February 24, 2010

Please forgive me, for I have sinned.

I ate a *whole* box of Little Debbies today. ::Blush::

I did not like that fact I ate 1500 calories in less then 5 hours but damn, they were good. I had this uncontrollable urge to just eat them! And that I did. Don't tell Sean.

Hopefully this means it is out of my system and back to losing weight. Right????

Yeah, I don't believe it either!

February 23, 2010

Shaun T, you suck!

Dear Shaun T,

I do not care for you right now. I don't care for you yelling in my face telling me to digger deeper and push harder. I don't like the fact you are making me sweet. I prefer to glow, but you dear, are making me sweat. You are also making me pant, and not in a good way. Thank you for convincing my Sean to decide to pursue your insanity. You named this DVD correctly because you are truly insane.

But if you make me toned and skinny, I will like you. Amen.


The girls whose butt you are kicking.

Omigoodness, this is intense. I have no idea how I'm going to be able to do this. We did it for 45 minutes tonight and it sucked. It is probably the hardest workout I've ever done. But I do *kinda* feel good after I'm done. But I'm exhausted and my thighs hurt!! I'm dreaming very hard of a toned, skinny body for lake season.

On a Lyla note, she had her 6 month appointment today. She still weighed 14 lbs 13 oz (25th percentile), so no change from her appt last week. She is 25 inches tall (25th as well) and has a head circumference of 44 1/2 (90th). So I still have short, petite, big noggin girl that is just adorable as can be! She checked out well but does have a slight ear infection and chest cold but she's managing well. We can start some finger foods and also start using a sippy cup! She's just becoming a big (little) girl!! :) The only semi-downside was she's a little behind with rolling over. But tonight she did roll over 3 times. Probably a fluke but hopefully she starts to pick it up!

We enjoyed the day together and I must say I absolutely LOVE being home with her. I wish it was within our means for me to be a stay at home mom and do my photography. I'm so entirely jealous of moms that get to spend time with their kiddo's at home and enjoy them. At least the mom's that spend quality time with them and do activities, MOPS groups. play dates, go to the library, etc. Unfortunately we see mom's come in that are blessed to stay home with their kids and don't do much with them, which in my opinion is sad.

Well kids, this sore girl is off to bed!!! Happy Tuesday!

February 22, 2010

We've gone "insane"!

So my lovely husband decided that he and his wife should be skinnier. He has come across this workout DVD called Insanity by Sean T or someone like that and tonight was the night we started it.



I'm sore. My legs are like jello and shaking. I could hardly walk up the stairs afterwards. I pretty much complained through the whole thing. And I have to do this for 59 more days. 59.
We took before pics and I am not posting them. Mostly for reference for us. And as a motivation because Oh.My.Day it ain't pretty. We are both pretty disgusted with ourselves. I have pregnancy and Swiss cake rolls to blame. Mostly the pregnancy. Now Sean on the other hand has nothing to blame it on! :) Love you honey!

But on a serious note, I need to do something. I did good for a while with the elliptical until Sean got hurt and then I kinda fell of the train. I think once I start working out I'll pick that up again. I really actually enjoy the elliptical. And since Sean is doing this too, I think we'll motivate each other. Now, no one can go and get hurt ( hint hint Sean). I was even going to post our before pics and as I was editing them I decided I couldn't do it. I'm too embarrassed. It's gross. So once we are done I will put up before and afters on both of us.

On a happy, pretty note, here's a pic of our Lyla girl! We did a few 6 month pics Sunday morning and I should hopefully finish them next Saturday! :)

Happy Monday!

February 20, 2010

Short and sweet

Wanna know the funniest thing I've heard in a long time...

"My favorite part of a fish is the fish sticks". Yup, adorable! (Straight out of the mouth of a 6 year old! It was hilarious!!)

Saturday was great and it was spent with a friend and her crazy but stinkn' adorable 4 boys. Yes 4. I had 3 photo sessions today including her youngest babe who is 9 days older then Lyla. So she watched Lyla while I went to 2 other sessions and then we went to dinner! Fun times! We were both husband-less this evening! Thanks for letting me hang out Shelly!

Here's a pic of the bug after her bath last night. Too cute! Love her!

February 18, 2010

Well, the little missy has gotten tooth number 2. I just felt it tonight but it has come through enough that I think it broke the skin a day or two ago! So she now has 2 bottom from teeth!!! Big girl is she! :)

She's starting to feel better and even slept 12 hours last night. Then this afternoon she took a 2 hour nap for me! I needed to write this down because in 6 months that is probably the longest nap she's ever taken! :) She's isn't coughing as much but still sounds like an old man that has smoked his whole life. Still a cranky little thing, but she's on the mend!

I'm on a redecorating kick and got my new bedding in the mail. The UPS guy forgot to drop it off this afternoon. He must not know that I'm completely impatient when I want something and I pretty much stood by the door all afternoon waiting for him. Numerous times I thought I could hear the ever.so.wanted UPS truck but many times my heart was broken. Finally at 6 I called and he had forgotten earlier and personally drop it off himself at 7-ish.. How sweet UPS guy. Thanks for making all my dreams come true tonight!

So I'm off to put some decor on the wall and fluff my new bedding! So excited!

February 17, 2010

Holy Moly!

I just can't believe it!

Lyla is 6 stinkn' months old already!

- You were at the doc Tuesday and weighed in at 14 lbs 13 oz. You have croup for the first time :(.
( More stats next Tuesday!)

-You are a super great eater! You love all foods! You've tried sweet potatoes, butternut and acorn squash, green beans, and applesauce and love them all! You just started eating twice a day today!

- You are still in 3-6 month clothes and I have a feeling you'll be in them for another month or maybe even two!

- You finally rolled over from your back to your tummy but have yet to do it since. Well, you did roll over twice one night in bed when you were fussing, but that was it. You'd much rather be standing, jumping in the jumperoo or sitting. If you do lay, you prefer to be laying on your tummy. You also have yet to roll over from your tummy to your back since you first did it at the beginning of January. You are completely happy being stationary!

- You sit up independently and are starting to semi-catch yourself whenever you start to topple over.

- You are the most laid back baby I've ever met. You are happy 90% of the time but sometimes it can be a struggle to get you to smile, especially when I pull the camera out! You are definitely more smiley in the mornings!

- You almost always wake up a happy baby and give me a huge smile whenever I come get you! You also love to smile whenever we talk to you.

- You are the hardest baby to get to laugh. You have the softest little giggle ever!

- You started reaching, but only reach for mommy! And mommy loves it! You are also a total mommy's girl!

- You love Reesie and will stare at her whenever she's in the room. She loves you too, but isn't fond of you pulling out clumps of her hair!

- You've figured out how to blow spit bubbles and spit out food and love doing it.

- You now sleep about 10 hours straight at night. You normally lay down between 7 and 8 and wake up around 5:30-6.

- You grab at EVERYTHING and it automatically goes into your mouth.

- You are still in a size 3 diaper for daycare and are still in the smallest size on your cloth diapers.- You have gotten 2 teeth so far!!

- You only take a paci if you are super tired or bored. No paci's at bedtime for you!

- You started making the mmm sound just yesterday! Mommy would be thrilled if mama was your first word!

- The jumperoo is still your favorite thing and you can play in there forever!

I still can't believe a half a year has passed already! We love you so much Lyla and you bring more joy into our lives then we ever thought!

Happy 6 month birthday!!

February 15, 2010

*Love* day!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's weekend. It went super fast on our part. Friday my parents came to Hays and we spent the afternoon together. We went to a coffee shop for lunch and then did some shopping at the downtown stores. My mom stayed the night and then the next day we headed to Salina for some shopping. I'd have to say that I was disappointed with the shopping. I didn't find much and for once didn't buy much. I did get some new curtains for our bedroom that I'm redecorating and a few crafty things. Things that I'll sometime blog about. That night I stayed in GB and Sunday Sean came up for a lunch of my fam and extended fam for a not all that great lunch at the country club. A nap later and we headed off to Sean's parents for a bit and then home. Sean got me some flowers and new bedding and I got Sean some new KU shirts (imagine that). Miss Lyla got a bunch of clothes from her Aunt Kelci and Uncle Kev and a stuffed puppy that sings from my parents. We got her this cute little penguin inflatable toy that is about as tall as her whenever she's sitting. It's weighted at the bottom so whenever she hits it, it comes back up to her. We also got her a little golf set (that was more for Sean then her!). Overall, I think it was a successful first love day for Miss Lyla and all of us as a family.

Hope you had a wonderful love day as well and enjoy our pics!

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


The Rodger's

February 9, 2010


I'm in the middle of making a new recipe (I'll post later if it's good) and while it's simmering I thought I'd add some pictures from our other camera. They are not good quality, but there are some cute ones from Christmas and just around the house. I'm also going to try and upload some video's as well.

Sweet girl and her momma!
Our New Year's Eve crew
Sonya and Lyla bug

Lemon Ale Beer. Mmmmm! Love it!

Lyla napping with the good ol' thumb!

Lyla and I Christmas morning at my parents!

Drinking some water from a glass!

Aunt Kelci and Lyla

Abi, Lyla and I Christmas Eve!

Abi and Lyla

Eating cereal for the first time

You may wanna turn down the volume for the last video. All these videos are from over a month ago but hey are still cute. And please ignore my annoying, high pitched baby voice!

February 8, 2010


I probably haven't stopped smiling since Lyla rolled over! this is such exciting news in the Rodger house! My baby is getting so big! Besides that, we are all still blah around. Everyone has either a cough and/or sore throat. So we've spent a lot of time lounging. I did snap some pictures of her tonight and hopefully in the next day or two we'll get some video of her rolling over. Hopefully it isn't like when she rolled over from her tummy to her back because she did that a few times and hasn't done it since. Ahh, I'm so proud of my little girl! She has done it twice and once was even while we were skyping with my parents so they got to see it as well! She's such a big girl!

Eating some cereal!

Eating butternut squash while hanging with her best friend! She loves Reese and has her eyes on her at all times. Reese loves her too, but loves her the most when Lyla isn't pulling her hair out!

Splish splash!

Taking a bubble bath!

Lyla is learning to blow bubbles and spit and this is her in process. It is super cute until she figured out how to do it while she's eating. Spitting = momma covered in baby food.

One of her favorite toys. This is the toy I bribed her with to get her to roll over!

Big girl sitting up!

Oh the faces this child makes!

Have a great night!

She did it!!!

My Lyla bug finally rolled over! I'm so proud of her!!
Yay Lyla!!! We love you!!

February 7, 2010

Lazy day... again.

This could also be alternatively called My husband is sick and is the biggest baby I know. Or it could be called My husband is driving me nuts. You pick. But to sum it up, Seany boy is not feeling so hot and has been whining ALL day. Now, of course, when I'm sick, I *never* whine or make mention that I don't feel good. Do you believe me? You should(n't).

So we had plans to go to church this morning, but a certain cute girl is kinda sick with a cough and runny nose so she decided that 5 would be a good time to wake up. Luckily a little food did the trick and she was back asleep for about 30 minutes. And while I was trying to fall back asleep a certain dog in our house thought I should wake up to the sound of her puking all over our house. And a certain boy decided he should snore all night. Pretty much that meant no sleep for me until 9 when he decided to wake up and I went back to sleep til about 11:30. And since I've been awake all I've heard today is "I don't feel good". The Mr. I don't feel good guy is driving me nutzo! He's grumpy and whiny and on top of that I have a semi-sick little girl too. It's been a *fun* day at our house!

So it's been a lazy weekend and some of it has been very much enjoyed. The whining part, not so much! Other than that, not much to report about!

Hope you had a great weekend!

February 6, 2010

She melted my heart...

And this time, I'm not even talking about Lyla!

So, we got the honor of spending some time with our adorable 5-year-old niece Abigail yesterday. She's the cutest thing and I've come to realize she's slowly becoming a teenager. Since having Lyla we haven't spent as much time together as we have before and I must say, I've missed her! She was such a great little girl yesterday and enlightened me on many things in her life. I remember thinking at least twice, "When did she become such a mature little girl"? We were making homemade pizza's and she says, "Aunt Andrea, I love you. We really need to schedule some more Aunt Andrea and Abigail time". Seriously, she about melted my heart, right then and there. And guess how she wants to spend her time with me? Baking cookies and making bows. Oh, I love her. Anyways, she spent the evening with Sean, Lyla and I and we all went to the basketball game in town. It was homecoming and a friend of ours and Abi's was the little girl that hands out the flowers and crown (so can't think of a title for her right now,) and plus our next door neighbor was up for homecoming queen (and she won!). So we got to spend some time together and we all had a great time. I seriously love her to pieces. It was great having a conversation with her and watching her interact with Lyla bug. To sum it up, we have totally awesome nieces, and love em' to pieces!!

Unfortunately I have no pictures to post of our time with Abi because we were a little rushed for time between Lyla's nap, dinner and getting girlified! But since it is Saturday and KU plays, Sean dressed out little bug to a T in her KU attire. Sean put his hat on her and all I can say is she soooo looks like a boy! :) That girl needs a little more hair.

Other than that is has been a lazy, lazy day around here. We've all napped. Even Lyla took a 3 hour nap for her daddy which never happens at home! I think Sean and I are going to watch a movie and that's about it! The exciting life of the Rodger's! :)

Rock Chalk and have a great weekend!

February 3, 2010

A random evening!

Just a few pictures from our little playing session tonight! Man I love this little girl!! It's so exciting that she's meeting her developmental milestones, but also super sad that she's growing up so quick! She loves sitting up and it getting much more independent with it. She still has no desire to roll over. But we did start sweet potatoes 2 days ago and this girl loves!! She's a great eater so far!! This little girl absolutely melts my heart!!!

Enjoy the pics and TGI hump day!!