!
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