September 15, 2009

Life sucks sometimes, ya know it.

Life seems unfair, unpredictable and just plain sucks sometimes. Things happen for reasons unknown and while it spices up people's lives sometimes, it's not always for the better.

With that said,

Sean and I lost a really good friend late Friday evening. He was a 16-year-old boy and someone who will be terribly missed. He died in an automobile accident that took a life of a girl, as well. He was an incredible young man and it still doesn't seem real. Our last memory of him was a great one. He came to visit us in the hospital when Lyla was born. He even said he was going to come without his mom, but last minute she convinced him to wait for her. That just shows what kind of kid he was. Not many 16-year-old boys want to go to the hospital to see friends that just had a little girl! I'll never, ever forget that memory, or him.

Tonight they held a vigil for him and it was the first time we saw his parents and his family since his accident. I had this knot in my stomach the whole time. I had never been to a vigil or a funeral for someone younger than me. It was really tough seeing him laying there, so helpless. It just didn't seem right and at times I still found myself thinking this wasn't real, even though he was laying right in front of us. It is still really hard to fathom at times. He was a joker and constantly picked on me, and I'll miss him for that. I even thought once that this was all a joke and he was going to jump up from the casket and surprise us all. But of course, that wouldn't happen. He was my little buddy. A great friend. This is still so hard to believe.

Life isn't fair. Life throws unexpected turns into people's already hectic lives. Bad things can happen to great people.

Life just sucks sometimes.

Cody, you'll be greatly missed. Please look down on all of your family and friends and give them strength the next couple of days, weeks, and years. Your family will miss you, your friends will miss, and Sean and I will miss you. R.I.P Cody. You are loved.
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