October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I don't have any Halloween pics yet, saving those for tomorrow. But here are a few pics from the Breast Cancer 5k today. And I must admit, as embarrassing as this is. I'm a little sore. I really haven't walked a lot or exercised since having Lyla. But I made it and without breathing hard! :) My friend Alicia organized it in honor of her Mom and her Grandma. They made a shirt for her mom that said, I saved the ta-ta's! It was super cute! Here's a group picture!

Then here is a picture of Lyla, my friend Alicia and her daughter, Tayla, and myself. Tayla and Lyla are only 9 days apart. We were college roommates for a year and we also had the same due date!

And I had to post this picture because it was just to funny! This is Clay, Alicia's hubby! He ran the 5K while us girls walked!

And Lyla and I. Not really a great picture, though! But I'm loving her new hat. I ordered it from Etsy and I'm in LOVE with it! How cute!

More Halloween pics to come tomorrow! I was up until 11:30 doing Lyla's costume and I think you'll love it! :) Have fun tonight!!

October 30, 2009

Pre-Halloween festivities

So we finally got around to carving our pumpkins tonight. I did an R - for Rodger of course. Sean was working on a KU one but it ended up caving in :(.

The finished product!

Lyla is doing much better, if not 100% better! :) We had a nice little day of snuggling!

I also went to Payless and used my coupon! Did you? I got a newsboy cap and a pair of black flat scrunched boots all for 23 bucks!! Can't beat that!!

Well, I'll have more to blog tomorrow! We have a breast cancer walk in the morning, then a Halloween party at night! Plus can't forget all those cute lil' kids begging for candy! :)

Hope you have a great Halloween!

Shoes anyone?

If you go to oprah.com today only, you can print a coupon for 50% your purchase! I'm gonna be getting me some boots, hopefully. This girl can always use new shoes. But it's only good today!! :) Happy Shopping!


So Lyla's first Halloween week SO did not go like I planned! I forgot bows half the time, and the other half she spit up or blew out every outfit. Yesterday was no better. Except this time Lyla was actually sick. I got a phone call from daycare a little after 12 that Lyla had diarrhea 3 times that day and wasn't keeping any milk down. A call to the Peds ended with just us monitoring her to make sure she still has wet diapers which she has. So we came home and she slept 5 hours! She's never taken a 5 hour nap during the day before. So she really must not have felt well. We haven't had any more diarrhea since last night so hopefully we are on the mend. Daycare rules are 24hours free of fever or diarrhea so Lyla and I are home hanging out. She's napping now so we'll see what she's like when she wakes up. We have big plans this weekend so I sure hope she gets to feeling better!!!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!

October 28, 2009

Halloween day 3

If you look at the post below this, I just posted for yesterday. I was little miss cranky pants last night and so I went to bed as soon as Lyla laid down. Which of course was only for 40 minutes (remember, she hates sleep) then she came to bed with me for a bit and we finally got back to sleep. Anyways, I never got around to posting the pictures to go with the post so I just published it a little ago.

The picture for today wasn't all that great. But there was a reason behind that. She spit up all over her outfit and managed to have a horrible blowout. So no bow. Again. Hopefully tomorrow, given she doesn't get poop everywhere again. This was probably my favorite outfit, too! O well. We are now in our pjs and enjoying it!!

The hubbs is at B-ball so it is just Lyla belle, Reese and I hanging out tonight. The song Party in the USA just finished playing on my MP3 player so we just finished a little dance session! :) I see dancing in her future!!

Well I'm off to enjoy more time with Lyla tonight. Have a great night!

October 27, 2009

Halloween Day 2!

Look at my adorable pink skeleton!! :) How cute is she. And I was just realizing this. I haven't put a bow in her hair for any of these pictures. What in the world kind mother am I! :) I'll work on that for tomorrow! The bigger, the better! :)

Granna and Pops came to town to pick up Granna's adorable new spectacles and they joined us for dinner tonight. I tried another new recipe, Cheesy Rice, Broccoli and Chicken Crockpot Style. I saw this on an email I got and it was quick. It tasted pretty good but I'd change a few things, like more cheese!!

I'm feeling out of it today so this shall be short. Enjoy the pics and have yourself a great night! :)

October 26, 2009

It's Halloween week!

Miss Lyla has enough Halloween onesie's for everyday this week!!! I think she's super excited! Almost excited as me! Here's today ensemble! It has a matching bow (the same bow from the pumpkin patch), of course, but it must have gotten left at daycare. Aren't we cute!

I also went to the doctor today. I diagnosed myself correctly. A sinus infection. Wanna know a little fact about me? I can't swallow pills unless they are itty bitty! I choked once and haven't been able to swallow horse pills since. So the doc prescribed me Amoxicillian liquid. Yup. The pink stuff from when we were little kids. Honestly, I love this stuff. Sean thinks it is quite funny that an adult has to take the pink stuff! :)

What else? Lyla is 11 weeks today. And again, time is going way to fast for me! I'm afraid to jinx it but she's been doing much better in the sleeping department. I managed to get 5 hours then 3 hours 2 nights ago and last night she laid down at 9:30 up at 10:30 down at 11:30 and slept until 3:30. Then up again at 6:45. It's been kinda nice and I can handle a pattern like that. Getting up once at night isn't to bad. Now if only I'd go to bed a little bit earlier I'd be good. I'll be good no matter what, but I'd be really good with a few more hours! But wouldn't we all?!?
Today I was hanging with Miss Lyla and we decided to reorganize my closet. This was totally on a whim and I have NO idea where it came from. My house has clutter and it's driving me nuts. We have no storage. No room. GRR.. Anyways, before.


Much better in my opinion.

And you may want to sit down for this one.

I'm getting rid of some of my purses. GASP! Yup. I'm parting ways. For good.Will this stop me from buying more? Of course not. But I won't have as many in my closet. Also whenever I cleaned out my closet I got rid of a trash bag worth of clothing. Progress people. I desperately need new clothes but I'm waiting until I lose more weight. But it's been 11 weeks and I've done NOTHING in that department. But that's a whole different post in itself.

And lastly, here is my new favorite song of the moment. I'm in mad love with Lady Antebellum. I heart them. I heart the lead singer. He's a lovely hot mess. (Honey, I still love you :) ). I would love tickets to see them in concert (Honey, I really, really love you!). I would so be the crazy fan yelling and screaming. The song is Never Alone. I think of Lyla every time I hear it and it's everything I want for her and more!!

October 25, 2009

Weekend wrap up!

We are better!!! (Keep your fingers crossed for us though! I'm hoping it doesn't come back!) Lyla is still a little stuffy and I'm thinking I might possibly have a sinus infection. But I can handle that! Remember, I'm a tough gal! :)

We had a pretty good weekend overall. Lyla and I headed to GB and hung out with my fam. Mom and I went to a kids store in GB and I got her new brown Mary Jane socks! I *heart* these socks. I've been waiting for her feet to grow a little so I could put these socks on her. Next I want to get her the tights. If your not sure what they look like, go here. If you know a cute little baby then they probably need these! Lyla told me she wants these and these! Adorable!

Today we went to church then lounged at home and watched the Steelers win!!!
We also had a little more Jumperoo fun!

Then Sean and I cooked a Mexican dinner. I tried a taco soup recipe and Sean made quesadilla's. I think Lyla is excited for our Mexican nights!
In Lyla news, we have started nursing without the nipple shield! This is great progress and it is so much easier to nurse now! Except I feel like I started nursing all over again. Oww!

What else? Oh yeah, my soon to be sister in law asked me to be part of their wedding. Guess what it is...


I'm not a public speaker in any way shape or form. I'm not a shy personal generally, but speaking in front of people freaks me out. When she asked me, I started getting the sweaty palms and my heart started racing. Then she went on to tell me they've had 400 RSVPS. OMG! I have to read in front of 400 people. I may need a Valium to get me through this. Or a shot of Vodka. Make that 4 shots of Vodka. Except neither of those will work since I'm nursing. Not really up to drugging my baby girl! :) But drugging myself to get me through this might be necessary. Honestly. I'm going to be a stammering, blubbery fool up there. In front of those 400 people. 400.

Ok, now that my heart is racing again now that I started thinking about this, I'm gonna go. Have a great week!

Update: This was to cute not to add. This is how she fell asleep tonight!! Omigosh I love her!!
Ok, now that I added these, she woke up. I swear this girl hates sleep!!! :)

October 22, 2009

Still sick :(

We are just one sickly little family!!! I ended up spiking a temp in the middle of the night that lasted until around 1 today. Sean ended up coming home today from work because of his cough. So, as a family, we spent all down lounging on the couch either whining (me), or coughing (Sean and Lyla). I feel a little better but definitely not quite over this crud. Yuck. I think Seany boy is feeling better as well. We'll get there sooner or later!

So I've been bored today which ended up with me figuring out how to re-do my blog. Whatcha think? I'm in love. But that's just me! Opinions, please! :)

If you could say a quickie little prayer that we become a healthy family soon that would be great. I have a few photography sessions this weekend that I *need* to be better for.

Here's to no more sore throats, no temperatures, and no coughing!!

October 21, 2009

Sick, sick and more sick.

Yup, that sums it up. We are a bunch of sickies around the Rodger household.

So I don't really have a lot to blog about except sore throats, coughing and the aches. Exciting, right?

But I do have a cute thing to blog about. Lyla found her lips today and has been making smacking sounds all day. It is so cute. Now that she found her lips and tongue, that's pretty much what she does all the time. Maybe I'll try to get it on video if I feel up to it tomorrow!

More healthy wishes to everyone!!

October 19, 2009

A quickie

This post will be quick as we are all tired, crabby or sick around here!

Lyla had her 2 month wellness check and she checked out great. She weighs a whooping 10 lbs 6 ounces. She gained a whole 3 pounds since birth. 4 if you count the pound she lost in the hospital. She also is 22 inches long now! And she has a big noggin. She's in the 90th percentile for it!! And 50th percentile for weight!

She's doing great with her developmental milestones and pretty much is just perfect! She did have to get her shots! Poor thing only cried a minute or two and then fell asleep like that!! When I picked her up from Deb's she was a little crabby and it continued at home until we took a nice little nap, the both of us!

Sean's still kicking it but barely. His fever is down but he's still coughing his head off, has the sore throat, and is all stuffed up! He's a little better, thankfully!

Well the crabby one is crying and the sick one is coughing so I'm off!!!

Healthy wishes to everyone!!

October 18, 2009

Whoo-hoo guess who's 2?

Months, that is! Yup Miss Lyla bug was 2 months yesterday. I can't believe I had her 2 months ago. I know I say this often, but boy, time flies fast!! Here's what's new in the life of a 2 monther.
1. Smiles a lot more and loves to "talk" to you.

2. Still loves her tongue. She plays with it all the time.

3. No longer wears any newborn clothes. All 0-3.
4. Is doing amazing in the cloth diapers! Her butt is adorable!

5. Fights sleep but once asleep she'll sleep one good 4.5 - 5 hour stretch in her cradle in our room. Then comes to bed with me until it is time for me to get up.
6. Takes 1 good nap a day and 2-3 small ones in the evening.

7. Goes to sleep anywhere between 8 p.m. and midnight.
8. Still isn't a big fan of pacifiers. Only when super tired or hungry.

9. For some reason, goes to sleep great for others, but not for me. The second I lay her down she wakes up. For Sean and daycare, she'll go to sleep. Guess she just loves me a whole bunch!

10. Loves baths
11. Doing great at holding up her head for longer periods of time.

12. Her eye seems to be doing a little bit better. Much less tearing!
13. Measurements to come tomorrow!

14. Started sucking on her fist to help soothe her.

15. Is still the cutest thing in the worlds and brings Sean and I so much joy!

Lyla did really good at daycare this week which makes me happy. Deb said she's a good baby! It's made the transition much easier. On Friday when I dropped her off I didn't even have time to cry. I didn't have 1 tear drop. It was probably because I was running late, really late so I didn't have time to fuss over her. Unfortunately, I'm already sick to my stomach about taking her back tomorrow. Why can't weekends be 5 days and work weeks only 2? Man that would be nice!

Today Lyla was in a good mood so we quickly snapped a few pics for her 2 month pictures. I *love* outdoor fall pictures! So pretty! I picked a good time because it went down hill from there. I guess no one really enjoys pics when they are sick.

See the cute number 2 on her onesie? These are the coolest things ever. You can pick a bunch of different designs and they are printed on transparent sticky paper. So it is super easy to change! I got em' here!

Well this is a sickly house right now. Sean came back from CO with the aches, sore throat, cough, congestion and a fever. Nice huh? Well I'm off to hopefully put Lyla to bed with me to soon follow! Hope you had a great weekend!

October 15, 2009

And yet, another day.

So today was a little better. A little. Instead of a lake, I probably cried enough tears for a small river. I'm hoping tomorrow I'm down to a small creek! :) I know it may sound dumb that I'm crying over this (and will probably continue to cry until she's 18) but this is super hard for me. Super hard.

Anyways, the morning started out with me crying whenever she fell asleep in my arms. You have NO idea how hard it was to put her in her car seat and get going on our way. I managed to suck it up when we got there and I didn't even cry while I was there. So see, I made progress. But the minute I left her there, it was balls to wall bawling. But this time it didn't last too long until I talked to my mom on the phone. Then when I got off I called Sean to let him know I was doing semi-ok when I lost it again. Then I just had minimal crying when I got to work. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

I did get off work a little early and so it was nice to pick her up. She was sleeping but that didn't last long whenever we got home. I took her out of her car seat and went to place her in the crib but she woke up instantly. I'm not sure why she will not stay asleep ever.time.I.lay.her.down. Every time. It's driving me nuts. I guess Deb got her out of the car seat whenever we got there (she was already asleep) and put her in the pack n' play and she slept for 4 hours. Yup 4 hours. Baby girl sure didn't sleep 4 hours last night. I'd be lucky if I thought we got 2 full hours. Oh boy. Somehow I'm managing to do well with no sleep. She's totally worth it and I'm not missing my sleep whenever I'm with her!

Sean's giving her a bottle now to see if maybe that'll help with her sleeping habits. She's addicted to my dang boob and every time she latches on, it is only a matter of minutes before she starts dozing. And so we are going to try the bottle and see if it helps. If anything it's nice bonding time for Sean and her.

Well no pics today. Haven't had time. I made an awesome dinner - Stuffed peppers with potatoes and rolls. Yum, it was good. Tomorrow is homemade pizza! Meaty pizza for Sean and Taco pizza for me! :)

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

October 14, 2009

Tear, tear.

Lets talk about tears.

This morning I could have started my own lake. Yup. Lake Andrea.

Boy, this morning was rough. I was crying while taking a picture with her. I cried putting her in her car seat. I cried on the way to her daycare (which is 1 minute from our house). I cried carrying her to the door. Then I managed to suck it up for... 5.2 seconds.

I made small talk.

Gave instructions.


I bawled. Omi-stinkn'-goodness. That was so incredibly hard. It's not that I don't have faith that Deb isn't going to do a good job. It's not that I think she's not going to be OK. Because she will.

But Momma is not OK. I guess in my head I'm afraid she's going to think that Deb is her mom. She might as well after all because she's going to be spending a lot more time with her than me.

Her REAL mom.

Anyways, I cried all the way out to my vehicle. I cried for about another 5 minutes. Tried calling Sean but he didn't answer. A few minutes later he calls back. I start bawling.


I cried when I walked in to work. (Hugs are a bad thing sometimes when a girl is on the verge of tears.)

I cried when I put up pictures of her. I cried later whenever I looked at her pictures. I cried whenever my boobs hurt. And not because of pain. I missed her.

Then finally I pulled myself together. And I couldn't have been any happier whenever I opened the door when I got home! I think she probably received about a hundred kisses. Really.

Anyways, you can call me a baby if you wish. If you are someone that didn't want your child to have to go to daycare, but had to anyways, then you can probably sympathize a little. Or a lot.

And because it's cute, here is a picture of Lyla from dinner last night. She crashed out in the highchair!!

I can't even imagine sending her off to school.
Or letting her move out of the house.
Or even out of our room!!!

October 13, 2009

Look at our big girl!

Even though she won't technically be using it for a while, Miss Lyla got to use her highchair for the first time last night. I told Sean that whenever we had a baby I wanted to start eating dinner together at the table. Not in front of the TV, which we did way to often. Like every.single.night. So now that Lyla is here and becoming more alert we are going to start eating at the table together. Starting with last night!! She looks so big sitting in the high chair.

Tonight we'll do the same thing. I'm making chicken cacciatore because it's my new favorite dish! Then after supper it's time to get things ready for the rest of the week because...

I'm back to work.

Yes. It would be smart to invest stock in Kleenex. Tomorrow is going to be hard on me! We actually went this morning and visited with our daycare and met the other kids. Lyla is going to be surrounded by girls! There is only 1 boy in the daycare! There is one other little girl that is about 2 months older than her. Then the rest are between 1 1/2 and 4. They all seemed very interested in her! The downside was almost everyone there had runny noses or coughs. I'm not ready for her to be sick, and hopefully since she's a breastfed baby she won't get sick or not nearly as sick! There have been 2 confirmed cases of swine flu in the Victoria schools (that I know of) and I'm guessing that there's more than that!!! Hopefully if people feel sick they just stay home from work/school and not get others sick. I'm not sure why people have a hard time doing that! Common sense, right?

Well I'm off to pack her bag for daycare tomorrow and pick out clothes! You know she has to have a cute outfit, right?! Don't cha worry... pics to come! :) Have a wonderful evening!!

October 12, 2009

Best day with you

Have you heard this song by Taylor Swift? If you haven't, watch it! You'll totally cry over it.

The first time I saw this video I totally thought of Lyla and I growing up together, doing mother-daughter things and hopefully being best friends. My mom and I started an annual shopping trip every fall and it's something we both look forward to every year. I can't wait (well actually I can because I'm not ready for her to grow up yet) for memories like that with Lyla. Oh, I love my baby girl!

That's all for today kids. I'm not feeling all that hot today so Lyla and I have just been laying on the couch today. Not how I expected to spend my 2nd to last day home with her. Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow!

October 11, 2009

It's been a while!!!

The past few days have flown! Busy busy, but I've loved it! Shopping was great like always. Miss Thang got her high chair and a bunch of cute clothes. I *love* the Carter's outlet in Newton and every time we are in the Wichita area, I have to stop! While we were in Wichita, Miss Lyla got to see some of her favorite people...

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelci!
We also did a lot of shopping with Granna!
Then the following day we got all bundled up and went to Victoria's Homecoming! Go Knights!
Then the next morning we hung out in our new toy! Our living room is overflowing with baby items now!! I found a Jumperoo on Nex-tech and got it! I was not wanting to pay the full 80 buck for it since it'll only last a few months! So I got a good deal! She's still a little to small for it but she has good enough head control that she can hang out in there for a little bit! Her legs won't be touching the floor for quite some time, though!

Then Lyla and I headed to a wedding and got to see 2 of our favorite people we hardly get to see! Aunt KK and Auntie Sonya!

Lyla and I all dressed up! Her faux Uggs were a hit!
We also got to hang out with Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelci again! Don't they look so cute! T-minus less than a month until their wedding!
My brother and I!! Think we look alike? And by the way, he is younger than me. I just got the short genes!We also got to see Grandma!

And Lyla got a lot of snuggle time with Auntie Sonya!

Today was a nice and relaxed day! We headed to church then off to Arby's for lunch. Have you tried their new Gyro? I'm in love with it. You should so try it! Then after church we all lounged around and Lyla and I napped. And now we are both off to bed here shortly.

At least I *hope* we are off to bed soon! Goodnight!