September 20, 2009


So, I kinda did a semi, not so good thing today. But it ended good for me. Because I didn't get in trouble.

OK. So I had a photography session today and whenever I was done, I was craving a Sonic water. Yes. Sonic water. I love their water. Anyways, I had come to a stop light and there was a truck in front of me. So I pushed on the break and I started counting my change because I forgot my wallet. My wallet with my ID and insurance card. So I'm at the light and I *thought* I had my foot all the way down on the pedal. But I didn't. So can you guess what happened next...

Yup. I ran into the back of the truck. I'm freaking. Shaking. Dreading the moment. So I throw it into park and get out and it happened to be a friend. In his work truck. I start freaking (again) because remember, I don't have my wallet. The same wallet that has my ID and insurance card.

Luckily, god loves me (and you) and I was going so slow that all I hurt on my vehicle was the KU license plate since I hit his hitch on his truck. So no damage to his truck. And none to mine. Just the poor Jayhawk.

So I was lucky. I haven't been in an accident before so I'm glad it turned out for the better and not into an insurance claim.

Oh, and I was still freaking out driving home thinking out I was going to tell Sean. He doesn't always think rationally and usually gets mad instantly in cases like this before he even knows the facts. Which he did once I told him but after he realized that nothing was hurt with the Durango and all we needed was a $20 license plate, he was ok. Oh, and in case your wondering, he didn't even ask if I was Ok. Nniiiccceee. Oh, and I didn't even get my Sonic water. Boo.

More to blog later, if I have time! Peace.
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