June 26, 2008

Today's my friday!

TGIF on a thursday! Love it! I don't have to work tomorrow as I'm heading to GB to help the family pack up the house. To those that care, my parents have sold their house and are moving into town. They found a charming fixer upper with lots of potential and will soon be "flipping" it. They close July 7 on both houses. I know they have been wanting to downsize some so I think 80 acres to 1 is definitely downsizing :)! I'm excited to help pick out stuff for their new house - shopping!!!! :) Let's see... this week has been very LONG! Work has sucked making the week drag even longer. Sean went and played some golf today - he's really gotten into in lately and I'm happy for him! I like seeing him doing things he loves and doing things that make him happy! I just can't see playing golf outside for a couple hours when it's like a million degree's outside! Oh a happy note - we celebrate our 1 year anniversary in like 11 days, I think! I can't believe how fast it has gone! I'm so excited for our cake, too! I never got a piece of it except for when we feed each other! Then 2 days after our anniversary we are headed to Charleston, SC for a week long and very needed vacation! One thing Sean and I love to do is travel so I'm so excited to visit a place I've never been! On a bigger note, those that know me well know I'm not much a meat person and actually quite eating all red meat for a lot of year. When I met Sean and I started eating hamburger and now I've found a liking for steak! I can't believe it! It's probably been 12+ years since I've had a steak. I tried a friend's at the lake last weekend and thought it was really good ( Good job Chef Ruppe ) and so Sean made them Monday night for supper and we are having them again tonight! CRAZY!

Alright, that's all the excitement in the Rodger household tonight! I'm going to clean up my craft room, eat and go to bed. If I'm feeling vigorous I might even go for a walk. But I wouldn't hold your breath on that one! Goodnight!


June 22, 2008

Another weekend at the lake...

...and this time I'm not fried! Hallelujah! I got a good tan this time minus the lobster look that comes with it. Here's a few pictures. The first is of Reese Ruppe and I driving the boat! She was soo cute and I completely love her dimples! She loved driving the boat and after awhile actually fell asleep doing so!
Here is a picture of Carrie Ruppe and her other daughter, Hunter. She was scared to death of getting on the tube, but after awhile I think she started to have fun. She didn't like to go fast but she sure loved the waves!And lastly, the hubby and I! Cute huh! :)
The lake was awesome! Hardly any wind and the water felt great! Friday night we hung out with our "group" playing polish horseshoes (love it) and drinking. I was the "Mother Hen" and played with all the girls. Sean is afraid of hanging out with all these couples to much because they all had girls, no boys! He's afraid that it's contagious! :) I drank way to much friday night and passed out about 11ish.That's what 6 Bacardi Mojito's and like 4 margarita's will do to ya! And then in the morning I reminded myself of why I don't like to drink like that and why I don't do it that often. Saturday we spent most of the time on the lake tubing, skiiing and wakeboarding. I still can't figure out the wakeboard thing. It's my goal to be able to get up by the end of the summer! Fingers crossed! And then I still didn't feel well Saturday night and was out by 9:30. Have I ever told you I love sleep! :)

So probably not a lot will happen today. Hoping to get alot of homework out of the way and clean up some! Probably leave the boat until tomorrow! I'm already dreading Monday A.M.! I think it's a busy day :( But on a high note, only 16 days until vacation! I'm so ready for this!


June 16, 2008

Still burnt to a crisp

I must say I was very stupid this past weekend! Everyone warned me and even though I probably only went an hour without sunscreen, it totally bit me in the butt! Oh well, lessons learned! So I go to work today, show them my lobster looking skin and warned everyone not to touch - or else! But of course I still think everyone managed to do so (but not on purpose, I think). Needless to say, I didn't have a grand ol' time at work today since I can hardly move. Hopefully this next wk.end at the lake I will managed to stay fully sun screened at all times and will not have to endure this again! Fingers crossed!

I've been saying I was going to post some pictures for a while so here's a few.

This is the apron that I made for Miss Abi - cute huh! Me at the lake and then myself with Miss Reese - we are pretty cute! Well, that's my life in pictures right now... stay tuned til next wk.end. I'm sure I'll have plenty more from the lake! I have to go to clinic tomorrow in Smith Center so I'm off to bed! We have to leave way before I even think about getting up! Tootles!

June 15, 2008

I look like a lobster!

Hey ya'll! Sean and I headed to the lake for the first time this summer and we had a BLAST! Minus the fact I was stupid and waited a while before putting on sunscreen. So my back and shoulders are so burnt I can hardly stand to keep my bra straps on... nice huh? We were lucky enough to get to stay with some friends in their camper so we didn't really have to "rough it". Thank god! Given the fact I'm scared to death of fish, frogs, and pretty much any amphibian that is on this planet I didn't pretty well! We skied a couple of times and mostly drove around and drank! We are headed back there again with some more friends - hopefully the weather stays nice! And this time, I'll be putting on sunscreen right away! Well the day I hate the most is tomorrow and majorly dreading going to work. Considering I can hardly move, I might not be to productive!!!

Well I'm going to take my burnt butt and get some food! Goodnight!


June 10, 2008

I lived...for now!

So in reference to my previous post - work sucked! I think we saw about 70 patients, or close to, all together for the day. A drink was in order after a day like that. I love the people I work with (most of them) minus the docs except for one (that sounds like a math equation). But 70 patients for the day is a bit much or more like way to much. I'm not sure I know what it's like to work in an office that regularly sees about 15 patients everyday and calls it good. That must be heaven compared to where I work. Becca told me the other day I shouldn't say to much about my job on here so I'm going to leave it at that... I could probably rant and rant about co-workers, patients, docs, etc for a couple more paragraphs!

I gave Miss Abi the apron I made her. I must say it's ADORABLE. I used pink camo print with black and white polka dot ribbon to tie it. I'm pretty impressed. My camera died or else I'd post a picture of it - soon hopefully! I'm becoming such a pro!

Well time for wifey duties. Luckily tomorrow is an easy day - only like 20 patients. Adios!

June 8, 2008

Weekend round-up

Hope everyone had a great wk.end! I know I'm not looking forward to Monday - that's for sure! Sean and I went to Topeka this wk.end to see our friends Matty & Sara. The boys went golfing on Saturday and Sara put on her shopping panties and shopped for a couple hours with me! I was so proud of her! I love shopping and was so excited to go to Hobby Lobby and Target! It was heaven. I bought some cute new fabric to make an apron for me, Abi, and Sara. Sara went for the pink camo while I went for a more whimsical print. I'm hoping to get started on those tonight. I haven't sewed for about a week so I'm itching to do so. After spending to much money and the boys sucking it up with golfing we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. I love that place! I love their pomegrante margarita's and after 1 I was feeling good. So as usual, after getting home I was out! The rest of them stayed up for a while I think. Then this morning we got up and came back to Victoria. Nothing to exciting but it was good. On a different note - we leave for our trip to South Carolina in 1 months! I'm so excited to get away and lay on the beach and probably shop some more :)!

Hope everyone has a great Monday! I know mine will suck - right Becca? I think we have like 50+ patients tomorrow!!! Shoot me now!


June 4, 2008

I kept a secret!!!!

Ok - so by now you should know that it was Sean's 30th last thursday. Well for the last 3 months I have been planning a surprise party for him and on Saturday everything went perfectly! I invited about 50 people and we had a really good turn out. I had food catered from Nunnery's BBQ and a cake made my The Bakery Shop! Overall the party went great! We all had a great time and Sean didn't even have any idea - which made me so happy. I had some friends of Sean take him golfing and then bring him to the city park in Victoria. When he got there I don't think he quite knew what was going on! And I'm sure the 8+ beers he had earlier didn't help that much either! Anyways, I'm so glad it's over now. It was soooo hard to keep that secret. I can keep important secrets but when it comes to something I get excited about it's so hard to keep my mouth shut!!! Anyways, thanks to those that came and helped us celebrate and to those that helped with the the party in general! I appreciated everything!!!!

Here's a pic of the birthday boy!

I can't wait to spend many more birthdays with this "old guy"!!! :)