May 31, 2009

This may be my longest post.Ever.

Extra.Extra. Read all about it!

My baby shower was a huge success and I'm SO entirely grateful for all of Sean and I's friends! A special thanks to those that made it and an extra special thanks to my SIL Renee and Mom for putting it together for me! Love you guys!

Here's a picture of my cake. It got some minor damage in transport but overall it turned out super cute. And for the record, I still haven't had a piece. But don't you worry kids, it's on my to-do list.
A picture of my mom and I. I think we look a lot alike in this picture. And you can also tell I look huge! This is why I'm not a huge fan of maternity clothes that hid the bump. I feel smaller if I'm wearing something tight fitting but a girl from work requested I wear maternity clothes. So there ya go. Can you tell where I'm gaining my weight the most? My face, love handles, and feet. No butt still and only minimal growth to the ta-ta's. I don't even think my bump is that big for being 30 weeks but I think the clothes make it look ginormous, in my opinion. I'm already slightly on the swollen side. And I still have 10 weeks to go. O brother.My sweet niece Avery. She did so good at the shower!
My lovebug (Abi) and I. This was at the end of shower when she finally got the balloon and she loved me again. At the beginning of the shower she hated me because I couldn't give her the big balloon. Oh, I love her though. I may not throw a fit over a balloon, but I'm sure I've thrown fits over other things. And I probably wasn't 4 either!

My soon-to-be SIL in November! She came from Wichita for the shower and helped get things set up whenever we got there. She was also the picture taker for the day! Thanks Kelci!

My mom with us girls!
Myself and the grandma's!

We played a game where you put a plate on the top of your head and then you try and draw a picture of a baby. It was funny to see some of the drawings. My friend Jami won that one. Then we also played the string game where they guess how big I am. Let's just say, everyone must think I'm HUGE. My friend Erica won that one and got it perfectly. I should say a very FEW people made me happy and went too small. I like those people.

Myself with the gifts! We got a ton of great stuff. We got a rocker/glider from my parents and my work got us the pack n' play! We got some bath stuff, a few outfits, safety things, a few KU items (which Sean loves), a jenny jump-up, a child rocking chair, blankets, etc. So basically we don't have to many other things to get!
One of the gifts I want to post about is this Cheer for me potty chair. Sean wanted this chair so incredibly bad. He saw it on Nex-tech and wanted to get it but didn't. Then when we registered that was the one thing he wanted to get. Well Kelci got it for us and Sean is pretty dang excited about it!
All the gifts (minus the rocker/glider and pack n' play) together after I got home with them! We are soo blessed! We had a great turn out and again, thanks to everyone that came and got Baby Jay a gift! She loves it all!!!

After the shower, Kelci and mom came over and we took another look at everything we got. After we got everything out of the bags I got a call from Sean saying we were going to Salina so about 30 minutes later we were on our way. Our friends Tony and Deb, Jared and Andrea and their girls Ashlyn and Kaitlyn and Sean and I headed to Salina, did a little shopping and then went to Red Lobster for dinner. I may have picked up a few outfits at Kohls for Baby Jay and maybe I purchased this oh-so-adorable bathing suit for next year! Girls clothing is soo stinkn' cute!

Anyways we didn't get back until after midnight and I, of course, fell asleep on the way home. Along with pretty much everyone else except Deb and Andrea. We had a great time though and I love being spontaneous like that!!

So today that means I get to organize all of the baby stuff. I'm so stinking excited!!! Oh, and it's a short work week for me so I'm excited about that. And after those 3 days, I'm off to Wichita to put Sean on a plane towards South Carolina and my mom and I are shopping! Oh goody goodness I love to shop!!!

May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to....

My prince charming!!!

Yesterday was Sean's 31st birthday!!!!! Except he is denying the fact that he is turning 31 and insists that he is still 30 and is now going backwards. So next year he'll be 29, then 28, etc until he gets to 24 then he thinks he'll go back up to 30 and then down to 24 again. Get the idea? He's refusing to get older than 30. Whatever floats his boat.

Today is my baby shower so I should have lots of pictures to show off! I'm super exited for it and to see everyone. I'm sorta, kinda, maybe a registry stalker so I'm excited to see what I get! My momma came up yesterday and we spent 3 hours putting together shower favors! They turned out great though! Sean is headed to his own "Baby Shower" today. He's playing golf with a friend and is calling it his baby shower! Any excuse for him to play golf!

Nothing else too exciting this weekend! We are taking it easy since Sean is leaving on Thursday for 4 days for South Carolina!

Well I'm off.... Peace.

May 26, 2009

My sweet husband

You should probably all know that I have the greatest husband. Ever.

You should probably also know that I have an infatuation with swiss cake rolls.

And lastly, you should also know that my husband likes to speak before he thinks.

Tonight we were eating dinner and Sean asks for desert. I told him if he went and got the stuff for it, I'd make it. Then I said "well, if you are going to the store, pick me up some swiss cake rolls". He tells me that it's not healthy for me and that he doesn't want me to become a...

Fat Haggard Wife.

Nice. Huh?

Just because I happen to love swiss cake rolls and I just happened to have gained 10 lbs at my last appt, doesn't mean I'm going to end up a Fat.Haggard.Wife.

Oh, how I heart him.

May 25, 2009

29 weeks!

I can't believe it... holy moly folks. These weeks are starting to fly by. AHH... (that is me NOT panicking.)

Sean and I had a very, very busy weekend but we managed to get a ton of stuff done including... drum roll please... putting together the baby's room! We now have a crib, changing table, end table, and an amoire (is that spelled right?). I once thought that the room was a nice size but the more furniture I put in there, the smaller it gets. Sean and my dad also put up the crown molding on Friday so Sean painted that and the ceiling last night, so it's looking good!! We arranged the furniture and then rearranged it again, and then probably even once more, but I think I've finally decided on locations for everything. If you don't know me, well, then you should know I'm picky and my husband loves it! We have an open spot for a rocker/glider I'm hoping to get and then all the main furniture should be in there. Then it's just the decor and then a baby would be nice! :) Sean was a trooper putting the crib together. It came with retarded directions and with pieces labeled wrong or the same as something else, etc but in the end it was too bad to put together. I even helped (Internet high five for me please) and we got it done in about an hour and a half. The changing table was much easier thankfully and only took us about 30 minutes! It looks really good and I'm so glad we decided to go with the expresso. I'll post pictures soon, once I get more things in there.

We also revamped out back entrance way outside and must say prince charming did a fabulous job! And I think it should be said that I did a fabulous job going to home depot, spending lots of money, and picking cute flowers. He got it done in a couple of hours and it totally changed the look of everything. We still have to stain our deck, put up a new fence thing and get a water feature but for right now, it's looking good!

Well we are off to enjoy Memorial Day with family and awesome food! I made this pasta salad and it's FABULOUS. I secretly hope no one likes it so I can eat it all. Not kidding.

May 21, 2009

Miss Baby Jay

Good news! Everything looks great! Baby Jay is weighing in at 2 lbs 8 oz. My placenta moved so I no longer have a low-lying placenta which means no more pelvic rest. I also now have the chance for a natural birth. Her heartbeat was 136, again! We didn't get any good pics during our sono but we did get a cute one of her foot and her big toe is huge compared to the rest of the toes! She is head down, face down and her butt is on my right side and her feet are on the left! We got to see her suck her thumb and play with her toes! It was so cute! Her face was smashed into my placenta so we didn't get any good face shots. Oh, and for the not-so good news. I gained a whooping 10 lbs! Holy Moly, no more swiss cake rolls for this mamma. I was flabergasted whenever I got on the scale. So I've gained a total of 21 lbs and only 2 1/2 is baby. Yikes. Our next appointment is in about 3 weeks (June 8th) and I'm guessing I'll go every 3 until 34 weeks then 2 weeks then every week, or something like that! It should help make time fly by. Oh, and I learned that he won't let me go later than 41 weeks so our daugthers birthday should be no later than Aug 17th (13 weeks!)She might be sharing a birthday with her Aunt Renee (Aug 14th)! Or maybe her sister Reesie (Aug 5th) or if she comes a little earlier than her Papa Gary. It's a busy birthday month! I know we also have some August birthdays on my side as well, so there could be a chance she'll be sharing with someone!

My dad is heading this way tomorrow and Sean and him are going to put up the crown molding and the molding in the hallway! I'm sooo excited for this! Oh, and the crib and changing table came today so I'm hoping we can put that up tomorrow night too!!! So much baby excitement! Well I'm off! Tootles!

May 20, 2009

Do you AI?

Are you an American Idol fan? I'm not but I know a million bazillion people that are. Including my madre and 1/2 my co-workers. I watched the first few episodes while I wasn't feeling well but since I got energy back I haven't watched it. I hear the girls at work talk about the show all the time, so I knew I should watch it tonight. It was a really great show with all the performers they had on and I'm glad that Kris won overall (you know, b/c I've been rooting for him the whole time, right?). I was never an Adam fan, didn't like him one bit at the beginning so I'm glad Kris won. And he's pretty easy on the eyes, so that doesn't hurt any either.

Tomorrow is an exciting day! It's sono day and appointment day! I can't wait to see Miss Baby Jay again! Hopefully my placenta has decided to move upwards and I can get off pelvic rest (Sean's not getting his hopes up) and we'll be smoothing sailing here on out. Prayers please and lots of fingers crossed! :)

Well I'm off to do, well, nothing really. But I don't have anything to blog about! G'night!

May 18, 2009

28 down, 12 to go!

Holy stink'n moly kids!!! At the most I only have 14 weeks until I hold my baby girl in my arms! Is that awesome or what? I keep thinking about it over and over and I just can't wait! But then I think about everyone we have to do and everything we want to do and um, yeah. I freak. Plain and simple! So recently I've been a mix between exciting and freaking! Lovely, isn't!

My appointment is on Thursday along with our sonogram! I can't wait to see my cute lil' baby again! Then about a week later, I have my shower!! May is an exciting month!

Well I don't have much to blog and I'm exhausted so I'm off to bed! Peace.

May 17, 2009

Green beans and dumplings

Ok, so that may be what I'm craving at this moment and it is something that we don't have. But we do have green beans so that may have to do.

Anyways, I've been lacking in the blogging department for a day or two. We have been super super busy! 2 good friends of ours come to Hays on Friday for graduations so Friday we went with one of em' (Craig) to Gella's for supper and drinks (minus the drink part for me, even though I wanted a lemon ale really,really bad! Really bad). Well we ended up staying for 3 hours!!! Then we headed to another friend's house and got to see the other friend that come up (Conor). We hung out with them for a while and finally around midnight we ventured home. I was one tired cookie considering my bedtime is normally 9:30 (which happens to be in 15 mins). Saturday I had a photo session and then we had 2 graduation parties to head to. Sean was busy planting our garden so I headed to Kayla's sans Sean! Happy Graduation dear!!! Then later that evening we went to our friend's Kelly's graduation party! Both were a good time, and it was fun hanging out with friends!

Then today we went to lunch with Craig before he headed back to Colorado. Afterwards we went to Home Depot, Orschlens, and True Value. We are doing a ton of work to our back yard (nothing too crazy). So today we got some fence planters and flowers today. Sean even put them up for me and they look awesome! Over Memorial Day weekend we are going to be doing some painting to the deck area, staining the deck, planting more flowers, etc. We are also going to put up a retaining wall along the fence and putting some more flowers in there. And our biggest, awesomest thing is we are doing is making a water feature! I'm so excited! I'll post pics of course! Well, I have a busy week including turning 28 weeks tomorrow! Which means we have our sono and appt on Thursday and I can't wait! Also, Friday is crown molding day and then it's house work for the next 3 days!

OH, and I ordered the baby's crib and changing table and it'll be here sometime this weekend! And for more exciting baby news, head to my friend's blog to read her exciting news!

Double OH! Awesome news for the Rodger clan! We paid off our credit card this past Friday!!! How exciting is it to no longer have credit card debt!?!?! I'm soo excited!!

Ok, that's enough exciting news. I don't want you to go into overload so I'll save some info for later!! Hope you had an awesome weekend like we did!! :)

May 12, 2009

A cousin to the cankles...

is what I'll call my ankles. They aren't quite cankles yet but definitely swollen. Swollen enough that I now have impression lines from my socks. And if you touch it, it's squishy. You might say I had a MINOR pregnancy breakdown tonight once I found that out. But it was quickly cured by putting my feet up and watching my DVR'd One Tree Hill. Ah, the life. Here's a picture for some proof. I'm gonna be one swollen girl come August if my ankles keep this crap up.

Then my lovely husband BBQ'd for us tonight. Whenever the food was done he said, "Aren't you going to take a picture of my meal"? He likes to make fun of me for taking wierd pictures of things, then blogging about it. It happened to be quite delicious though!!! Thanks baby!

Oh, and Tara reminded me that I forgot to blog a picture of my first of many diaper bags!! This happens to be super cute as well! Of course, right?
ETA: I actually wrote this last night, but for some reason blogger was being dumb. And I don't have must to report tonight. But I will have some craft projects to show off soon! :) Oh, and a picture of Reesie b/c she's super cute, too!

May 11, 2009

Call me Chef Andrea...

So I get wife of the year award today kids. Hands down.

Ok, so I didn't really do anything that makes me worthy of it, but I did cook a fabulous meal while my husband cleaned. So yes, I have Wife of the Year award! :)

I made homemade calzones. Technically it wasn't homemade, but it wasn't frozen. So therefore, I declare it be called homemade calzone. It was SUPER yummy! I grew up on this whenever I lived in PA. There was this restaurant in Oakmont by the yacht club where we kept our boat. I got the spinach and cheese calzone EVERYTIME I ate there. It was the best thing ever. I've tried Old Chicago's and while it's good, it doesn't even touch that restaurant's.

So here's my easy peasy recipe.
FYI: I don't do measurements. I guesstimate EVERYTHING.
2 pkgs of crescent rolls
bag of mozz cheese
shredded parmesan cheese
small container of ricotta cheese
Garlic Salt
Marinara sauce/Spaghetti sauce

Sean's the beefy meaty guy while I just do veggies. You can do whatever you'd like. Tonight for Sean's I made pepperoni, hamburger, green pepper, and red onion. Mine was just extra ricotta, tomato, and onion. You can honestly add any topping you like. Mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, etc.

Fold out the crescent roll and press all the triangles together so it doesn't break apart. Line them up together to make a large square. Add majority of the ricotta to crust and spread all around. On 1/2 of the square add your toppings. I did mine on 1/2 of the 1/2 and then Sean's was on the other 1/2. If you have a couple different toppings, add mozz cheese in between layers so it sticks together. Then fold over the other half of the crust and press the ends together. Melt the butter and brush it over the crust. Sprinkle on the Parmesan cheese and garlic salt. Put in the oven at 375 for 25 minutes.

Ta-da... now eat the best stinking food ever! You'll be glad you did!

In other news... I'm 27 weeks!!!!!!!!!! 13 weeks to go and only 90 days.

Say it with me... AHHHH!

Here's a few things about the pregnancy so far.

1. I can no longer sleep through the night. If you know me and my sleep habits, then you know this is torture. I have to get up to pee at least once a night and have trouble falling back to sleep. Every. Stinkn. Time.

2. My belly is a growing. I've grown a lot in the past 2 weeks. And this isn't just my own opinion. Others have agreed.

3. I am now having trouble getting out bed, off our couch, tying my shoes, and putting on pants.

4. Whenever I do tie my shoes, I can not breathe the.entire.time.

5. She's a moving and a grooving in there. She's getting on a schedule and if you put a little bit of pressure on my tummy, you'll feel her move every time. She loves gymnastics time and also loves to practice her tap dancing on my bladder.

6. She hangs out on my right side all the time.

I'm sure there is more, but there's some tidbits for ya.

Oh, and my Mom-to-be day was awesome. Sean sorta dropped the ball. He had planned on getting me a card and present earlier in the week. Whenever we woke up Sunday morning, he told me Happy Mother's Day and that he was going to go clean up the garage and then we'd leave for his parents. Well 30 minutes later and he still hadn't come in so I went out to look for him. But he wasn't in the garage and his vehicle was gone. I called him but no answer. So I went and played on the Internet and shortly after wards, Sean appears with a card and gift. Silly boy went into Hays to get it for me. It made for a cute little memory! The card fit me oh-so perfectly. On the inside it said...
Just think, Mom,
if I'm the princess,
that makes you the queen!

Well this has been a super long post, and I even planned to talk about more. I'll add it to my list and save it for tomorrow!

Have a great night!

May 9, 2009

All in a day.

This was Sean's face prior to leaving for Lamaze class this morning. He was super excited.

Actually, he probably shouldn't have went because he's now more freaked out then before. It wasn't a bad class overall. The 1st half was informative and I learned a few things. After lunch we watched this movie and it dragged on forever about how to change a diaper, give a bath, disinfect a changing table... blah blah blah. Ask Sean about the morning session video's and the word mucous plug. He REALLY enjoyed the class.

After wards, we headed home. I took a much needed nap and Dan and Sean got to work doing some cement work. Then my favorite girls and SIL came over and we had supper together. Except they came over at like 6 and we didn't eat until like 9:15. We had fun though! Here's a few pics of the girls. You can totally tell that Abi is my niece. I didn't even ask to take her picture and she goes, "Do you want me to pose like this"? Sure, lovebug, you can pose like that! I'm not sure I'd know what to do if she didn't love the camera as much as I do!

Well I'm off to bed!!! If I don't get to post tomorrow Happy Mother's Day to my moms and to every mom and mom-to-be out there! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love you!

May 8, 2009

Make it a Big Mac please.

I'm exhausted. I'm waiting for my big mac and fries. I need sleep.

Short and sweet, I'm so glad it's the weekend. We have Lamaze class tomorrow which I have mixed feelings about. I'm excited on one hand, and on the other it just makes this even more real than it already is. Oh, and it means that eventually, I will have to go into labor. Ehh.

On a sweet note, I got 2 Mother Day cards in the mail. How sweet huh? Thanks to my brother and soon-to-be SIL and my MIL and FIL!! I'm such a lucky gal!

Well, I'm gonna wait for my big mac and fries (which I have ate a lot of recently and I don't even really like McD's) then head to bed. Peace.

May 7, 2009

I think I'll live...

for those that are interested.

Yes, I'm a baby.

Yes, it was touch and go for a while.

But I'll live.

I stayed home Wednesday and slept all day. Like 16 hours all day. I started to feel a little better but then this morning I felt horrible again. I stayed at work until 10:30, went home and was in bed by 11:30 and slept until 4:30. Oh, how I love sleep. But sleep without coughing, hacking, and sneezing would be better.

But I'll take what I can get.

I listed 2 new craft blogs under my "Blogs I love" links. Here's 1 project I did a little while ago. It's a wipes case. Not bad for my first time, but I see more in my future!!

And then here are some flowers I made and jazzed up. Now I just need to make a few alligator clips and then I can put them on there. Cute huh! This baby is going to have SO many hair clips. And the chances she doesn't have much hair are quite high! Good thing for headbands!
Well I'm off to lay in bed, watch Grey's and Private Practice. Peace.

May 5, 2009

I'm dying...

Ok, so I'm not really. And I know it's not funny to joke about it, but I feel like I'm dying.

I have a head/chest cold and it sucks. I can't breathe, my nose hurts, my throat hurts and I look like Rudolph on his worst day ever.

The last time I was this sick was 2 days before I found out I was pregnant, Dec 3rd.

If I was in an optimistic mood, I might think something good is going to come of this. But I'm not optimistic today. I'm dying, remember.

Poor Sean. He's so lucky to be married to a whiney, big baby like me! I should also say poor Mom and Dad because they put up with "Sick Andrea" for 18 years. I hope our daughter takes after Sean in the sick department. That boy is never sick.

Well I'm off to bed. I'll blog when I've come back to life!

May 4, 2009

Multiples titles.

Do any bloggers out there ever have trouble coming up with post titles? I like to be creative, unique, original or something in between. But I don't have anything creative today. I'm lacking creativity. So I'm calling this one...

98 days


14 weeks.

Either way, I bet you can guess what I'm talking about. Uh-huh. You're right.

That many days/weeks til Baby Jay's due date. I'm beginning to not freak out so much at the thought. If I say I'm 26 weeks, then it doesn't even phase me that I'm going to have a baby in 14 weeks. But if someone asks how much longer I have, 14 weeks just freaks me out. It's relatively the same thing, kinda. Right?

Anyways, my day was rather boring and I haven't felt the greatest. I've had a sore, scratchy throat, stuffy nose, chills, achy feelings since Sunday. I'm hoping it's nothing much and goes away soon. I think a nice long night of sleep, and I'm talking like 12 hours of sleep, will make me feel much better. So it's early to bed for this girl.

I'm off to Smith Center for satellite tomorrow. Yay. I'm excited. (Sense a little sarcasm, maybe?)

Oh, and since I haven't posted a picture in a while, here's one of the family pictures I took this weekend! Don't they look cute! I think a lot, if not all, of the pictures turned out great! Man, I rock! :)

Oh, and the first night in our new room was ok. I slept bad because I napped and Sean complained the bed is too hard. Miss Reese is confused and kept getting up, over and over again. Hopefully I'm tired enough that I'll sleep good. This house doesn't give us that many choices so we'll have to adjust! Anything for baby girl!

May 3, 2009

"Am I talking to much for you"??


I wasn't sure what to title this blog. It was a toss up between the winner and 99 days.

Let me explain because I know you really want to know.
The winner, "Am I talking to much for you?" came from this morning on our way to church. I hadn't really talked to Sean much over the weekend and hadn't seen him, so I was asking question after question and talking about anything and everything. (Gimme a break, I missed the kid.) It must of been really annoying because I got a not-so-nice look whenever I asked him.

Oh, how I love him.

The 99 days is the amount of days until my due date. Enough said.

I won't go into details on how it freaks me out. Or the fact tomorrow is 26 weeks and how that freaks me out as well, but not as much.

I had a wonderful weekend but I'M EXHAUSTED! Saturday I took some engagement pictures and family pictures for one of my best friends. They turned out awesome. Then my mom, dad, and I headed to Salina for some shopping. Let's just say we didn't get home til 10 and my feet hurt horribly bad. Horribly.

Oh, and I got to eat Red Lobster... say it with me. MMMmmmm.

Anyone want to know what I purchased? Ok. Since you asked, I shall tell.

I got some planters for flowers, some tool thingys for Sean, 2 pj sets from Old Navy for Miss Baby Jay and a pair of Khaki's. Also some more fabric for sewing projects that I really need to get my butt going on. Any sewer's out there wanna help? Then some essentials from Sam's. I did really well and kept my baby shopping to a minimum.

The best part of the shopping trip is...

Drum roll please

A diaper bag! I can't believe I made the purchase. I actually got it at Wal-mart and it's actually a laptop case. But it had some awesome pockets, it's sophisticated, red faux leather, holds its shape and it's SO me! I love it. I'll post a picture soon.

And as I sit here watching Miss Reese act as a spaz and bark at a plastic bag on the floor and think she's tough, I'll wrap it up.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Here's the updated version -

So I totally forgot to blog about what Sean did this weekend. While I was in Salina yesterday I received a picture text from him with our outdoor little table he sprayed painted and included the words, "Like it?".

Anyone want to guess what she sprayed on the table? I bet you won't get this wrong.

If you guess KU, ding ding ding you are the winner. And I'm pretty sure everyone guessed that.

Want to know my response to the text?

It's easy.

A big, fat NO.

Another reason I just *love* my hubby.

But he did clean up our "new" room upstairs and actually slept up there last night. So tonight will be the first time the both of us have every slept in that bed together. And from what I hear, it's not that comfy. Great.

Now we just have to wrap up the old bed and take it out to Sean's parents house. Then I'll have a empty room and I can deep clean it and then start putting baby furniture that I don't have yet in there! Yay!

Oh, and I converted my mom over to the reusable bags from Wal-mart instead of the stupid, plastic ones. She's pretty excited to be "green", let me tell ya.

May 1, 2009

A little tidbit

I love my husband, really I do. But...

the boy drives me insane. Every night he tucks me into bed, gets me water if I need it, kisses goodnight. You get my drift.

Well last night, he went to bed before me (which rarely, rarely happens). But of course he had to do it in "Sean" Fashion.

S:Can you come tuck me in.
A:Are you serious?
S: I do it for you.
A: Laughing... ok, let's go.
S: Wait, I have to pee.
A: Fine, go pee.
S: (Walking back to the bedroom) Wait, I have to take my eyeballs out.
A: Ok. (Laughing)
S: Ok, I'm ready.
A: Ok, well goodnight, I love you.
S: I want to talk.
A: Laughing... about what?
S: Life. Tell me how much you love me.
A: Your a dork. Goodnight.
S: No really, I want to talk. (This boy never talks.)
A: I love you. Goodnight. Kiss.
S: Don't forget to let Reese out.
A: Ok. I won't.
S: Leave the door open in case Reese wants to come back in.
A: Ok. I love you.

So something to that degree was our conversation last night. Why am I telling you this, you might wonder.

Because I do it to him EVERY NIGHT. I was laughing so hard b/c once it was turned around on me, it was annoying. He was being a pain. I got a dose of my own medicine.

Now the question is... Will I stop? Nope, probably not. It's just my anal self making sure I cover all my basis!

But I sure am cute!