September 28, 2009

Another catch up and 6 weeks old!

It's been a few days since I've blogged and well darn it, I've missed it.

Let's catch up, k.

Friday was a lazy day for Lyla and I which rolled into an even lazier evening for Sean, Lyla and I. To be honest, it was so lazy, I don't even know what I did, if anything.

Saturday I had a wedding to photog for friends (pic below). Sean and Lyla met me there for the ceremony and reception. Guess what folks? I had my first drink(s) in almost exactly a year. Crazy. Overall it didn't effect me like I thought it would. I had 2 1/2 drinks over 6 something hours and felt fine when we got home. But that next morning, I was hurting. It'll probably be another long while before I drink once again.

Here's Lyla in her cute little outfit! I love the tights she's wearing... she looks so stinkn' big.

Speaking of which, little missy is 6 weeks old today. Man, time is flying. Don't I say that every week? Pretty sure I do. Here's a few things she's doing.

-Likes blowing bubbles.
- Had found her voice and started cooing, grunting and making noises.
- Super close to smiling.
- Not sleeping so great for mommy at night. Anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours at a time.
- Hates napping. Only takes 3 naps a day. Two for 30 minutes and 1 for an hour to 2 hours if I'm lucky.
- Still eats all.the.stinkn'.time. Really.ALL. THE. TIME.
- Probably weighs around the 9 lbs mark I'm guessing.
- Still not fitting into many 0-3 month clothes. Still can't fit into 0-3 pants. Some 0-3 sleepers are fitting perfect.
- Can hold head up for longer periods of time.

Back to catching up.

Sunday I had 2 photo sessions for 2 senior boys and then Lyla and I took a nice 2 hour nap. Then I made Beef and Broccoli that I had been craving since I was at my friend's Kelly's house. It was delicious. I also made chicken cacciatore on Friday night which was super super good. I'm trying to find new recipes because we normally eat the same ol' over and over again.

Oh, and a birthday shout out to Grandma (Sean's Mom) from Lyla - She would sing you happy birthday too but today all you would get would be crying! Hope you had a great day!

Well kids, Lyla hasn't slept a wink today so we are off for a bath and fingers crossed she'll go to sleep for more then 20 minutes!!
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