July 30, 2012

1st sleep over

 Lyla had her first sleepover sometime in May (can't remember when for the life of me! (: ) My nieces came and spent the night with us and Lyla was SUPER excited to have them come over. A sleep over was all she could talk about!
Cohen had his 9 month appt that day so the girls tagged along. We then went and ate lunch at McDonalds and they played for a little while. I'm a really great aunt for taking them to McDonalds because I find that place disgusting, but that was the place that was requested. So with a smile on my face, we went there! Then girls then had appts to get manicures. We then got some Dairy Queen, went home for naps and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing outside in the water.  We also did lots of playing, watched a movie or two, and lots of dress up! ;)

 The girls very excited to be in the back!
 Lyla was just excited. Period.
 They were all so somber while getting their nails done and didn't act like they enjoyed it at all. Then when they all got back in the car, they couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had. Silly girls!

 Waiting on the girls!

 When it actually came to going to sleep, Lyla didn't want to sleep because she wanted to have a sleepover. She didn't understand that sleep was involved in a sleepover! Ha!
  The next day the girls watched a movie and fought over who got to play with the tunnel. It was a popular item that day.
 Happy boy playing with his cousins!
 The girls love him!
 These two either love each other or love to pick on each other!
 Quite the outfits, eh?
Our first sleepover was a success and I think all the girls had fun! And we can't wait for our next one! And, I'm not sure if I blogged this but my sister-n-law and brother-in-law are expecting and I'll be getting another niece or nephew come December! ;) Yay!

July 27, 2012

Cohen :: 11 months ::

 My sweet baby is 11 months old! I can hardly believe I will have a 1 year old really soon! Super sad face!

He has been so much fun lately! Such a joy baby! ;) 

-You weigh a touch over 16 lbs!
- You wear size 3-6 months and size 2 shoes.
-You are in size 3 diapers.
 - You sleep from around 8:30/9 - 7:30ish.  
- You are still not the greatest eater but you are finally eating corn, peas and some green beans. You also love pizza crust! ;)  Most food gets thrown on the floor or you gag and throw it up. You can stop that anytime.
- You take a 8 oz bottle every 3 1/2-4 hours. 
- Not a huge fan of sippy cups, but sometimes you'll use one.

 - You are into everything! You are crawling, standing for a few seconds without holding on (mostly without you knowing) and plenty of cruising. My prediction is you will not be walking by a year. Take your time sweet boy. I have no desire for you to get bigger. Or older.
- You wave hi and bye, give kisses, blow kisses (you put your hand up to your mouth), dance, clap and raise your hands up when we ask how big you are! 
- You are a pretty happy guy! You have the cutest laugh that sounds like a machine gun! 
- Still no words, but you are still making your b, g, d sounds.

 - Your favorite toys would be a ball, your shape sorter , or anything you shouldn't have! ;)
- You are still a water baby!
- One of your favorite things to do is jump out of our arms on to the bed and crawl around and hide behind the pillows! 
- You love to be chased! 
- Your hair is just a hot mess and I have no idea what to do with it. You have thin hair with a receding hair line! ;)

Happy 11 month birthday sweet boy!

July 26, 2012

Sean's 34th Birthday

Our favorite daddy turned 34 at the end of May! We celebrated with some cake that my parents had brought up when they came to help with some things around the house! Don't you love the pink candles! ;)

Sean surprised me by taking off the whole day on his birthday. He had told me he was taking off the afternoon, so when I was hitting taping him nicely to get up, he rolled up and told me he took the whole day off! ;) I had 2 photo sessions that morning and when I arrived home he had packed a picnic lunch and had the Durango pack and we were off on an adventure. An adventure that I have now named Nerdapalooza! 

For his birthday, he wanted to go around and see some history spots in Kansas. First off, was Old Fort Hays in Hays. 

This may be the only time he sees me in something like this.
Future solider??
He was so thrilled - can't you tell!
Daddy and his "nerdites"
Love, love, love them! After Old Fort Hays, we went to Frontier Park in Hays and had our picnic lunch!
Lyla did not want a picture, she just wanted to swing!
Then we were off to Fort Larned
Pretty girl!
Lyla looks a bit possessed in this picture, but I love it of Co and I!

Huge daddy's boy!
Famous self timer picture!
After that we headed to Greensburg to see the World Largest  hand dug well. Thrilling, isn't it? ;) I will honestly say, this was the best part of the trip. Mostly for the fact I have never been to Greensburg and it was neat to see all of the pictures from the tornado years ago.

We then went over to a new playground at the well and I believe Sean had more fun then Lyla!
And that was it!
We drove through GB on the way home and stopped to eat his birthday dinner at the Page with his bromance Jonathan and his daugther! Great finish to a boring fun trip! It was still a great family day and I would do it again in a hearbeat. Even if I was bored outta my mind! ;)

Happy Birthday, Love!!

July 22, 2012

Last week and this weekend

Last week the kids and I headed to Wichita for the week. Tuesday and Wednesday, the kids and I got to babysit Ben and enjoyed our time with him! He is such a chunk and I LOVE it! I always wanted a chunky baby and well, I get peanuts instead! ;)
Self portrait in the mirror. Let's say I am not good at these... but this is the only picture I took of me and ben and I kinda love it! ;)
Tuesday night I took some pictures of them and at the end we headed to see some of the geese. Lyla was not a fan! And these geese were NOT scared one bit and would come right up to you.

 Pretty cute family! ;)

Cousin baths!
Wednesday night til Friday morning we headed to our cousin and cousin to be - Sonya and Ryan's to spend a few days! The kids had a blast and I'm pretty sure they were birth control for Sonya and Ryan! ;) They kinda trashed their house! ;) We did some shopping, ate sushi - yum! - and just enjoyed hanging out!  Ryan even bought Lyla her first barbie doll and she's in love - with Ryan and the barbie!! Ha! 
Crazy story - so I'm pretty blessed to never have sick kids. Well Wednesday night, Lyla was tossing and turning and kept telling me she needed me.  Well after being up for 2 hours, her hair smelled really bad and I noticed a brown/red fluid coming from her ear.  A google search later and it told me she either had an ear infection or her eardrum burst. It was then she kept telling me her ear hurt and would wake up on and off crying in pain. Well I debated taking her into an emergency room and going and getting her some tylenol and waiting until morning. Well, Ryan and Sonya got up and Sonya ran to get her some tylenol (thank you thank you) and finally she fell asleep for a while.  The next morning we went to an immediate care center and found out she had an ear infection! Boo! She's doing good now, though and actually asks for more medicine because she likes it! Ha! 
Friday we headed to Salina and did some shopping at Hobby Lobby and ate lunch with KK (Kayla) which the kids loved seeing her, as did I! ;) After that we headed home!  

That night, we headed to Hays's BBQ and blues deal they had going on and got some free BBQ! We saw our BIL, Dan there who was competing with some friends and they got 13th out of like 39 teams I believe! Yay! 

Our camper broke last weekend (blah) and so we enjoyed a weekend home! I have so much to catch up on and we got the house organized! Also enjoyed dinner out and some pool time along with a little church! ;) Great finish to a great week! Love my family!

July 16, 2012

Time flies by...

 In a few days, my baby boy will be 11 months? How in the world did this even happen? While it's super exciting for him, it's super sad, tear-worthy for me! 
I thought I'd post a few of his 9 month pictures b/c I don't think I ever did. I'm already planning for his 12 month pictures!