December 28, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know my good ol' momma goes in for her surgery tomorrow at 9. So if you have a few extra minutes to say a quick prayer that would be awesome! I'll update later! :)

December 27, 2009

Lazy days.

A perfect ending to a 4 day weekend. We have been go.go.go the past few days, so today was needed! I took a nap, Prince Charming took a nap and of course, Miss Lyla took a nap. And get this. Miss Lyla slept from 9 til 2:30 and 3 til 8:30-ish. Sweet heaven I love when she does that. BUT, every time she does this, the next night is wretched, so I'm not really looking forward to that.

Not much else around here. I'm working on some photography, Sean is mid-nap and Lyla is playing on the floor practicing her loud, screeching vocal skills. I should have asked for ear plugs for Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We sure did! :)

December 26, 2009

Thank you!

Hi! It's Lyla here! You know, that adorably cute little girl that my mom blogs about! I decided to take over the blogging tonight to tell you about how just spoiled rotten I am. I have lots of people to thank so here goes!

Mommy and Daddy let me open my first of presents early on Christmas Eve. Wow, my mom must love to shop because I got lots of goodies. Like adorably cute pink fur boots and a hot pink velour outfit. I also go a ton of new outfits that I know I'm gonna look way stinkn' cute in. I also got a musical move and groove table for when I start standing plus a sit and stand ride that I can't wait to get on. My daddy just loves all these toys that make loud noises! I also got some new food things since I've started eating cereal. Oh, and I must have been good because Santa also brought me a nursery rhymes book that sings to me. I like to giggle whenever it plays. Daddy got me another KU cheerleader outfit and KU shirt. Let's see, I also got some new pacifiers, a new set of keys, and Ellie the Elephant.

Then I headed to my Grandma and Grandpa's house where I was spoiled even more. My Grandma and Grandpa gave me money for a new car seat since I'm becoming a chunk and my mom complains about having to carry me in the one I'm in now. My great-nana gave me some new bath toys, this cute whale mobile and a really fun learn and crawl ball that fascinates me. My Aunt Renee and Uncle Dan got me the cutest bath toys and this fun toy that spins balls. I even caught my niece Avery playing with it, so it must be fun. Then my Aunt Sonya (Sean's cousin) got me this glowworm that she said every baby just has to have. I love to suck on its nose every time it lights up. She also got me some books that I can't wait to have read to me. Then my Aunt KK (Sean's cousin's wife) got me some super cute bibs and this adorable hat and mittens! My first pair of mittens actually!

Then we went and spent the night with my Pops and my Granna. Unfortunately Granna didn't get to hold me much since she broke her wrist. But she did spoil me! I got a new KU wind suit and a toy ring stacker. Then my Aunt Kelci and Uncle Kevin got me the neatest gift! They got me an external hard drive with all the Disney movies, Einstein shows, a bunch of other movies and movies for mom and dad! They also got me a KU wind suit but it's a size bigger than what my Granna and Pops got me so Daddy's excited that I can wear them for a long time! I'm one lucky duck!

Oh and my mom's friends Tyler and Meagan got me some cute outfits, some teether rings, and some linky's. Daddy thinks Meagan is a good shopper because she didn't buy me anything pink like my mom does.

So a big thank you to everyone that bought me something! Thanks for spoiling me!!

Ok, so since my mom takes like a million pictures, I should probably post a few.

Here is me (duh) on Christmas Eve Eve with all my presents!

Me Christmas Eve morning! Goodness, I'm cute!
My new musical table! I love hitting all the buttons!My Daddy and me on Christmas Eve morning. People say I look a lot like him but I think it's only because we both have big foreheads and no hair. I wanna look like my momma because she's super cute! :)

Daddy and me playing with my new toy!See the big foreheads and no hair! I wasn't kidding! But he is cute, too! :)
My momma and me Christmas Eve morning! Told ya she was cute!

My cousin Avery! She's an onery one! :)
My papa. He was slightly annoyed at my mom's obsession with taking pictures.
My Nana and Great Grandpa!
My mom and me in my Christmas dress and bow. And yes, my momma knows she needs her bangs cut!
My Aunt Sonya and I! She pretty much loves me!
My rents and I. They are pretty smitten by me too. They tell me they love me about a million times a day.
My Aunt KK and I. She's another one of those that love me to death!My Aunt Renee and Uncle Dan! Didn't they look cute in their matching sweaters!

Not quite in focus but us girls! Pretty stinkn' cute if you ask me!
My Aunt Kelci and Uncle Kevin. My Aunt Kelci loves to shop for me and buys all my "first" things! She got me this hat and a Baby's first Florida shirt too! Oh, and an onesie for New Years!

I love wearing big flowers!!My momma and my aunt Kelci! Aren't they adorable!!
One of the few times I finally decided to nap for my momma. I'd much rather be in on all the action!
My new glow worm. I love to suck his nose!

All my toys! Yes spoiled is my middle name!
You know, just hanging out under the tree. Doesn't everyone do this?
Oh, and momma forgot to post our Christmas card!! She ran out of cards this year, silly lady!
(click to enlarge)
Hope you had a great Christmas like I did!!


December 25, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas!

Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas today, hopefully spent with family and friends!!

With love,

Sean, Andrea, Lyla and Reese!

December 23, 2009

Catching up

I miss blogging. Yhe only time I have to blog is after Lyla goes to bed. And by that time I'm normally headed there myself. I'm tired but that's not a shocker, is it?

It's been a crazy week and it's only Wednesday, but at least it's my Friday. Here is my crazy week.

First off I have a tumor growing out of my knee. Oh, so it might not be a tumor but it sure looks like one. I'm told it's Erythematous Dor-something. Not quite sure on the word, but something about a deep tissue infection. Anyways, 2 days of antibiotics and it is somewhat better. Much less red, but still tumor-ish looking. That was Monday.

Tuesday Miss Lyla had her 4 month check. She weighed 13 lbs 3 oz and was 23 1/2 inches ( I think ). She was 25th percentile for height, 50th for weight, and over 90th for her noggin. Yes, I have an adorably cute baby that is short, chubby, and had a big head. Oh, I love her. We didn't get any shots because our insurance doesn't cover vaccinations until she meets her deductible. After receiving a $450 dollar bill JUST for vaccinations, I realized that wouldn't do. So we have to go to the health department sometime and get that done. She is doing great developmentally and we actually started her on cereal. My game plan prior to having her was to start her on cereal when she was about 6 months because at 4 months they don't need it nutritionally. But due to her HORRIBLE sleep habits and the fact we still nurse very frequently, her peds and I decided it was time to try it. And she loves it! No stink faces, no spitting it out. She'll actually whimper if you don't put it in her mouth fast enough. I plan on doing her 4 month post this weekend since we finally have a weekend home with not a thing to do. Except I can think of a few things I could do, but probably won't! :)

3 years ago today Mr. Prince Charming proposed to me. It's hard to believe it was 3 years ago. Time has gone by fast and so many things have changed. But that night was a new chapter for Sean and I!

So tomorrow is good ol' Christmas Eve. I'm so excited to open presents! I'll admit it, I'm a gift girl. I love giving just as much as I love receiving. I can't wait for Lyla to open her, even though she has no idea what is going on! We are then heading to Sean's parents for Christmas with his family, then church, and then off to my parents for church and then Christmas morning we'll do my side of the family's Christmas. This will all happen as long as this so called blizzard doesn't come through. But they've changed the forecast already and now we only have a 20% chance for the blizzard. Good thing, because Christmas wouldn't be the same if we weren't with our families. And if a blizzard did come through, there is a good chance Sean would get called into work. I'm praying that doesn't happen!

Oh, and prayers are needed for my lovely mother. This morning as she was headed out to start her car she decided she needed to break her wrist but slipping on the steps. Oh, mother! She needs to have surgery, which is planned for next Tuesday!

Well that is it. I'll post more later because I'm off to bed. I'm just like a little kid and can't wait to get up in the morning. Sean says we can get up after Lyla gets up for the 2nd time after 7 o'clock. Silly boy! :)

December 19, 2009

Don't you just love her?

I do. Enough said!

Have a great weekend!

December 17, 2009

Can I help you, Ma'am.

Excuse, but did you just call me ma'am?

I almost said that to some teeny bopper boy today while checking out at Walmart. I had dropped something and had Lyla in the sling so he was being super nice to offer. But seriously, ma'am?

That makes me feel old. Like grandma-ish age. Or at least someone that is at least 15 years older. This kid was probaby 18. I'm only 8 years older. I'm not a ma'am yet.

Do you think he called me ma'am just because I had a baby? Do I look old?

I've been obsessing about this since it happened. Sean thinks it is nice that he called me that because Seany boy is into the whole yes sir, yes ma'am sorta thing. Fine and dandy for him, but I did not, nor do I want to be, called ma'am.

I want to be a hip, young mom. I even looked super cute today. I did not look like a "ma'am".

Anyways, in other exciting news, Miss Lyla is 4 months old. I have a love/hate thing with this. I'm not ready for her to grow up quite yet. I'm loving this stage.

We did make a run to peds to see if she possibly had an ear infection. When I described her symptoms and how she was acting to my friends, they all assumed she had one. But indeed, she did not. She's on the up and up. I even got 3 hours of straight sleep today. That was probably the best thing to happen this week! I'll do a 4 month post on Tuesday with her 4 month pics since she has her doc appointment that day. Until then, I'm off to address Christmas cards that I need to get out tomorrow but know that I won't. So I need to get on that. Maybe I should finish addressing her birth announcements too. Or not.

December 15, 2009





The last few days...

Sickness has taken over the Rodger household. Head of household decided to lovingly spread his germs to Lyla and I. Great huh? Love you to bubs!

So the last few days has been spent sucking out stuffy noses, Tylenol every few hours, hot baths, and sleepless nights. Fun. Betcha you wish you were me right now.

Let's head back to Friday before we were stuffy Mcstufferson's (stole that one from Sean.). I headed to GB Friday to celebrate my mom's day of birth! Then Saturday we had a cooking day. See pictures below. We only had 1 not so great turn out with some sugar cookies. We followed the recipe out of Taste of Home and they turned out horribly!! They turned to liquid whenever we put them in the oven. But I will say that they tasted really good in the bowl!

Our adorable little helper!

These may be all gone already. Maybe.

That night we head back home to the sickly one. Lyla hadn't been acting like her self while we were in GB, thus starting the sleepless nights. Seriously, we were probably awake every 1 hour for the last 4 nights. Last night was the worst. We were up every 30-45 minutes. My body is not used to this. And when I get overly tired my immune system goes way down, Before Lyla I would just sleep 12 hours straight and I'd be feeling better. Now it's no such luck chuck for me. I'd love my immune system back from when I was knocked up! It was awesome. But I also slept 12 hours a night a few times a week. Oh goodness I miss that.

But we are on the mend and I'm ready for at least a few hours of sleep at a time. I'm hoping. Praying.

Here are a few pics from the last few days! Enjoy!

She's finally become a fan of her bouncer.

Ah, I love her.

Miss Drooly face!
Sitting in my old high chair!!

December 10, 2009

So big!

Miss thing was wanting some love this evening so I put her in my sling. But this time, she got to see the world as we tried a new position. She isn't a fan of laying down in it anymore so she was loving this!!! Isn't she adorable!

And my friend Becca and I were talking today and I've really really lacked on putting bows in Lyla's hair for "everyday" looks. Whenever we get ready to go out somewhere she normally always has a bow, but at home I've slacked. And that is where we take the most pictures so I need to pick it up! As much as it would please Sean for her not to have a bow in everyday, I'm gonna try hard! It's my vow to my pretty girl! :)

Nothing exciting around here. I was hoping for snow day #3 but that wish wasn't granted. Oh, well! 2 snow days were pretty great! But I sure did miss Lyla bug a bunch! I'm off to GB tomorrow afternoon for some holiday cooking with my mama! Here's to hoping I don't eat a ton! :)

December 9, 2009

Snow day #2!

It's OK to be jealous of my snow day! I think Sean was :)!

First off, Lyla slept so much better last night. We were still up 3 times but it was only to nurse and right back to sleep! Speaking of which, remember when I talked about letting her cry it out in order for her to get to sleep.... well it's working GREAT! We can now lay her down in the bassinet with very minimal crying or fussing, or even a few times, none what so ever. It's much nicer to put her down like that then for us to have to rock her and wait until she is completely asleep only to lay her down and she wakes up and then we would start the process all over again. She is also just laying down and barely fussing for her naps as well. So for us, letting her cry it out worked great. Now if we could just figure out a way for her to nap for longer than 30 minutes whenever I put her down. At daycare she'll sleep 2-3 hours. At home, 30 minutes max. The only plus is that whenever she doesn't nap for long periods during the day, she sleeps better at night.

Let's see... I got her Christmas tree for her room all completed. Zebra with turquoise and pink. Love it! Sean hates it. Sean is traditional Christmas and I'm more modern/contemporary/ outside the box Christmas. I can't wait until we get a bigger house so I can have a few more Christmas trees. Sean can have his boring tree and I'll get my adorably cute trees! :)

We also got a new diaper! It's a goodmama and I'm loving it! Plus it is super cute!! And super soft!!

Miss Lyla got to see her first big snow story up close and personal. The snow suit we have for her is 6 months so it was HUGE but I wanted something warm for her. Then I plopped her in the snow and snapped away. I think she'll take after her mom and dad and will hate snow as well.

We also spent a lot of time playing today. Lyla loves sitting up and even though she's not quite there, she's making progress. I'd say in the next month or so she may be sitting up. She hasn't rolled over since that day though. She also puts everything that is in her hands in her mouth. She's little miss drooly bug right now and must love chomping on those fingers!

I'm off to clean my office some and to make some bows for an order I got! (Thanks Shelly!) Then I might as well get stuff ready for work tomorrow because it doesn't look like I'll get lucky and get a snow day number 3! I'll take the 2, though! :) Have a great night!

Snow days!!!!

Ah, I feel like a kid again!! I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I hate being cold and I don't care much for snow. And I most definitely hate driving in winter weather. But... I love me a snow day! Or snow days as in my case this week!

Remember my last post, asking you to pray for either safe travels or a snow day? Well god sure got your prayers because I got myself a snow day! Tuesday night/morning was a horrid morning in terms of sleep around our house. Only 1 person got great sleep and it wasn't this mama or little Lyla. For some reason, little miss cutie thought it would be fun to fuss around from around 2 til 4:30. She must of missed the memo that I needed to get up at 5:00 to start my day. She also managed to spit up ALL over me in the middle of the night. Grand. Finally at 4:30 I laid her down in her bassinet and I heard her playing around. Well finally she was asleep and this momma got a good ol' 30 minutes of sleep. If that. So I was super excited to receive a 6 am phone call from my doctor letting me know we weren't going and that I most likely wouldn't be needed in at work. A 6:30 am call from my boss saying I wouldn't need to come in was music to my ears!! 45 minutes later Lyla bug and I were fast asleep until 10:30. And it felt great! I kinda gave in and even let her sleep in her swing because I knew I'd get a little bit more sleep if I did. This mama was desperate for some ZZZ's!

So I had a day ahead of me to get things done!!! Majority of our presents got wrapped! Laundry was washed and folded (not put away! I despise doing that!). Lyla gots lots of attention from both Reese and I. Lyla is starting to really take interest in Miss Reese. They were snuggling together and Lyla kept feeling her. Also whenever I'm holding Ly and Reese is sitting next to us, Ly's eyes are on her for the most part!!

I also got to cook a new favorite meal I've made a few times! Crock pot stuffed peppers! Mmmm! They were great and felt good on the throat given how cold it was. At least that is what Seany boy had to say after he spent almost an hour outside shoveling snow. 2 wife points for me! :)

We then spent the rest of the night hanging out as a family and all of us went to bed around 10:30. Even Miss thing let me have 4 straight hours of sleep. I've really come to appreciate those short 4 hours!!

I'll blog later tonight about today. I'm actually taking some pictures today given I didn't take 1 pictures yesterday. I can't believe it myself!

December 7, 2009

Another milestone!

She laughed tonight!! Oh so stink'n cute! We do this thing where I lay her on my lower legs and hold her hands and do sit ups with her. Well now whenever I bring her up to me she smiles really big and giggles! Love it!

In other news, I have to head to Smith Center in possibly really crappy weather! I'm hoping for a snow day, but if you knew my doc, you'd know that isn't likely. We already slid off the road last year so I'm not hoping for a repeat! Prayers for the drive would be great! Larger prayers for a snow day would be awesome too!

Enjoy the weather (if you like it!)

December 6, 2009

Pictures galore!

Girls Christmas shopping trip = success for Lyla!

Love her and this hat!

Silly cousins!
Us girls!

One of my favorite couples! Aren't they stinkn' adorable! Yes, even you Ty.

I have a feeling taking pictures of 3 girls is gonna be hard!

Lyla *loves* Aunt Sonya!!! Ly got lots of snuggle time with her while she was back.

Uncle Jonathan got Lyla this adorable outfit! Love it!

We still suck that dang thumb. I gave up trying to make her stop.

Playing with Uncle Jonathan. She loved this and would make cute little noises the closer she got to him!

Snuggle time with Uncle Jonathan! We miss him!