September 16, 2009

A "Mom" moment

Here was my embarrassing moment of the day from yesterday.
So we left for the funeral at 9 so I nursed Lyla around 8 but didn't get the chance to pump. I didn't think much about it but I "thought" I brought my pump and all the needed parts but after the burial when I went to pump the bottles weren't there. I felt full but thought I'd be OK. Well during the meal I found out I had leaked....through everything. My nursing pad, bra, shirt and cardigan. The good part, I suppose, was the fact I had on a black shirt. So no one knew...until now!
I know its really no biggie, but to me, right then, I was a bit embarrassed. I'm sure this isn't my last time either. I'm not sure why I leaked because it's never been that bad before and I've gone that amount of time during the night. So not sure why it was like that during the day. Oh well!

I went to lunch with Sharon and Becca today. We went to Quizno's (love it) and Lyla gave Sharon a surprise a few minutes after this picture was taken. She pooped on her. Poor Sharon! It was funny though

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  1. I keep telling Sharon I LOVED her getting pooped on! Go me for handing Lyla off when I did! I was in SUCH a better mood after that lunch!


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