November 8, 2012

A night out

 The night before Cohen's birthday party and Sean's mud run, good friends of ours were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary so we had a little night out on the town. Except the town is Victoria and there really isn't anything to do! But receptions are fun! :) The downside - open bar. The big downside - open bar plus by baby boys first birthday party the next day.

 Let's just say that I don't recall anything from here on! Oi vey, but it was fun - from what I'm told! :)

 When I drink - I'm totally the life of the party! P.s. I make an awesome Indian.
 And I hit a wall around midnight and good ol' Sean got to pretty much carry me home from there! :) He just LOVES to take care of me when I've drank a few to many! :) 

The next morning was ROUGH. Really rough.  But I managed. We had Sean's mud run in the morning and my parents met us there with the kiddos.  Kevin, Kelci and Ben also met us there as Kevin was running it too.  Sean's friend from high school friend, Carrie, was also there as she ran with the boys!

 And about a second later this is where Sean slid in the mud and tore his ACL!
 There goes Kevin - See Sean in the mud? This is just prior to him then getting trampled! Poor guy!

After getting quickly checked out by the EMS we made it to the finish to watch Kevin finish as Sean sat by the car! Quite the race for Sean! He now says his mud run races are over!!

A random day

 Sometime in October, Miss Avery stayed with us for a bit. The girls either love each other or they love to bicker.
 Total rock star. This picture cracks me up!
 A favorite of my kiddos is when I pull Cohen's mattress out and they get to jump all over it! They love it! And it keeps them preoccupied for more than 5 minutes!

 Apparently, this day, our ottoman was a stage. And for the record, I must of been super nice, because Lyla never gets the chance to climb on the furniture.
 Love these guys! :)

November 7, 2012

Baby shower

 I think I mentioned once that I'm going to be an Aunt again come December!  Sean's sister and brother-in-law will be having a little boy! :)  They already have their 2 girls so they are super excited for a sweet boy! Though, if he is anything like his cousin Cohen, he's gonna be a handful! :) 

I didn't do a true theme but instead just did colors of orange, turquoise and green. And of course some chevron! I made (with the help of Sonya!) a banner and loved how it turned out!
 We also made a motorcycle diaper cake and and it turned out so cute! Thanks Pinterest!
 I just did little foods and cupcakes! We had hummus and pita chips, corn salsa, and fruit kabobs. 
 Cookie favors for the guests! So cute!
 The burlap sign! Love it!
That's about all I got for pictures, though. Throwing a shower and being the photographer wasn't the easiest!  Renee got lots of cute things and lots of practical things, though! :) Now, the little man, just needs to come! :) Aunt Andrea is super excited to meet you! :)

More Halloween tricks

The week before Halloween, the kiddos painted some pumpkins. Or colored them with crayons for Cohen.  Him and paint would not mix. Lyla likes to paint every ounce of whatever it is that she is painting so her pumpkin turned out black! (As did her pumpkin from preschool!)

 Cute halloween shirts and lots of hugs! :) Haha. This makes me laugh!
  The Monday before Halloween, we carved our pumpkins. We kept it to simple faces this year.  Lyla enjoyed getting all the guts out of the pumpkins with me while Daddy carved. And Cohen make ruckus all around the house! :) Ha!
 I love her! And for the record, she would have done all of this naked but I insisted she at least put on pants. She loves to be naked! (Random fact: Almost every night she takes off her pants and undies whenever she is sleeping).
 Cohen doing what he does best - pushing all the buttons on the dishwasher while Lyla and Daddy are working!

 The Tuesday before Halloween, Lyla had a fall party at school! They got to paint pumpkins, play pumpkin bowling and also a jack-o-lantern water game! She had so much fun! I got to come and help the class and enjoyed it so! I've waited a long time to be able to do this and love the fact that I get to stay home with my kiddos to do all of this and not miss out! Makes me super happy!

 Our finished pumpkins! Lyla picked out the littlest pumpkins for Piper! :)

November 6, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 In October, we headed to the pumpkin with the kiddos and Sonya.  Lyla loved having Sonya there and I think Sonya enjoyed hanging out with us too!  I had shirts made for the kiddos and LOVED how they turned out! So cute!

This is by far the best family picture we've taken minus our professional family pics. It normally doesn't look like this! Ha!

 He enjoyed playing in the dirt!
 This year she rode the tram by herself. Made me kinda sad! :( She's getting to big!

 Off to get our pumpkins!

We had such a good time and a beautiful day to go! Later on, we went and ate with Sonya and Nana in Russell!! Love family time!