July 31, 2011

39 weeks - AKA 7 days

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 39 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby Jay is around 7 lbs or more and about the size of a mini watermelon. He's about 20 inches. This is roughly the size of Lyla at 41 weeks, when I was induced but they thought she measured more like 39 or 40 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 49 lbs.The question now is not when will he come, but will I hit 50 lbs! :)

Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants and some shirts

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Yup, but he's got to be running out of room!

Sleep:It isn't horrible, but I'm ready for 8 hours of sleep again! :) So probably 7 months from now! Unless he's a better sleeper then his sister.

What I miss:Margarita's, my skinny jeans, bending over easily and getting off the couch easily.

Cravings: Water, sweets,

Symptoms:I think I've been having some real contractions here and there and I also lost my mucous plug last Tuesday. I'm not swelling much at all but my pubic bones and hips still hurt along with some back pain.

Best Moment this week: Just making it to 39 weeks! Almost done! 7 days

I had my appt today and all is well. His heartbeat was 136 and I'm measuring at 39 weeks. I'm also dilated to a good 3-4 and 80% effaced. He also stripped my membranes so hopefully he feels like he is ready to come out sometime this week!


I also wanted to post about some of the stuff I've made Little Brother.
Here's the burp rags. 3 of them are embroidered and the rest are just fabric. I love em!

And here is his blanket. It's also embroidered in one corner. I LOVE how it turned out!So now I'm just waiting for him to come!!! It's kinda nerve-racking waiting for it to happen! I pretty much think about it constantly which makes the waiting game harder!

The weekend

We had a great weekend around here!

Friday evening we headed to Olmitz for the benefit for Jen, Sean's cousin. They had a GREAT turn out! From what I heard, they had over 600 people and raised a ton of money!!!! Awesome, awesome! We then headed to Great Bend to my parents for the evening. Saturday was Max's benefit but we didn't head out there until Kevin and Kelci's first game around 4:00. Before that, we took Miss Lyla to the GB Aquatic park. Unfortunately, she loves slides but wasn't able to ride any but one because of her height.

Anyways, we got to Max's benefit around 3:45 in time to watch Kevin and Kelci and some of Sean's cousin's play. They, however, got their butts kicked! We stuck around for a little while and hung out with them before heading home. It was just to hot to be outside for the pregnant lady. The only place I go outside is the pool! We tried to win a few things in the raffle, but mom told me tonight we didn't win anything. Sean and I are not lucky people! We didn't win anything at Jen's raffle either! I haven't heard anything on Max's benefit as to the number of people to play/come out or anything, but I'm hoping it did great for Kevin and Kelci!

Today, we had a really relaxed day. We headed to church, Taco Grande for lunch and then food shopping. A 2 hour nap later and we were going to go to the pool, but the weather closed the pool here. So instead, Sean and Ly played outside and we picked up the house.

I was hoping for a July baby, but unless I have a 2 hour labor, it won't be happening. I have my appt tomorrow and I'm hoping for some progress but also trying to stay realistic that there might not be any change. As badly as I want him here, he'll come when he comes and I'm totally ok with that! I'm much more patient with him then when I was pregnant with Lyla!

And to end the post... my 2 favorite people watering the flowers!

July 29, 2011


I'm becoming tired of being tired. Honestly, this pregnancy seems easy compared to Lyla's. I've actually enjoyed it. Which is shocking because I didn't enjoy being pregnant with Ly. Now if only I wasn't pregnant during the summer, and this would be smooth sailing.

But my body is starting to fail me and I'm tired. Even if I sleep 10 hours, I'm tired. If I nap I'm tired. If I don't nap, I'm tired. Get the point?

So, dear baby. This is your eviction notice. You must come out no later than Sunday. I'd love a July baby! Please obey your mother, because your sister sure didn't!

Love you already... and will love you more if you come this weekend.


July 28, 2011

Still pregnant

Not to much going on around here. I'm still very much pregnant and very much getting worn out! But other than that, I can't complain. I stay far far far away from the heat! Unless I'm in the pool! :) I still feel relatively good, I just tire pretty quickly! I also lost my mucous plug Tuesday, so I know it shouldn't be anymore than 2 weeks! :) Hopefully less!

I finished up my last photography session today. But I had another person ask about pictures, so I might give in. I'm not good at saying no! :)

I've been in a huge sewing mode and have made quite a few things! :) Lyla's gotten a few new skirts with matching bows, of course. Baby Jay now has about 10 burp rags, a few pacifier clips, a few custom onesies and his blanket. I'll do a post on it all soon of what I've made him! Super cute stuff, of course!

I managed to get some of Lyla's 2 year pictures done today! And she even semi cooperated so that was nice. I have one more outfit to do pictures in and then I'm done for 6 months! :) But a cute little boy will be making his presence and will soon have the camera in his face every month! :)

Looking forward to the weekend. We have 2 benefits to attend and then Baby Jay can come!!!! And hopefully he listens!

July 25, 2011


Sean thinks I'm nesting. I don't. I just want things done. Now. Especially after finding out I am already 2-3 centimeters dilated I feel rushed to get things done. I really expected to go late, and I still surely can, but I'm thinking he'll probably be on time or my guess would be next week. Who knows, definitely a waiting game.

Anyways, we just installed the car seats Sunday, but that night all I dreamed about was where the car seats are placed. And then I woke up at 5:30 am thinking about it. And almost went out and changed it, but I didn't. I have the Graco myride in my car and I LOVE it, but it's really bulky with the 2 cup holders. And I want to have Lyla in the middle and Baby Jay on the side, leaving the other side seat open. This way if we need to use the 3rd row we can easily get to it and if someone else rides with us, there will still be a place for them to sit. Anyways, after installing it that way, Lyla's car seat makes it pretty impossible to get the side seat folded up to get into the 3rd row. It's doable, but def. takes effort. Well it's bugging me, so last night we were supposed to install the Britax car seat that we have in his vehicle but we never got around to it. So it will be done today! And then my brain can stop thinking about this! Silly stuff.

Yesterday I also decided that the carpets needed cleaned asap. So Sean picked up a cleaner and we switched on and off with cleaning the carpets. And they look oh.so.much better. We also sold my old computer desk in my craft room, so I'll be organizing that today to have better use of the space. My photography props are taking over. I also feel like we have clutter EVERYWHERE and so I want to get that under control. It really isn't that bad, but my pregnancy hormones are making me feel like it is. I also need/want to finish up a KU skirt for Lyla to wear with one of her shirts I had embroidered. And then there are 3 burp rags I want to finish up as well. And then, maybe, I'll feel like things are ready to go. Hopefully he won't come until next week because I have a few shoots left this week and then we have Sean's cousin's benefit on Friday and Max's benefit on Saturday. Then he is free to come!

I was also reading back on my blog and at about this same time 2 years ago, I felt the need to clean the carpets. But that time, my momma did it for me. And I also read about a million times that I was miserable and luckily this time, I'm not. This pregnancy is actually pretty smooth sailing and I've enjoyed it much more then when I was pregnant with Lyla! Only 13 more days!

Well I"m off to clean some more! :)

38 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 38 Weeks

Size of baby: Baby Jay is a little over 6.5 lbs and more than 19 inches.... like a leek.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 48 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:A mixture of both

Gender: A sweet boy!

Movement:He's slowing down a bit...must be getting a bit cramped in there!

Sleep:I've moved to the couch as I'm much, much more comfy on there then in bed. I have been getting up early as well.

What I miss:Margarita's, my skinny jeans, bending over and getting off the couch easily!

Cravings: fruity stuff, water, sweets

Symptoms:Lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions but no signs of real contractions. Pubic bones hurt horribly!

Best Moment this week: The car seat is installed!

I had my appt this morning and baby jay is doing great. HB was 124 and I'm dilated 2-3 and starting to thin out. Which means, baby jay could be coming any time! :) At this time with Lyla I was a fingertip dilated/1. I actually was a 2 whenever I was induced with her! So now we play the waiting game!!

July 24, 2011

Lake trip

Saturday we had a fun little trip to the lake. We were going to camp but this mama is becoming a bit worn out being 9 1/2 months pregnant and wasn't really feeling all the work that is involved. We dropped Miss Lyla off with her grandma and headed out!

Ty and Kayla headed up from Salina and Sonya and Ryan drove all the way from Wichita for our little lake day! :) We started off by cooling off with some floating in the water.

Sean did a little knee boarding and everyone else tubed. Yes, even me. An no babies were popped out in the process. Dont worry. I'm still very much pregnant.

Miss Kay... Oh I love her! The sun hates her so she pretty much had sunscreen glued to her hand and her floppy hat on at all times! So cute! :)
A little more floating before we hit the beach and the boys got to act like they were 12 again with a little football.

The boys! Somehow I don't have a girls picture!

Our last trip to the lake before we are a family of 4! Kinda sad... I'm gonna miss it!

And now the videos. I left the one of me off. Considering I couldn't really go fast, the video is no fun. But I'm just happy I got out there... I've missed it. And Kayla & Sonya, Sean obviously doesn't know how to work our camera as I couldn't find yours anywhere!




July 22, 2011

An errand kind of day...

Between the heat & being 9 1/2 months pregnant, running errands have been pretty hard. Add in having to get a little/big girl in and out of her car seat over and over again doesn't make errands fun at all. Luckily, my mother in law came over to watch all her grand daughters today and so this gal got to run errands alone!

My first stop was the hospital to see my friend, Becca and her new little girl, Elizabeth. I brought my camera but forgot that the memory card was in my computer...so fail on that one! I made her some adorable burp rags and a little headband! Becca is anti-girlie and I'm not sure I've ever seen a bow in any of her daughter's hair unless it was when they were first born! :) So of course, I had to bring a headband. It was so sweet getting to hold a newborn and it's hard to believe the next newborn I hold will be mine! :)

After that I headed to the mall for some pampering...Shellac nails! :) Love them so much more than acrylics! This time I had to wait quite a while but I have cute fingers to show of it. Then I dropped off my first sewing project/order to a friend. Then I picked up Lyla's and Baby Jay's coming home from the hospital shirts. I had them custom embroidered and I love how it turned out! :) After that I met up with Sean for lunch at the Soda Shoppe. I told him this might be the last time we eat together as parents of only one child! :)

Then I went and got Miss Lyla and we both enjoyed a 2 hour nap! :) Heaven!

Looking forward to the weekend. We are headed to the lake for the day tomorrow with Sean's cousins and then hopefully we'll get to see my brother and Kelci for a visit tomorrow evening. Sunday I have 2 photo sessions and then church and then we are headed to my haven again - the pool! :) Have a great weekend!

July 20, 2011

Man's best friend

In this case, it's girls best friend. And it isn't a purse or a new pair of shoes.

It's a dog.

Lyla LOVES Reese. I can't even begin to tell you how much she loves Reese. She talks about her ALL the time and normally if we need to get her to do something, we just have to throw in the word Reese and all is right in the word. Now, she loves puppies period. But Reesie is pretty special to her. On the other hand... Reese tolerates her. The love isn't always there when Lyla is stepping on her tail or trying to lay on her or look in her mouth. But Lyla loves kisses from her and Reese loves to lick so it's win win in their book. Lyla will literally put her face in front of Reese and say ahhh so Reese will lick her. Gross I know. But the child loves it. Sean normally yells at Reese for doing it but I tell him he has to yell at Lyla because she's purposely doing it! :)

Told ya...she loves her! :)

July 19, 2011

Our weekend

We had a great weekend and made lots of progress with getting baby ready! :) Friday night we went out to eat at Guiterrez. Lyla was a mess from all the salsa! The girl loves to eat salsa and loves to eat it by herself which normally doesn't leave a thing clean!

Saturday, Lyla was up bright and early and so we started cleaning around the house. Once Sean got up, we started organizing the living room to make room for the baby swing. The swing was washed and now sits in the corner waiting for little brother. It's been a pain trying to keep Lyla away from it, but at least we have a little time to work on it! That afternoon, I went to a friends baby shower who is due about 5 days after me. Don't freak when you see the picture. I'm huge. I know. Oh, and this is her first kidlet and she's tall. So those are my excuses for being so round! :)

While I was at the shower, Sean took Miss Ly to the city pool for a bit! After that we just kinda hung out! I started my sewing projects and I loving how everything is turning out!

Sunday, we headed to church where we heard a great message by a great speaker! Definitely kept our attention. Then we headed to Arby's for lunch. After a nap, we headed to Russell where Sean's parents met up with us at the pool! We spent 3 fabulous hours there! The pool is my haven right now! Lyla loved going down the big slides and I bet Sean took her a good 10-15 times all together! I think she was saying more before they were sliding into the water!

And this is how the weekend ended. I was upstairs sewing and came down to this! :) Love them!

And that was our weekend. Simple but great. Reminds me just how blessed I am! :)

July 18, 2011


I wanted to jot this down before I forgot. Before supper and at nap and bed times, we always pray together. Sometimes Lyla will ask to pray but normally she just follows our lead. Or if sometime puts their hands together similar to praying, then she'll want to pray then as well.

Well we were leaving Wal-Mart today and lyla put her hands together and said "more". So I said I prayer and was backing up and she kept her hands together and said "more" again. So I prayed for something else and then she kept doing it over and over again. It actually made me kinda nervous that something bad was going to happen because she doesn't normally do that. So I said another prayer about being healthy and getting home safe and she finally stopped.

I love that sweet girl!

37 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 37 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby Jay is a little over 6 lbs and more than 18 1/2 inches.... like a swiss chard.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 47 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:A mixture of both

Gender: A sweet boy!

Movement:He's slowing down a bit...must be getting a bit cramped in there!

Sleep:I've moved to the couch as I'm much, much more comfy on there then in bed.

What I miss:Margarita's, my skinny jeans, bending over and getting off the couch easily!

Cravings: fruity stuff, water, sweets

Symptoms:Lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions but no signs of real contractions. Pubic bones hurt horribly!

Best Moment this week: Getting his going home outfit all put together along with Lyla's big sister shirts. Also being full term! :) We also got the swing out and I've made a few other things for him! :)

I had my appt today and all is good. The belly is measuring at 36.5 weeks and his heartbeat was 136. I go back in a week and then he'll check to see if I'm dilated at all! :) 20 more days... or so. I'm not too worried about when he comes. I'm actually being a bit patient! :) We have a bunch going on until the 31st and after that he's free to come! :)

July 17, 2011

Lyla {23 months}

I can't believe you are 23 months already sweet girl! :) 1 more month until you are officially 2!

You weigh around 24 lbs and I can tell that you are taller as you are able to get into more places and into things you shouldn't. (Like getting knives and sisscors off the counter!!)

You wear anything from 12 month to 24 month clothing. 24 months is still pretty big and 12 month shorts fit you perfect!

Still size 3 diapers or your cloth diapers. Lately I've been pretty lax with cloth diapering you.

Your sleep is a little wonky lately. You go down anywhere from 8:30 to 10 and most of the time you are up between 7 and 8. I normally have to tell you to go back to sleep once or twice. You also nap for about an hour or hour and a half.

You are offically over your "I hate daddy" stage and love to play with him! You'd still pick your momma over anyone though! Except Reese, probably! :)

You are quite the water bug and are getting so much better with going under the water. You love the water slides and love to crawl around on your hands and kick your feet and pretend to be a "ish" (fish).

You are talking more and more everyday. We are hearing more 3 word phrases and a few 4 word phrases. Mostly you still say 1 or 2 words though. You can say a lot of words and then there are some words that seem easy to me that you refuse to say. You talk the most about Reesie and most of your word phrases deal with her.

You know all the animal sounds for dogs, cats, monkeys, goats/sheep, cow, lion, tiger, mice (you sniff your nose for this one), ducks, birds, chickens.

You are obsessed with thinking all tractors, cars, trucks, etc are choo-choo's and you still refuse to learn any number besides 2 or the color blue. You also think every truck you see is daddy's truck.

You are finally over the "no" phase where you will finally answer yes to things. When something excites you, like going to the pool, you say "Yeah" over and over again. This just started recently and it is so cute! You get excited about all these little things!

You love to put clothes on and are sorta getting the hang of it. You love to pick our your shoes and bows for outfits too.

You love watching "me" (Mickey Mouse) and doing the hotdog dance along with saying tootles.

You are so good at your manners. You say thank you all the time and are getting better with saying please. It's so cute whenever I ask you to put something away and you tell me thank you!

A few things you love to do include being outside, cleaning, playing with Reesie, jumping on the bed, learning to do somersaults. playing silly with daddy, eating, "singing", sucking your thrumb, talking on the phone or pretend talking on the phone and being with your momma! :)

Random tidbit about you: You've started putting your thumb in your mouth to wet it and then you take it out to wipe something off. I have no idea where you learned it but it's cute. Just a bit ago you were crying and i told you to wipe away he tears and you did it.

You really are such a sweet girl, Miss Lyla. You are an absolute joy to your daddy and I! You are easy to take care of and for the most part, an overall happy little girl! Your little personality is starting to shine and I can't wait to see what you will be like! We love you!

July 15, 2011

Maternity Pics

Yesterday we had a friend take some pictures for us to remember this time as a family of 3. Hearing that makes this mama kinda sad. I'm super excited to add Baby Jay to our family, but its still hard since Lyla's been our one and only for the last 2 years.

I was super excited for our pictures and had a few ideas in mind. Um... fail. I thought Miss Ly would be cooperative but that was a big negative. I tried to get a few pictures for her birthday invites and that was a HUGE fail. At least Sean was cooperative... for the most part.:) We headed to the RR tracks here in Victoria for our session. Overall, I love how they turned out. I don't feel near as chunky or unattractive like I did being pregnant with Lyla. Must be the boy... thanks son! :)

July 14, 2011

Good times

I was worn out after the Tuesday I had! My mom and dad came up to get something fixed on their car and so mom and I had a girl day. Miss Lyla got some special one on one attention from her pops as well!

Mom and I went and looked at a vehicle which I ended up test driving (and liking) before we headed off to a quick lunch at Freddy's before our pedicure. An hour and a half of pedicure bliss was heaven to me feet. Sean HATES feet and will never rub mine. And if I'm lucky enough for him to do it, he whines the whole time! So this pregnant momma enjoyed it! After our pedicure, I had my 36 week appointment! (Baby is doing great... Momma is a hurting unit!) Then we test drove the same vehicle again and ran a few errands. A little shopping at the mall, drinks from Sonic and stopped off to show Sean the vehicle. Dad brought Lyla back into town so Mom and him could go pick up their car and Sean and I spent some time at the dealership before a quick dinner at Arbys.

While it doesn't feel like we did a ton, I was exhausted! I also had a Senior photo session for 2 hours after all that, so I was really worn out when I got home!

But overall, great day with my momma! :) Thanks for hanging out mom and thanks dad for spending time with Miss Ly! :)

Benefit - take 2.

I found out a little more info and wanted to share. If you haven't read, go to this post to learn more information about benefits for my brother, Kevin and SIL, Kelci to help with sweet Max's medical bills. (If you are new and haven't read about Max, on the right side of my blog, click on Max under the Tags and it will take you to all the posts about him.)

Anyways, I found out they will be holding a raffle auction as well during the softball tournament. If you would be interested in donating something to the raffle or making a themed basket to be auction off, it would be more than appreciated. Just message me at anrodger@gmail.com and I can let you know who to contact regarding it. I'll be donating a gift certificate for a free photo session so if you are in need of pictures, you should definitely participate! :)


July 13, 2011


I want to start off saying that there are some awesome people in this world and 2 of those people are my brother, Kevin, & his wife, Kelci. They were extremely blessed to have all the prayers and support during Max's accident and they are lucky to have some great friends supporting them now. With medical bills rolling in, friends of Kevin and Kelci are setting up 2 different benefits to help with the toll that the medical bills are going to take. There will be a softball tournament the weekend of July 30th and 31st and also a guided waterfowl hunt auction. Last I knew, they were still accepting teams for the tournament!

And if your heart feels compelled to just donate and not participate in either benefit, that would be awesome too and very much welcomed! You can email me at anrodger@gmail.com and I can get you an address to send the money!

You can go here for more information on the softball tournament. {Just click here}

You can go here for more information on the benefit hunt. {Just click on here}

And also, you might remember me asking for prayers for my husband's cousin, Jen. She was in a serious car accident and is paralyzed from the waist down (I believe.) Well, her incredible friends and family are hosting a benefit dinner in her honor! She too, has medical bills rolling in and will be faced with the struggle of those along with properly recovering. A facebook page has been set up for her as well and you can visit that below.

You can go here for more information. {Just click on here}

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You really have no idea how much it all is/will be appreciated!!!

July 11, 2011

36 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 36 Weeks
Size of baby: Baby Jay is almost 6 lbs and more than 18 1/2 inches.... like a crenshaw melon.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 45-46 lbs. Yikes! Oh well, just a few more weeks of gaining and then I'll finally be losing!

Maternity Clothes:A mixture of both

Gender: A sweet boy! At least, I'm hoping he's sweet! :)

Movement:He's slowing down a bit...must be getting a bit cramped in there!

Sleep:I've moved to the couch as I'm much, much more comfy on there then in bed.

What I miss:Margarita's, my skinny jeans, bending over and getting off the couch easily!

Cravings: fruity stuff, water, sweets

Symptoms:I'm starting to be in pain more throughout my pubic bones and hips. As in, if I've been sitting for a while and get up, I can barely walk. It's a great look! :) I also tire SO easily.

Best Moment this week:Getting a bunch of things marked off the "Baby things to do list." The changing table is up and organized. I've gone through the baby clothes and shoes, bibs, toys, and blankets and they are all organized and waiting to be used. I did realized we have to get some burp rags because we have none! Car seat will be installed this week and then he can come any time after that, that he will like! :) I still have a feeling it will be a couple more weeks though!

7/12/11 - I had my appointment today and all is well! Baby's heartbeat was 136 and I'm measuring perfect! 26 days to go!

July 10, 2011

4 years later... Part 2

And here we are now... 4 years later and still so in love! I will definitely say that our relationship is better than ever and I feel so blessed with everything in our life. Especially the sweet little girl squashed between our heads and the one in my belly giving me a chipmunk face! :)

You have given me so much, Seany boy, and I thank you for that! You work so hard to allow me to stay home with our kiddos, and for that I love you! We may not see eye to eye on everything, but then who does? Our struggles make our relationship stronger! I love you!

Sean was going to grill steaks and cook for me for our anniversary but there was a slight problem with that. Our grill blew up or something like that. Basically, 700 degrees doesn't do well for cooking steaks. So to Hays it was. We hit up our favorite spot, Gella's, and then rented a movie (Just go with it) for the night! A great night in my books! I also got some beautiful flowers! :)

I love you!

Happy 4 years, baby! I love you!!

July 9, 2011

A day at the park

Poor Lyla doesn't get to go outside much during the day until daddy comes home. It's just to stinkn' hot for this pregnant mama. But yesterday it was only 74 in the morning so to the park we headed after running some errands. I think she enjoyed herself! :) Or she may have been in shock that I took her to the park! Ha!

She loves, loves the see-saw! This mama had a bit of trouble getting on and off! :)

She's becoming a slide pro. She's pretty timid with things but today she would just climb up and go down! She's becoming such a big girl!

Don't worry...she didn't fly off! She stopped at the bottom of the slide like this!

Love her!!