September 3, 2009

Sleeping my life away...

So I have pretty much slept ALL day today. I've been in a funk today I guess, and so I just slept, slept and slept. Every time she took a nap, so did this momma. But now I feel lazy and keep thinking about all the things I wish I had done instead. But dang, the sleep felt good. I may have slept too much because I still feel tired.

Speaking of sleep, Miss Lyla is not a big fan of sleeping in her crib. When we first got home, I wanted her close to me and so she slept in the swing all the time. Well eventually I want to start sleeping in my bed again instead of the couch so I have to get her used to sleeping in her crib. We started Thursday of last week and she did OK, but after she woke up the first time she wouldn't have it in the crib. She'd cry after just a few minutes and well, this momma wanted her sleep so I caved and put her back in the swing. Well she's doing much better now and last night she slept all night in the crib and only woke up twice. Once at 2:30 and then at 6. After that she only slept in there until 7:30 so we spent the rest of the morning (until 11) in the swing. I need to start putting her in there for her naps but I've been kinda lazy. We'll try for it tomorrow. Here's a few pics of her the first time she slept in her crib. She's so stinkn' cute!!

And here is a cute one of her with just a small bow!! Oh, I heart this little girl!

And speaking of sleep again, someone else in the house thinks Lyla's gym thing makes for a good naping spot! :) I heart this little girl, too!
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