September 17, 2009

Happy 1 month birthday, Miss Lyla

Holy cow, my baby is a month old already. At this time 1 month ago, I was finally holding my baby girl in my arms. After being in labor for 11 hours, I finally got to meet this precious girl! It's still hard to believe it's been a month. Time has flown!!

1 month stats
- starting to track people and things much better
- weighs around 8.5 lbs
- still in newborn diapers but close to growing out of them
- wears newborn size clothing and fits good in some 0-3 though most of it is still a bit big.
- Went on her first shopping trip.

Today has been a day, let me tell ya. Normally Lyla is perfect. Really. She only cries to eat then she's back to sleep. Well today was a different story. She has been awake since 9:30 this morning. Really. She's taken a few cat naps that ranged anywhere from 5-20 minutes totaling maybe an hour and a half of sleep. I'm thinking she's going through a growth spurt because all this child wants to do is eat. She's been attached to my boob every second she hasn't been sleeping for the most part. Hopefully it is just a growth spurt and won't last too long. I'm hoping maybe with the lack of sleep she'll sleep really good tonight. We shall see. I'm doubting it though.

We got family pictures taken today. She fell asleep on the way there and of course woke up as soon as we got there and was cranky the whole time. Hopefully we got a few good shots. We should get them back in a week!

We are off to the lake for the weekend. Sean's parents rented a cabin so we are headed there tomorrow afternoonish sometime. It'll be great to be out there one last time. I've missed the lake big time this year. We are also taking Sean's family pictures out there as well. Oh how I love pictures. I don't think I could ever be pictured out. And Miss Lyla is wearing a super cute outfit, too!

Well here is her 1 month picture. I need to start taking these during the day because it seems every time I try to take these at night, she's crying. But considering how today has gone, I'm not surprised. I also got these super cute stickers that go on onesies and have a number corresponding the how old the baby is that month. But I couldn't find them. So a photoshoped onesie will have to work for now.

Happy birthday baby girl! Mommy and daddy love you so stink'n much! You are truely the best thing to happen to us!! We love you!

Here's her 1 month pics. I look horrible by the way. You can tell I've had one heck of a day!

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