September 30, 2008

No gonna lie...

I didn't weigh myself Monday. Not on purpose though, just totally forgot. Same with today. So I'll wait until next Monday and I better see 134 or else... Not to much to blog about. Work sucked that past 2 days but I made it through alive. Work is so much better these days. It's amazing what happen to moral when you get rid of someone with a bad attitude/work ethics... oopss :S Did I just blog that? ;)

I got some new crafts to post, but I'm going to wait until I upload some new pics!

Have a great night!


Fun Fact: I love Birthday Cake Ice Cream... It's like an explosion in your mouth! :) Love it!

September 28, 2008

Weigh in is tomorrow!

So this 1st has been HORRIBLE! I'm dreading tomorrow morning... for 2 things! 1. The weigh-in. 2. We have both doctor's in all day! Shoot me in the head please! Nothing to exciting happened this weekend. Our friends, the Geschwetner's won tickets to FHSU homecoming Saturday, so they invited us and we got there about 10:30 to tailgate! We had a lot fun even if FHSU football isn't anything to cheer about! We only stayed for the 1st 1/2 then tailgated the rest of it! We even got some free Budweiser gear for being one of the early birds! I drank a little to much and felt like blah the rest of the evening so nothing eventful happened afterwards. Today I got up and cleaned my craft room/office! Looks much better. Then I organized some client prints I got in the mail and really that was it. Oh, I also made my 1st tag blanket. I'd love to post a picture for my camera is being retarded. I can't get the USB to fit into the port so it won't connect to the camera. Ugh! But it's pink minky on one side then this cup cake pink and brown flannel on the back with ribbon on the sides! It's adorable! I plan on giving it to Miss Avery! She's so lucky to have a crafty aunt like me! Or just a aunt like me in general! :) (Just kidding...kinda). I plan on making a bunch more and giving them to friends and for presents. I also have been thinking about opening an etsy store... just thinking. I'd need to get some thing in stock first but it be way fun. For those that don't know Etsy is an ebay type thing for people that make homemade items. They have some really cute things, definitely check it out!! Well that's about it! Hopefully tomorrow I can't post some pictures! Good night yall!


September 25, 2008

I suck...

at life. Sean and I like to use this saying whenever the other one does something stupid. It's all for fun and we really don't mean it, but it normally makes one or both of us laugh! Anyways, I decided I suck at life today because I CAN'T STOP EATING LIKE A PIG! I'm in love with food... love love love love it. Becca and I went to Arby's for lunch... She told me I couldn't blame it on her this time so Becca, it's not your fault! Ate like a million calories there. Dinner was good - small bowl of Spaghetti and 2 pieces of bread. Much better. Now if only I'd work out.... maybe tomorrow!


September 24, 2008

Day 3...

Still no good. I need slapped. Recap of yesterday. My niece's birthday party=cake= I had a huge piece= zero working out. Ugh... I need motivation. Wouldn't you think tight pants would be a good motivator? Not for me - i work in scrubs...that stretch! I'm screwed. Then today we had satellite so we eat lunch out. Rueben and fries w/ extra ranch! What is wrong with me? This is going to take work. Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow.

On a better note, my adorable Niece Abi turns 4 today! Love you Abi!


September 22, 2008

Day 1...

was not a good start. Hope this isn't the vibe for the next 3 months! Anyways, here's the vitals. Weight: 135 - gag me :S
Hoping to lose 15 lbs by Christmas day! Basically breaks down to like 1.1 lbs per week!

Today was Miss Wanda's birthday in the office so we had an office lunch! The office manager ordered Quizno's (loves it) so of course I pig out. I did well with breakfast but not lunch or supper. I get home, super exhausted and end up eating a frozen pizza. Oh and don't worry, I didn't just eat 1 or 2 pieces. Try the whole shabang... nice one girlfriend! Like I said, I'm off to a bad start! Good thing I don't have to weigh until next monday. Oh, and I didn't workout either...double whammy! :) Oh and can't do much tomorrow since we have our niece's birthday party! I can't believe she'll be 4 on Wednesday!!!!

Ok, wish me better luck tomorrow!


September 21, 2008

Hate Mondays

Not a fan of the word Hate, but if I'm going to use it, then it's going to describe Monday. Especially Mondays with a certain doc in the office. Oh well, can't change anything so why even complain?
Weekend went WAY to fast. I spent just about every waking moment working on photography... WOW. Seriously I probably spent about 22 hours on the computer this weekend. Considering I slept about 21 hours in 2 days :) LOVE sleeping! But I got a ton done! A few of my marketing brochure's, 6 client pictures done and almost done with #7. Also did some referral cards and almost finished up my pricelist! Go me! Nothing else too exciting. Sean spend about the same amount of time outside this weekend as I did inside. He's working on some custom KU cornholes or something like that. They look really awesome - my hubby is Mr. Wood carpenter guy now. Other than that... nothing else. Tomorrow I start my "getting back in shape" diet thing. It's not really a diet since I'm not going to starve myself. Just going to get healthy and back in shape! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Love, Andrea

September 20, 2008

Time for a change

I'm going to let you in on a secret. I've gotten a bit tubby since I've been married! Not to bad, but definitely gaining back what I had lost prior to getting married. I've hit "that" point to where I know I need to make a change. So starting Monday, the "change" goes into effect. I'm hoping my readers - yes you, Becca and my mom will not let me cheat and encourage me along the way! :) I had an elliptical and sold it a few months ago b/c I had stopped using it and it was just using up space but now Sean and I are putting a workout room in our basement for all our workout stuff. I'm not much of a runner but can go on the elliptical forever! So I'm hoping to find one on Nex-tech and use that to help drop some pounds like it did the first time! So this is my plan. I want to lose 15 lbs by Christmas. I'm going to start Monday and will "check in" and weigh myself every Monday. Wish me luck... I'm going to need it!

Becca, this mean no more eating out lunch! And this time, I HAVE to do it :)

On a different note, I love weekends. I've been able to catch up with some pics this weekend and have spent 10 hours so far today working away on the computer. If you check my Photography website in the next up coming weeks you'll see my new stuff!

Have a great weekend!


September 18, 2008


If you know me well, you know I didn't eat red meat for many, many years. Sean and I had just met (the first time) and I was getting ready to meet his sister and BIL. Well they all BBQ'd burgers and I had yet to tell Sean that I didn't eat dead cow. So I disgustingly ate this hamburger b/c I didn't want to make a big deal out of this. After all, Sean and I had just met and I was wanting to impress this boy. After that day I finally told him and of course he made fun of me ( he's good at that :) ) but was ok with it. He then told his meat-eating family and they went above and beyond to make sure there would be something I'd like whenever we all got together. Forward 6 months and we went to the state fair and I had a burger there and decided that I would try to start to eat more meat. Ever since then I've been a hamburger eating gal and no longer have to squirm whenever someone cooks burgers and no chicken. Well then forward to about 2 months ago and I decided I would try to eat steak again. It's been probably 13+ years since I've had a steak. So Sean made these steaks for us and now I love them! I even ordered my first steak EVER at a restuarant the weekend we went to KC for my parents anniversary. My only thing is I have to have something to dip the steak in, i.e. BBQ sauce, steak sauce, even ranch! Well the whole reason of telling this story is that tonight Sean and I are going out to his parents house to play with dead animal meat. His parents bought a pig for them, us and Sean's sister's fam. I find the thought of this utterly disqusting and have sweet in-laws that are letting me get away without doing it. My job is to babysit the girls while everyone else digs there hands into raw dead animal - blah! I can't quite handle that yet. Baby steps I'm telling ya, baby steps.

September 14, 2008

Almost Fall!

I'm not a fan of cold weather, but definitely a fan of fall! I love it til about the time we start seeing frost on the windows and and the heat needs to be turned on!
This is what I love about fall:
1. Fall decorations
2. Holidays
3. leaves changing ( perfect picture time)
4. football
5. sweatpants get to come back out of the closet
6. colder weather clothing
7. cold weather food - Chili and noodles over mashed tators!

And pretty much that's it! But I'm still excited - except for the cold weather. I hear its going to be a very long winter - blah! ( I'm kinda already looking forward to spring too!)

P.S. My tooth still hurts like a biznitch!



September 12, 2008

Picture Post

We celebrated my parents 40th wedding anniversary this past weekend with a trip to KC for some shopping and gambling ( lost 40 bucks!) Anywho, we took some family pictures and I happen to think they turned out pretty good!!!

On a better note, the tooth, or actually the screw is starting to feel better. I've officially stopped puking and the horrific headache is starting to go away... Here's to things looking up!

September 11, 2008

Pain, pain go away...

I did something stupid Wednesday. I consented to having oral surgery. Why? Who knows but it really sucks! I still have baby teeth and about 3 years ago I had to have one of my molars pulled and at my last dental appt they took x-rays of how bad my tooth was shifting... so I got the talk about how I needed an implant. And this time I consented. I've been putting it off for about, well, 3 years now. So I decided I would do it under conscious sedation b/c the whole idea of knowing what was going on (i.e. drills, shots, etc) does not thrill me in anyway shape or form. So Tuesday night I had to take a Valium so I'd sleep really good (which I did!!)! Then at 8:00 am I had to take 2 pills that would make me feel like I drank a lot and help me not to remember anything going on. I guess Sean said I kept saying I felt like I weighed an extra 50 lbs and that my arms felt so heavy. I don't really remember getting to the office but I do remember having to take extra pills b/c I wouldn't fall asleep and I kept talking, asking them what they were doing. I remember the drills but not the shot. When it was all over I guess I thought I could walk but I couldn't and ended up falling out of the chair! Go me! After the appt we had to go to wallyworld to get my meds and Sean pushed me around in a wheelchair. Again I don't really remember any of this - Sean told me that I kept asking for a lot of food! Since then I've slept alot and everytime I wake up I forget everything I did before so therefore I've asked Sean the same questions over and over! Unfortunately I found out I'm allergic to lortab so besides being in pain and puking all the time, I'm doing great ( lots of sarcasm there!) Anywho, I need more meds and I'm off to bed!!!

P.S. Moral of this story - Don't get a tooth implant!
P.S.S Becca, I'm glad your doing better than I am and I'm glad you love your flowers!!!! :)

Night ya'll!


September 1, 2008

Love paid holidays!

I think one of the better benefits our office offers is the paid holidays! LOVE THEM! It was so nice to not have to wake up at 6 and drag myself to work (even though work is getting better :) ). The holiday weekend wasn't the greatest one I've ever had. We went to the lake this weekend but didn't have the greatest time due to the weather. It was way windy and not very enjoyable. We ended up leaving early on sunday even though we had planned to stay til the evening and Sean's parents were going to come and hang out with us. We quickly nixed that after seeing how windy it was again on Sunday. It was a fun weekend just not the best. The lake was really high and all the beaches were under water so we weren't able to sit on the beach and hang out. We tied up with 3 other boats in the middle of the lake but the current was so strong we quickly found ourselves up on shore. So Sean and I came back sunday morning and hung out with his parents at their house while I did my favorite thing ever -- take a nap!!

So today I find myself working on some pictures and hopefully cleaning the basement. We think we have mold - great! Hope everyone had a great Labor day!

P.S. I can't believe it's Sept. already. Less than 4 months til' Christmas!