February 5, 2013

Once upon a time...

I blogged a lot and didn't take an almost 3 month hiatus! Nov 8th was my last blog post! Holy moly! Unfortunately there is no good excuse except that I was uber busy. I didn't have much time to do anything that didn't involve kids or photography and sometimes, those things didn't get my full attention. I've made it my 2013 resolution to cut back and relax and so far, so good. Though I'm still way busy, it is nice to breathe or take days off. Something I don't think I did from October to December!

But life is good. The kids are great and we are blessed! The holidays were wonderful and the kids got way spoiled! But spending time with family is always great!

Lyla is doing amazing in school and really loves it! She's learned so much and we are blessed for her to have such a great teacher! She has her first boyfriend - Cooper Jay who just so happens to be the teachers son. From what the teacher has told me, Lyla likes to tell him at least once a day that Cooper is her boyfriend. She's just making it known!  Lyla loves to sing and sings LOUD :). She also talks non-stop but I wouldn't change it for the world.  She's doing great in dance too and will have her first recital in May!  This previous dancers heart is bursting with pride and I can't wait to watch her! She loves being a big sister and requests a baby brother often, but we shall see on that one. She's been potty trained for a year now but for some reason this fall she regressed with going dry through the night! Other than that, she is happy and healthy and we couldn't be more blessed.

Cohen, on the other hand, has been a sick little boy. In December, he had tubes put in and had his adenoids out and has been doing much better since then. Even finally say a few words. His first being, "mine". He also says please and fish along with mama and dada. Sometimes he will say ball and you'll hear No out of him at times too! We also call him our little terror as he can be an ornery little thing. He may not weigh a lot (finally hit 19 lbs) but he can make a disaster out of nothing! He also loves to whine when he doesn't get his way and has been known to bite his sister a time or two. He is also our climber and loves to climb the kitchen table. Which he normally does no less than 25 times a day...and I'm not even exaggerating. If he can climb it, he will surely try! His climbing abilities also got him to the top of our swing set where he then managed to fall off of. He's tough and was just fine, but he is really going to give us a run for our money! :) If you ask him what sound Cohen makes, you will get a growling sound. And if you ask to see his muscles, he will show you and also make his tough face!  He can also moo like a cow, quack like a duck and oink like a pig. He is very much loved though!

Sean is doing well with his knee. He's finally able to do a little more with it and next week can finally start jogging again.  I'm good but busy and tired most of the time. My photography is going great and I've been way busier than I would have thought!  Everyone, besides Sean, has been sick and we are all finally getting better. Lyla had it the worst it seems and was sick time after time. Hopefully spring will be upon us soon and we won't have to deal with germs anymore.

Well that should catch us up some. Hopefully we will get caught up with pictures soon! And maybe I'll blog regularly again! :)