August 24, 2008

Another weekend roundup

I can happily say that I was a cleaning machine this weekend! My craft room is finally starting to be organized and I heart it!!!! I took before pics so I'll try to post those soon and then when it's all finished I will post after ones! I worked hard on this room this weekend. I got rid of a ton of stuff and bought a few new things - oops! :) I got new organizers for my scrapbooking stuff and a ton of new clear plastic boxes for other things in the room that I wanted to put away in the closet in an organized fashion! I also got a DYMO label printer and must say I'm in love! All my drawers and tubs are nicely organized and look fantastic! My father in law also came over and helped the hubby put up a ceiling fan in our bedroom and then a light fixture in my office! My bedroom looks great and all is left is a few decor items and then crown molding! OH, and maybe some new bedding :) This almost 100-yr-old house is finally starting to come together and be a "HOME" for Sean and I. All we have left is molding in the hallway, making a new laundry room, and finishing the basement so Sean can have a "man" room! Or a Jayhawk Shrine as I would call it. But this means all his video games are going to the basement! I'm also going to re-do my bathroom - again! I painted it once but not really loving it so I'm going for a 2nd try. And this time we are upgrading the fixtures, too. Way excited. I'm going to try and recruit my friend Becca to join me in the awesomeness that is re-decorating. She's gonna love it (I hope!)

As for the rest of the weekend, we also had our nieces' dedication at church today. So Sean's family got together and we had a nice lunch after church. I'm very blessed to have such a great 2nd family.

Well, it's time for me to get my daily beauty sleep! Night ya'll!


August 16, 2008

The beginning of the weekend

Well this week was kinda crazy so I'm happy to finally have the weekend here! Thursday and Friday were "hell days" at work. So the weekend was very much needed! I'm actually in Great Bend now for the weekend. Came up last night and I was supposed to go to Hutch today with my parents but I was to tired and wanted to sleep in. But because I love sleep so much I missed a day shopping at Hobby Lobby and Target - stupid me! My parents are at Lowe's finishing up the plans for their new kitchen as we speak and should be headed back to GB soon so we can get to fixing things up around their house. My parents have been begging for me to come back and help and I finally had a free weekend. Sean is off to see his beloved KU basketball player Mario Chambers at the Mall in Hays for a autograph signing. You have to buy this KU book and then Mario will sign it along with one other thing. Even though Sean won't admit it, he's really excited! Now if only Toddy Reesing was doing the signing and I'd be the first one in line... mmmm Hottness!! :) We finally received our season tickets in the mail a week or two ago and so we are very much looking forward to some games. I love going to the games, just hate paying for the weekend when we are there. We always seem to spend way to much money!!! We'll I should probably get ready for the day! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


August 12, 2008

It's been a while...

So time for a update! Over the weekend, Victoria had it's annual Herzogfest! This year they had country singer Ty Herndon sing on Friday. Unfortunately I drank a tad bit much and can't really remember much of the concert. I remember him singing but I couldn't tell you if it was good or not, though it most likely was! Sean and I had a great time hanging out with our friends and just enjoying the night. Everyone that knows me knows I don't drink very often. But when I do -- watch out! My friend Meagan & I went up to the front of the stage with me during the concert and we had a blast taking pictures with Ty! My office manager from work come over to Victoria and actually had a cop come up to me while I was up in front at the stage and take me out of the crowd and then pointed her out to me. I about sh*t my pants! I thought I was in trouble but good ol' Kelly just wanted to play a joke on me! Props to her, she did a good job! All I have to say is I have a very patient husband when I drink because I was outta control! Good thing he loves me :)! Other than that, I spent Saturday hungover and remember again why I don't like to drink. Saturday night was pretty subdue as we just hungout again at Herzog but this time without alcohol! They had a fireworks display that was good and then Sean and I headed home. Herzog is only a block from our house, so it was a short walk! Sunday I had a photography session with a family and we had a good shoot! We played in the water and got wet, but it was fun! They pictures turned out pretty cute, too! Not to much else. Our plans are undecided for this weekend. Might head out to the lake on Saturday or I might head to GB and help out the parents on the house and see some friends!

We'll Sean and I are headed on a bike ride! Peace ya'll!