September 30, 2009

Stuff & GROTB

So I just now remembered that I hadn't done a post on the blob. Well guess what?!?! I made it back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Can I get a what, what!! While it's great to be back at the same weight, things are just not the same as it was before. The blob is still present. And I have a feeling it's going to take a bit to get the blob back into the stomach it used to be. Pretty sure if I actually worked out, I'd get rid of it soon. Speaking of working out, I've done much better this week. Lyla and I have walked a lot, I've ate well, and today I'm going to do some pilates. My next goal is to be 130 by Nov. 7, my brother's wedding. 5 weeks at 2 lbs per week = gotta get my booty moving.

Well if you've hung around me lately you've most likely heard me complain about Lyla NOT sleeping. On Monday she was awake from 7:45 until 10:30 with only 3 naps lasting 15-30 minutes. Then she wouldn't sleep well at night either. And was still eating constantly. Well yesterday she took a great nap from noon til 5 (which is when I was in town at appts and such so that was a good thing). She then took another nap around 7ish for about 1/2 hour but then didn't fall asleep until after midnight. She was super tired but wouldn't crash so finally I just laid her in the cradle next to our bed, gave her the pacifier and walked away. Believe it or not, she didn't make a peep. She just laid there for a bit and finally went to sleep and stayed there until 4 a.m. It was great. She hasn't slept 4 hours at night for a while so I enjoyed that. I even thanked her whenever she woke up to eat! :)

But we have started a bad habit.
Something I was against doing from the beginning.
I've started letting her sleep with me after she wakes up to nurse the first time. I know, I know. Some of you people probably don't think that's the best thing to do and some may have strong feelings one way or another. The thing about it is, I'm her mother. I can decide what's good or not good for her, what works, what doesn't. Anyways, she is horrible at going back to sleep after she wakes up. As in, wakes up and thinks it is time to stay awake. Normally whenever I lay her down after she's fallen asleep at my boob she wakes right back up. So by leaving her in bed, we are both sleeping and that's important. Especially when it comes time for me to go back at work. I know there are pro's and con's of her sleeping with me, but for now it's a solution I'm gonna keep doing until we move her to her crib. Which I'm sure will be a process because she's used to sleeping with us. I guess we'll just see. Ya never know. I also wasn't going to use a pacifier but that kinda went to hell too. She doesn't use it very much, and that was the first time she's fallen asleep using it. Most of the time she doesn't want it, which is fine by me.

Oh, and like I mentioned before, I had my 6 week appt with my OB and he said that everything is good down below and back to working order. Yup. His words. Definitely sounds like something I would say.

Well I'm off to clean for a bit before the princess awakes and then who knows what I'll do!!
I was trying to get her to smile and this is pretty much what I got for the rest of day.

Don't cha love the outfit? I got the whole stinkn' outfit including the shoes for $11. Oh, I love sales. (It's from The Children's Place in case you are wondering.)

Have a great day!

September 29, 2009

She smiled!!!

Omigoodness, I never thought I'd be this excited! We were hanging out this morning watching One Tree Hill that I DVR'd and she did it. And I couldn't of been more excited. I started squealing and called Sean right away but unfortunately he didn't answer. She's done it a few more times today. I love it!! It makes all her crying and not sleeping so worth it!!

So now I'm on a mission to capture it on video and camera. I wish daddy would have been able to see it when I did too, but I guess a picture will suffice.

Ok, I'm off on my mission!

September 28, 2009

Another catch up and 6 weeks old!

It's been a few days since I've blogged and well darn it, I've missed it.

Let's catch up, k.

Friday was a lazy day for Lyla and I which rolled into an even lazier evening for Sean, Lyla and I. To be honest, it was so lazy, I don't even know what I did, if anything.

Saturday I had a wedding to photog for friends (pic below). Sean and Lyla met me there for the ceremony and reception. Guess what folks? I had my first drink(s) in almost exactly a year. Crazy. Overall it didn't effect me like I thought it would. I had 2 1/2 drinks over 6 something hours and felt fine when we got home. But that next morning, I was hurting. It'll probably be another long while before I drink once again.

Here's Lyla in her cute little outfit! I love the tights she's wearing... she looks so stinkn' big.

Speaking of which, little missy is 6 weeks old today. Man, time is flying. Don't I say that every week? Pretty sure I do. Here's a few things she's doing.

-Likes blowing bubbles.
- Had found her voice and started cooing, grunting and making noises.
- Super close to smiling.
- Not sleeping so great for mommy at night. Anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours at a time.
- Hates napping. Only takes 3 naps a day. Two for 30 minutes and 1 for an hour to 2 hours if I'm lucky.
- Still eats all.the.stinkn'.time. Really.ALL. THE. TIME.
- Probably weighs around the 9 lbs mark I'm guessing.
- Still not fitting into many 0-3 month clothes. Still can't fit into 0-3 pants. Some 0-3 sleepers are fitting perfect.
- Can hold head up for longer periods of time.

Back to catching up.

Sunday I had 2 photo sessions for 2 senior boys and then Lyla and I took a nice 2 hour nap. Then I made Beef and Broccoli that I had been craving since I was at my friend's Kelly's house. It was delicious. I also made chicken cacciatore on Friday night which was super super good. I'm trying to find new recipes because we normally eat the same ol' over and over again.

Oh, and a birthday shout out to Grandma (Sean's Mom) from Lyla - She would sing you happy birthday too but today all you would get would be crying! Hope you had a great day!

Well kids, Lyla hasn't slept a wink today so we are off for a bath and fingers crossed she'll go to sleep for more then 20 minutes!!

September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Wishes

I *love* having a girl!

Truth be told, I wanted a boy. Since I can remember I wanted 2 boys first and then my girl. I remember being so stinking excited that I was having a boy when we first "thought" we were having a boy. I started browsing cute boy clothes, boy toys, KU outfits, etc. Then whenever we found out that boy was actually a girl, I was shocked. I remember laying there being scanned with my hand over my mouth, mouthing oh my god over and over and over again. Then I remember squealing like a little girl. I couldn't believe it. I was way more excited then I thought I'd be. On the flip side, I was also a little disappointed because I had already planned so many things for this boy we thought we are having. Well all that disappointment went flying out the window shortly after it all sunk in.

So needless to say, I *heart* this little girl and I *heart* having this girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And the best part of having a girl is... dressing that sweet child up!

Today we put on our first pair of shoes.

I'll admit it. I'm a shopaholic. Especially for cute little girl clothes. She has a ton of outfits, more than I can probably count. So I was going through her shoe bin today and found these shoes that I totally forgot about. I also found another pair of shoes I forgot about too. But I have yet to find the perfect outfit for them. Anyways, these were the first shoes I bought her shortly after finding out she was a she, not a he.
So today we planned our outfit around them!! How cute is she?!?
Now hopefully she won't have *another* blowout and we can keep this outfit on all day!!

Oh, and take a good look at the pics. Miss Lylabug does have little bows, too!

September 23, 2009

Random day...

It is freezing outside! So cold outside that the inside was freezing. When we woke up this morning it was a frigid 66 degrees. A quick call to the hubby to inform him the heat was going on and voila...10 minutes later it was a nice 70 degrees in here. It's a-mazing what a difference 4 stinkn' degrees will do.

So given the weather, it's been a lazy day around here for us. Have I mentioned how much I love being home with Lyla. I called up to the office today and was informed I only have 21 days until I'm back at work. Ugh. I got an awful feeling in my stomach at that sound of that. I only have 3 full weeks left with Lyla at home. Then a lady, that is not me, will spend majority of the time with Lyla. Let me repeat that... someone that's not me. It sucks. But financially we can't do it right now. Our goal is by the time we are about to have 2, I'll be home. The sooner the better. Oh, and about that second one. We keep getting asked if we are ready for another. I am. Sean's not. I absolutely love being a mom. I don't feel stressed. I'm incredibly happy and wouldn't want it any other way. But I'm not ready to wish for another because when we have another one, then that means Lyla is older. And that's not something I'm ready to deal with.
Oh, Miss Lyla. This girl has been full of tears today. She's incredibly tired today probably given she slept pretty much from noon until 7:30 yesterday, only getting up to eat once. Then we woke her up to eat and play for a while but the child didn't want a thing but to go back to sleep. So a quick bath and some food and she was out by 11. But instead of those great 6 hours she has slept the past few night, we were up about 3 times last night. Yuck. This girl doesn't have the sleeping ability like her mother. I have a feeling she'll be like her dad in the sleeping department. Darn it all.
Oh, back to the tired girl. Anyways she is down for her 3rd nap of the day. And so far she is beating the other two as they only lasted about 20 minutes each. I've learned so far that I need to be quick. I got a lot accomplished in those 40 minutes. Laundry, lunch, pumping, putting out fall decor, and spending too much time finding cute clothes on the Internet. Darn etsy. Darn Gymboree. Darn Gap. Darn blogs that have cute kids with cute clothes that I *have* to find. Darn. Darn. Darn.

Oh, guess what. I'm married again.

Yup. You read that right. Wanna know why?

Because my wedding ring finally fits back on my finger. Sean and I joked about not being married since I couldn't wear my ring since about 28 weeks. It fit just perfect whenever I got married so to save it from being cut off, I just took it off. And finally yesterday I got it back on. I'll be honest. It was weird wearing it again. I almost felt like when I first got it because I just kept staring at it. I know. Nerd.

Well, guess whose awake. I guess she beat her last two naps by a whooping 10 minutes!

Have a great day! And stay warm!!

September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Yay! It's fall! Probably my favorite season! I love the weather, the clothes, the football and the holidays!

Speaking of holidays, the next one up for us is Halloween which means the princess of the house needs a costume. Oh, and we are talking about Lyla, not me! :)

Here's my top 2... pretty please with a cherry on top leave a comment and tell me which one you like. I know I have more than 2 people who read this, so come out of lurkdom and tell me whatcha think! This is her first Halloween after all! Oh, and I should mention Miss Reese is going to be a pumpkin. She also has a bee costume but Sean refuses to allow them to dress alike. I, on the other hand, think it will be super cute.

And for what it's worth, I'm voting for the lady bug.

Choice #1 - A Piglet

Choice #2 - Ladybug - but instead from Pottery barn, I'll be making my own.

So whatcha think?

September 21, 2009

Growth Spurt

I think my lil' oinker is going through her first growth spurt. I think it's harder on momma than it is her. She hasn't been sleeping much from about noon until 11 p.m. She takes little cat naps but nothing longer than 30 minutes normally. Today she did nap twice, once for 30 minutes and then for an hour. But on the good side, last night she slept 6 1/2 hours then another 3 1/2! I'm still having trouble sleeping those 6 1/2 hours as I keep checking on her. I also finally started sleeping upstairs in our bed. It's been about 5 months since I've slept up there. Crazy, I know.

Lyla has also been nursing a ton. I'm talking just about every hour. This growth spurt started Thursday and I'm hoping it doesn't last to much longer. It's wearing me out. I haven't been able to do much because she's attached to my boob all afternoon. I also think I have a clogged milk duct that isn't going away or mastitis because this chick is in some serious pain. Hopefully a call to the lactation consultant will fix it.

In other Lyla news, she's starting to coo and make a lot more noises. She's also found her tongue and loves to play with it. She is 5 weeks today. So that means 3 more weeks off before this momma is back to work. And I'm dreading it. Really dreading. Really, really, really dreading. Get my drift?


It's the time again. But this time I only lost 1 pound. Better than nothing, I suppose! That does mean only 3 more pounds until I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight. It sure doesn't feel like it though. I have a long ways to go until I'll feel good about myself. I let myself go after we got married. I stopped working out, ate not so great and in turn, I blew up into a balloon. Really.

I still haven't started working out like I wanted to or like I said I would on the last GROTB post. So I have to start. My brothers wedding is in less than 6 weeks so I've got about 14 lbs to go to get to my goal. The shred isn't going to work right now because my boobs hurt to bad whenever I do it. So Lyla and I are going to go on more walks and I'll start working out in our little gym area in the basement. Maybe the hubby can motivate me.

Here's the pic for the week. Yuck. (soon to come)

September 20, 2009

Our weekend in pictures!

Miss Lyla enjoyed her second trip to the lake this weekend. Sean's parents rented a cabin outat Lake Wilson. They were super nice cabins and we even had DISH. Nothing like roughing it, huh?

Heres our cabin we stayed at.

Lyla & I did a lot of this...

and this. If I had a picture of her bawling, I'd insert that here too.

We also did a little of this.
And my adorable niece and I took a lot of pictures like these.

The boys did a lot of this.
And we also did a lot of this!

Overall, it was a nice weekend! The water was freezing so we only took the boat out to fish and take Abi out for a ride. We ate super good food and even got some sleep. Miss Lyla slept 6, yup 6, hours straight. Momma however didn't sleep near that as I kept checking to make sure she was alive and well. The second night she slept 5 hours and then another 3 1/2 hours straight. Heavenly!!!!
Someone also got to wear her first bikini!! How cute, huh?!

Hope you had as great a weekend as we did!!!


So, I kinda did a semi, not so good thing today. But it ended good for me. Because I didn't get in trouble.

OK. So I had a photography session today and whenever I was done, I was craving a Sonic water. Yes. Sonic water. I love their water. Anyways, I had come to a stop light and there was a truck in front of me. So I pushed on the break and I started counting my change because I forgot my wallet. My wallet with my ID and insurance card. So I'm at the light and I *thought* I had my foot all the way down on the pedal. But I didn't. So can you guess what happened next...

Yup. I ran into the back of the truck. I'm freaking. Shaking. Dreading the moment. So I throw it into park and get out and it happened to be a friend. In his work truck. I start freaking (again) because remember, I don't have my wallet. The same wallet that has my ID and insurance card.

Luckily, god loves me (and you) and I was going so slow that all I hurt on my vehicle was the KU license plate since I hit his hitch on his truck. So no damage to his truck. And none to mine. Just the poor Jayhawk.

So I was lucky. I haven't been in an accident before so I'm glad it turned out for the better and not into an insurance claim.

Oh, and I was still freaking out driving home thinking out I was going to tell Sean. He doesn't always think rationally and usually gets mad instantly in cases like this before he even knows the facts. Which he did once I told him but after he realized that nothing was hurt with the Durango and all we needed was a $20 license plate, he was ok. Oh, and in case your wondering, he didn't even ask if I was Ok. Nniiiccceee. Oh, and I didn't even get my Sonic water. Boo.

More to blog later, if I have time! Peace.

September 17, 2009

Happy 1 month birthday, Miss Lyla

Holy cow, my baby is a month old already. At this time 1 month ago, I was finally holding my baby girl in my arms. After being in labor for 11 hours, I finally got to meet this precious girl! It's still hard to believe it's been a month. Time has flown!!

1 month stats
- starting to track people and things much better
- weighs around 8.5 lbs
- still in newborn diapers but close to growing out of them
- wears newborn size clothing and fits good in some 0-3 though most of it is still a bit big.
- Went on her first shopping trip.

Today has been a day, let me tell ya. Normally Lyla is perfect. Really. She only cries to eat then she's back to sleep. Well today was a different story. She has been awake since 9:30 this morning. Really. She's taken a few cat naps that ranged anywhere from 5-20 minutes totaling maybe an hour and a half of sleep. I'm thinking she's going through a growth spurt because all this child wants to do is eat. She's been attached to my boob every second she hasn't been sleeping for the most part. Hopefully it is just a growth spurt and won't last too long. I'm hoping maybe with the lack of sleep she'll sleep really good tonight. We shall see. I'm doubting it though.

We got family pictures taken today. She fell asleep on the way there and of course woke up as soon as we got there and was cranky the whole time. Hopefully we got a few good shots. We should get them back in a week!

We are off to the lake for the weekend. Sean's parents rented a cabin so we are headed there tomorrow afternoonish sometime. It'll be great to be out there one last time. I've missed the lake big time this year. We are also taking Sean's family pictures out there as well. Oh how I love pictures. I don't think I could ever be pictured out. And Miss Lyla is wearing a super cute outfit, too!

Well here is her 1 month picture. I need to start taking these during the day because it seems every time I try to take these at night, she's crying. But considering how today has gone, I'm not surprised. I also got these super cute stickers that go on onesies and have a number corresponding the how old the baby is that month. But I couldn't find them. So a photoshoped onesie will have to work for now.

Happy birthday baby girl! Mommy and daddy love you so stink'n much! You are truely the best thing to happen to us!! We love you!

Here's her 1 month pics. I look horrible by the way. You can tell I've had one heck of a day!

Don't call me Betty Crocker.

I despise baking. Not sure why, but I don't like it. But I decided to play a 50's housewife today and make some homemade-from scratch-chocolate chip cookies. Yes folks. We are talking the real deal. Not the slice and bake from Wal-mart. Though it would have been so much easier!

Anyways, I love the website Freeze Happy. Go there, I'm sure you'll find a recipe to make and freeze. I love freezing food and having it stocked away for whenever I want it. We froze a bunch of meals before Lyla came and we are just about out of those. So I need to get on my horse and do more cooking. I like cooking. Not baking.

Anyways these homemade-made from scratch cookies (this is a big deal for me people) were pretty easy to make. In fact so easy, I'll probably do it again. Hopefully this time though I won't get flour everywhere including my daughter who I was slinging. I have flour in my hair, on my pants, on Lyla and on the floor.

I'll let you know how they turn out. If they are good, then maybe you can call me Betty Crocker.

ETA: Ok, so you can call me Betty Crocker because they are delic!!! You should totally try em'!

Damn, I'm good!

Look for another post later today. Betcha can't guess who is 1 month old today!!

September 16, 2009

A "Mom" moment

Here was my embarrassing moment of the day from yesterday.
So we left for the funeral at 9 so I nursed Lyla around 8 but didn't get the chance to pump. I didn't think much about it but I "thought" I brought my pump and all the needed parts but after the burial when I went to pump the bottles weren't there. I felt full but thought I'd be OK. Well during the meal I found out I had leaked....through everything. My nursing pad, bra, shirt and cardigan. The good part, I suppose, was the fact I had on a black shirt. So no one knew...until now!
I know its really no biggie, but to me, right then, I was a bit embarrassed. I'm sure this isn't my last time either. I'm not sure why I leaked because it's never been that bad before and I've gone that amount of time during the night. So not sure why it was like that during the day. Oh well!

I went to lunch with Sharon and Becca today. We went to Quizno's (love it) and Lyla gave Sharon a surprise a few minutes after this picture was taken. She pooped on her. Poor Sharon! It was funny though

Life can suck, part 2.

Yesterday was hard. Harder than I imagined it to be. For some reason it just doesn't seem real still. I mean I physically saw him in the casket. I was physically at the service and I physically saw his casket at the grave site. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't seem real. Every time I think about him I don't believe it. But then reality hits. It'll really hit the next time we have a get together or at the lake when he should be teasing me with frogs and fish. It sucks. It's just not fair.

He did have a wonderful service. Lots of his friends were in attendance. But still, no one should have to bury a friend or someone younger than you. Ever. It's too hard and not fair.

I can't even fathom what is parents are going through. It hits me differently now that I'm a parent. I can't and don't want to imagine losing Lyla. Ugh...

Ok enough of this depressing talk. My next post will be better. You may even laugh at me.

September 15, 2009

Life sucks sometimes, ya know it.

Life seems unfair, unpredictable and just plain sucks sometimes. Things happen for reasons unknown and while it spices up people's lives sometimes, it's not always for the better.

With that said,

Sean and I lost a really good friend late Friday evening. He was a 16-year-old boy and someone who will be terribly missed. He died in an automobile accident that took a life of a girl, as well. He was an incredible young man and it still doesn't seem real. Our last memory of him was a great one. He came to visit us in the hospital when Lyla was born. He even said he was going to come without his mom, but last minute she convinced him to wait for her. That just shows what kind of kid he was. Not many 16-year-old boys want to go to the hospital to see friends that just had a little girl! I'll never, ever forget that memory, or him.

Tonight they held a vigil for him and it was the first time we saw his parents and his family since his accident. I had this knot in my stomach the whole time. I had never been to a vigil or a funeral for someone younger than me. It was really tough seeing him laying there, so helpless. It just didn't seem right and at times I still found myself thinking this wasn't real, even though he was laying right in front of us. It is still really hard to fathom at times. He was a joker and constantly picked on me, and I'll miss him for that. I even thought once that this was all a joke and he was going to jump up from the casket and surprise us all. But of course, that wouldn't happen. He was my little buddy. A great friend. This is still so hard to believe.

Life isn't fair. Life throws unexpected turns into people's already hectic lives. Bad things can happen to great people.

Life just sucks sometimes.

Cody, you'll be greatly missed. Please look down on all of your family and friends and give them strength the next couple of days, weeks, and years. Your family will miss you, your friends will miss, and Sean and I will miss you. R.I.P Cody. You are loved.

September 14, 2009


It's that time again. Ugh.

And actually I totally skipped last weeks because, well, I didn't work out and I maybe ate a lot of food and so I weighed more than the week before. So I called a mulligan and I skipped that week.

But this week didn't hold much excitement either. I'm 145. But I haven't worked out, haven't walked, and ate out quite a bit. But I do now fit in my fat jeans!!! It's not pretty, but I fit!

Excuse me cheerleaders... Where the heck are ya?

So my goal is to workout more. And I'm going to start by walking around the mall and Wal-mart getting a few things. Shopping is working out, right?

I can do it, yes I know that I can do it. I can do it. Lets go Andrea
(Ok, so I stole that cheer from high school. Except it was You instead of I, and cats instead of Andrea!)

September 13, 2009

Wanna catch up?

Miss Lyla got to experience her first shopping expedition on Friday. We (more meaning myself than her) had a great time shopping and hanging out with Granna and Pops. We headed to Salina and she did so good all day! She pretty much slept all day and even slept most of the night. Maybe we need to shop more in order to get her to sleep longer periods at night?! Just an idea, but an idea my hubby won't go for!

There was one exciting moment of the day. Miss Lyla had a blowout at Target and well, managed to get poop on her Granna. Poop must be attracted to my mom somehow because I'm sure I pooped on her as a baby, Miss Reese has pooped on her as a puppy and now Miss Lyla has christened my mother. Oh, Granna.

I nursed in public for the second time and all went well except for a creeper than was sitting near us. He was a little on the strange side and it made for some awkward moments while she was eating. We also took some pics (of course) while we were shopping. I had to document this momentous (is that a word?) occasion. We even took one in front of the fish (eeh). Those fish are huge. And scary. And freaky. And scary. Remember folks, this chick is not a fan of fish. I was literally scared of them even though they were in a HUGE glass tank and not attacking me like they did on our honeymoon. Anyways, that was off track.

We also took a picture of Miss Lyla in her I love Mommy onesie! It's the cutest onesie and well, she loves me! :) Unfortunately she didn't get to wear it too long after her blowout in Target that took a bit to clean up.

Let's see... Miss Lyla managed to get a few fall outfit because that girl has mostly sundresses because it is September and I was still expecting hot temps, not fall like weather. We got some great deals on Carter outfits. Actually majority of her outfits were Carters. Oh, and she got her first pair of Uggs. If your out of the fashion loop, Uggs are a type of boots. Mine are Ugg-wannabe's. Oh, and Lyla got her first KU warm-up outfit and KU cheerleading uniform! They are still a little big, but she'll be in them soon.

And for the record, tomorrow Lyla will be 4 weeks old. Only 3 days after that will she technically be a month old. This makes me sad. Very sad. My baby is growing up WAY to fast!

Well, I think that sums up Friday. Saturday I had a bridal shower and that was about it for us. Sunday Sean took Lyla to church by himself while I had a photography session. I went 4 hours without my baby girl, the longest I've gone so far! Sean got her all ready so I got a little more sleep, which was nice!

Lyla has something to say...

And this post is especially for her Granna, Pops, Grandma & Papa.

September 11, 2009


This may be an off-the-wall post, so please forgive. I'm exhausted.

While I was pregnant, I would always think about what Lyla would look like. We had a name for her, but no face to put to the name quite yet. Every time I saw a baby, I would automatically wonder if our baby was going to be cute. There are ugly duckling babies out there whether you want to admit it or not. I remember one little boy from when I lived in Pennsylvania. Now don't hate, but we called this little boy ugly duckling. He wasn't a cute kid at all. Again, don't hate. I wouldn't call anyone's baby that nowadays (I was like, 7 at the time).

Anyways, one of my biggest fears of having Lyla was that she wasn't going to be a cute baby. And you people, if you know me well, know I love cuteness. If I do something Sean doesn't like, I always use this line... "But I'm cute". I have no trouble admitting it, though I don't really mean it. It's more of a joke. Anyways, again, I didn't want her to be non-cute.

But... the minute I saw her, I knew she was beautiful. She was adorable and definitely cute. Very cute. She could be covered in poop (like today) and I'll still think she's cute.

She is, my friends, indeed very, very cute!

P.S. Wanna know why she's cute? Because she takes after her momma, duh!

September 10, 2009

Baby legs

I love me some cute chunky baby legs. But I also love me some babylegs on cute chunky baby legs.


Don't be.

My adorable ( have I mentioned that before?) daughter is starting to get some chunk on those thighs of hers. And I love covering that chunk with babylegs. They are somewhat like tights except they don't have feet on them and they only go on the thigh, not all the way up to the belly button area. They are a breeze for diaper changes and look oh-so-stinkn' adorable. Here's Lyla modeling 2 of hers.

I love her little feetsies!

Adorable, right? They are pretty big on her right now, but I still love em'! We should be able to wear them for years. I get mine for really good prices, normally about 5 bucks a pair from here. They have sales often so go snatch em up. You'll love em! I promise. And while you are there, check out other hyena cart shops. Hyena cart is somewhat like Etsy but I'd say more organic-ish items. Lots of cloth diapers, baby legs, baby clothes, etc. Majority of it is handmade, some isn't. So go support em'!! You'll love the stuff and you might just become addicted. Because I'm not. Not even a little bit. Um...

Well my beloved-super bowl winning-hotness of a team-Steelers are on so I'm off to check out some cute football butts! Have a great night!

September 8, 2009

3 weeks

Happy 3 week birthday Miss Lyla (2 days late)

Finally added her pic!

The stats
- Attended first bridal shower
- Saw Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelci for the 2nd time
- Another trip to Great Bend under her belt
-Likes to roll from her back to her side
- Sleeps in her crib all night now and wakes up about twice a night. Once if momma is lucky.

Really, nothing has changed since last week so I don't have much to report as far as stats.

But I am going to tell you how I'm a bad mom. Miss Lyla and I were hanging out on the couch today and I laid her on the couch to reach for something off the end table. Well Miss Lyla decided to practice her rolling and yes, she fell off the couch. Don't worry and please don't go calling the SRS just yet. She fell into a blanket and barely even cried. And she's been fine all day. But I felt HORRIBLE! I've been a nanny, babysat a million children and not once has this happened to me before. My friends have done a good job telling me stories about it happening to them so I know I'm not the only one on the planet to have this happen too. But still. My poor baby. And for the record, instead of trying to make me feel better about the situation, Sean did a great job making me feel worse.

Well that's all for the exciting news around here. I've had enough fun today. Peace out.

September 7, 2009

Guess what time of year it is

If you know relatively anything about Sean, then this should be quite easy to guess. It's the start of KU football. KU kicked off Saturday with a win that Sean was unfortunately not able to watch. They didn't have it on a TV station in Hays so poor Sean had to deal with listening to it on Sirius off and on while we were at a lake luau Saturday. If you have been reading my blog since last football season then these next few pictures should be of no surprise to you.

Yes. It is the return of the 8ft blow up Jayhawk. Oh, do I love this thing.(Sarcasm all around in case you didn't notice).

Like I had said we went to a luau at the lake with all of our lake crew Saturday . Tons of people and tons of great food. Most of them had yet to meet Lyla so she was a big hit, of course. I had to run to Wal-mart earlier in the day to get her a long sleeved pant outfit because she has mostly sundresses and the lake was a bit cold for that. I even had a bikini for her to wear but the weather hasn't been nice enough. Lyla slept through the festivities and so ended up having a long night. Or actually Sean had a long night. After she had ate around 10 she didn't fall asleep until 1:30ish. So I got 5 hours of sleep which felt great.
We headed to GB this a.m. for my soon to be SIL's bridal shower. Sean also helped my dad put in a new backyard. And I also had family from Colorado in visiting. They had not seen the baby yet nor had my cousins and aunt and uncle from GB so Lyla got a lot of loving on. And truth is I didn't get one picture of Lyla with any of them or any pictures at all. Silly, silly me.
So we are finally home and it's now 4 a.m. Blogging is a great thing to do in the middle of the night while I'm nursing. Maybe Lyla will get the blogging fever one day. Except by the time she's old enough to do this, there will be something newer and bigger and much more exciting then blogging. Blogging will be old news by then!
Hope you had a great weekend!

September 4, 2009

Lets Go Knights!

Lyla got to attend her first Victoria football game tonight. At first we thought the weather was going to be too yucky for us to go but then the good ol' sun decided to make its appearance and we headed towards the game. In the pictures she looks so mad, but truth is she was just hungry. She actually loves to be in her sling. I kept her in the sling for most of the game and she fell asleep for a while before the band woke her up! The outfit she is wearing today is by far my most favoritest outfit in the whole world of hers. I actually wish I could get it in every size but Old Navy stopped selling it long ago. Especially long ago if you consider I bought it 5 months before she was born!

Since her umbilical cord fell off last week we were able to start giving her real baths. Yesterday was the first time we did it and she cried through most of it. We had to give her another one today and she did much better. But she also pooped in it this time too. Made for some fun. I stuck her under the faucet and washed her off before we could resume. The tub we have has a sling in it so the poop all stayed on there so we didn't have to empty the whole tub in order to finish her bath!
Now that I look back at the pictures she looks like she cries all the time. Honestly, she's a happy baby. The only time she cries is when she's hungry, has to poop, or is over tired. We got really lucky (so far) and have a great baby on our hands!!
Well I just put Lyla down for the night so I'm off to sleep as well! We are headed to the lake tomorrow for a Luau with our lake friends. I've been looking forward to this for a few weeks! I love the lake and love hanging out with our crew. On Sunday we are headed to GB again for my soon to be SIL's bridal shower and Sean is helping Dad with some grass stuff. And Monday I'm resuming my photography and have a session with 7, yes 7, freshmen girls! That should make for a good time!
Hope you have a great holiday weekend!!!