October 9, 2012


I really haven't had much to blog lately as we really haven't done much! Sean's ACL has kept us at home for the most part. We did have a bowling night with some friends of ours. Lyla had lots of fun!  I forgot my shoes and had to buy some awesome socks at the bowling alley with bowling pins on them! Ha! Other than that, I've been swamped with photographing weds and families as fall is always the busiest time!

Sean's knee is doing better but it is a slow process. He's slowly getting off his crutches (hopefully by tomorrow) and so that will be nice - for him and me! He is a huge asset around the house so I definitely miss his help! I'm pretty sure he's going to have a HUGE honey do list for when he is better! He gets to ride his bike for short amounts of time - which is great for him as he doesn't like to sit still.

Lyla is so funny right now! She is just a sponge, soaking up so much stuff! She is doing great with preschool and is becoming quite the dancer. Tap is her favorite and we hear clickity clack quite often. She's also picking up on things we say. Example: When our dog does something bad and Sean complains about it and I always say "Calm down she is just a puppy". Well the other day I yelled at Piper for something she did and Lyla pipes in with, Calm down mom, she's just a puppy! :) Oh, I love her. If only I was better at writing down the cute, funny things she says. Add that to my to-do list. She's also midly confused as to which football team she loves. It depends who is her best friend that day or if she wants something.  If she wants something from me, she likes to tell me I'm her best friend and that she loves the Steelers. It changes often. Hopefully she'll grow up cheering for the better team. That would of course be the Steelers!

Cohen is quite the climber these days. Still no talking but will be starting speech here soon. He's smart as can be though and follows directions so well. He loves his sister to pieces and is just a little ham! Life is never dull with him around. His new favorite thing is to try and take the halloween clings off the door. He also loves to throw things away especially things that do not need to be thrown away! :)

So our lives our full and we are blessed! :)