August 18, 2010

Lyla's ONE!!!!!

Technically, I have a toddler now. A TODDLER. Except she's really not a toddler because she ain't moving anywhere. The concept of balance and/or walking isn't anywhere close!
We celebrated her 1st birthday with a family day! Sean and I both took the day off. We did a little shopping, went out to lunch, came home and napped and then headed back to Hays for supper.
Before supper, we headed off to take some 1 yr pics. Let's just say this girl is NOT cooperative. She's in a stage 5 clinger mode and anytime I set her down, the waterworks start. Pretty annoying when I want pictures...preferably ones where she isn't crying. Here's a few cute ones. We have more but I'm saving some for a few things and I'll post later.

Loves her {SO} much!

I have a new obsession with pettiskirts. Aren't they ADORABLE! She is so scrumptious! :)

During out shopping trip we made a bracelet for Lyla and I made one for myself as well. We plan to add to the bracelet each year for her birthday!

After supper at Applebee's we headed home for presents and cupcakes! She got her first baby doll and a leapfrog alphabet thingy for the fridge. She's getting her big gift at her birthday party!

Then we ate mini-cupcakes....and this girl loved them! We snapped some smash cake pictures the night before that was a complete FAiL. Worst client. EVER.

But this time she loved it!

Absolutely loved it!

Overall, a great first birthday!
It is so hard to believe she is 1 already. She is learning something new everyday and *normally* is a happy, happy baby! She completes Sean and I in so many ways and we are completely smitten with her!
Love you Lyla bug!

August 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Lyla!

Happy Happy Birthday to Miss Lyla! We've had a busy, family day and will post soon about it! It's so hard to believe my baby is 1!!!!!!

August 13, 2010

Happy Wednesday

She is SCARED to death of her walker. She doesn't want to walk. I'm probably going to have to carry her to preschool. Seriously. Ok, maybe even to the senior prom at the rate she's going.

These pics were taken a few weeks ago and at the time the pics were taken, she was actually doing a good job walking with it. But since then.... nothing but tears and screaming. She hates it. If I even get it out and she see is, waterworks start.

She actually only took about 5 steps with it.

Then she freaked because she couldn't figure out how to get down. Classy, dear. Very classy. You sooooo take after your father! ;) Definitely not your momma!

Tonight we did it again but we bribed her. And it worked....over and over. Looks like the way to getting her to do anything is to bribe her with....cookies! She'd walk between us and whenever she got to one of us, she got a bite of the animal cookie!
Think I can bribe her to stop biting???

August 12, 2010

Must share craft.

I love stalking blogs, as I've stated before. Love it. Addicted to it. Really.

I have a variety of blogs but one of this is Homemade by Jill. She was probably one of the first craft blogs I came across. Well she just put this link up to download alphabet cards. I've been looking into making some but she did the hard work! :) Go here to see it and download it if you'd like. I'm planning on putting them back to back and laminating them then attaching them together for Miss Lyla. This has inspired me to make some for animals and numbers!!!

Oh and if you are addicted to crafting, you'll love this blog. She has tons of cute things or puts up links to other cute things! I actually got a few Christmas ideas off her website for this year that I can 't wait to start on!

August 11, 2010

Guess what!?!?!

Hi Friends....I have great news!

Can you guess?

I'm soooo excited to be a cousin!!!


Congrats to Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelci!!! My future cousin is due in April and I heard my mommy say that the chinese people predict that it'll be a boy! YAY!

August 10, 2010


Lyla has some sweet new tricks. She's learned "So big" recently and we finally got a new camera (did I tell you Sean dropped our other one in Lake Wilson? Cuz he did!) so I can take some videos with it again!

And as always...she's so sweet!

Ok, so the movie isn't working... just figured that out. Sorry...more cuteness to come soon!

On another note, 1 year ago today was my due date! My oh my, time has flown. At this time last year I had a doctors appt and found out that "Baby Jay" wasn't going to be time! I also found out I wouldn't be induced for another week, which at the time made me not so happy! Thank goodness she's here now!! It's so very hard to believe that in exactly a week she will be 1! I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad...i'm a bag of mixed emotions about this one!
My friend Shelly came over one night to let out little babies play. The played nicely together - at first.

Then Miss Lyla decided he tasted really really good. Yup, folks - I have a biter. I was *beyond8 mortified that she did this! Mortified I tell you.

We had to add a little fluff to him.... He's the 4th boy in Shelly's fam, so she needs a little bit sometimes!

Dalty enjoying the climb and slide. He's so close to walking!

Luckily the next 2 days Lyla was around kiddos again and no one got the stamp of Lyla! Hopefully it doesn't happen again!!

Happy Tuesday!

August 9, 2010

Those liars... :)

I ordered this little outdoor toy for Miss Lyla and it came in on Friday! (Love Amazon's free 1 day shipping!!) So, being the impatient lady that I am, I had to put it together. The box said 10 minute assembly and um, they lied. Or fibbed... Whichever you'd like to call it.

This sucker took more like 30 minutes.

And I'm sure if Seany boy would have done it then it would have probably been done in the 10 minutes.

They should have a warning that says: If impatient mom putting this together, add 20 minutes!

Oh, well it was worth it!

August 8, 2010


Aren't we adorable! Love, love, love my little family! And don't you just luuuurrrrrvvvveeee (that stands for love if you didn't catch on) my headband? EEEEk! I sure do and couldn't wait to wear it. I got it off etsy...oh I heart etsy!

This weekend we had 2 1st birthday parties to attend to! They were both born on the same day actually just hours apart! Tayla's birthday was on Saturday and then Dalton's was on Sunday so we were able to attend both! Lyla had fun attending her first birthday party's ever! I still can't believe hers in 2, yes 2, week. Oh my. Not sure mama is ready for this!

The birthday boy, Dalty aka Dalton!

Dalty's cake - We ordered Lyla's from the same place, so I can't wait to see it!

Tayla and her parents! Alicia and I lived together for a year of college. We also had the same due date!

Her cake and get up!

The sweet birthday girl! Loved her little outfit!

So thankful for my great friends! We had a great weekend! Hope you did too!

August 4, 2010

Looking all sassy...actually I think this is her poop face.

Oh wait, there is something on my head?

Now thats better.

This is what happens 50% when we have a bow in our hair. We've lost 2 bows so far...all because Mr. Daddio doesn't have bow radar like this momma does! Target and some other place are now the proud owners of two cute bows.


Edited to add...I had this prescheduled to post so I'm adding on. I'm on my death bed folks. Bring me ckn noodle soup and some movies. Stat.

Bronchitis and sinus infection + middle of summer = he-doublehockeysticks.

Yes, I'm a drama queen. I know. But this stinks!

August 3, 2010


Lyla has a few little nicknames that we call her.

She started off as baby jay whenever she was a fetus. Her first nickname when she was born was Lyla Belle. Sean penned her with that because he loves southern names.

He also likes to call her punky, punkers, & baby girl.

I first started calling her punkers and lylabug. Now I call her anything from Ly-ly, Lylee, and missy moo.

Recently I've started calling her chickadee too. Why? Not sure. But I think it's kinda cute.

We don't really have to many for her because her name is pretty simple. Short and sweet. And hopefully it isn't a name that some bully can make fun of when she's older.
She is *tooooo* cute to make fun of.

I'm sure we will come up with many more throughout the years, but for now that's what ya get!
Oh, and T minus 14 days til her 1st birthday - oh my!

August 2, 2010

She's a grooving....

and a moving. She's now *finally* figuring out true crawling. She kinda looks like she has a gimpy leg whenever she gets a going but she is slowing figuring it out. She is also starting to pull herself up more and more, especially to her knees. She loves to do it in the most unsafe place too, the bath tub! I'll try to get some pics and post them but not tonight. I've fallen poor victim to a summer cold so I'm off to bed. Happy Monday!

Oh...and for my memory, not yours, I've stopped nursing. The girls have dried up and the weaning process was super easy and non-painful, which was great. I stopped one day before her 11 month I almost made it a year! :) And she hasn't had any problems switching
to regular milk either. Here's her my baby getting big :(.

August 1, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Hey ya'll!!! Nothing to exciting going on around here this weekend. We did have a wonderful time with some friends at the lake this weekend. I may have drank a beer or two and felt just wonderful. Lightweight + beer + hot sun = sillyness!
Today Lyla and Sean had a daddy/daughter date. I have over 1500 pics in que to edit and so I took the morning to get some of those done while Sean and Lyla went to church, out to lunch and grocery shopping....and he even put them away! We now just got back from a quick supper at Carlos and a trip to Home Depot for a few flowers. Sean and I were both supposed to plant the flowers but I made a bargain with him... he plants the flowers and I fold all the laundry and put it away. I'm not a fan of putting laundry away but I think it beats sweating in these heat!
So for now, here's a few random pics from the last week!
Aunt Kelci got Lyla this tutu that goes with a onesie and so we had to try it on of course! Thanks Aunt Kelci & Uncle Kevin!
This is how we found Miss Lyla after she had fallen asleep.

Sean made a fake tattoo on her cute is that!

And just because she's cute.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!