June 30, 2009

Sneak peaks

I'm hoping to *completely* finish the nursery this weekend. 3 days should be enough, right! :)

Here's a few pics so far. The first is her bow board. I couldn't remember if I had posted this before, but now it actually has a few bows on it. And some super cute big flowers! Sean hates em', but I adore them! This baby is going to be the cutest baby on the block. And I can freely say that because there's no other babies around us! The 2nd pic is of the reading/nursing corner in the nursery. I *love* this area! My parents got us the rocker/glider and it fits perfect! I also love the saying we put on the wall. And I love the shelves! Oh heck, I love it all!

Oh, and I finally convinced my parents to have non-traditional grandma/grandpa names. I love cutesy names so the whole grammy and granddad names that they wanted to be called wasn't fitting the bill. So today I was walking to my car and the name Granna came to mind. Perfect. So mom is OK with it so that's what she'll be referred to as. We then decided for my dad that he'll be called pops. My brother calls him that and mom mentioned it and I think that fits him much better than granddad. So my parents officially have names! :)

Well I'm off to do something, who knows what though. I took a nice hour and half nap so I'll be up for a bit! Peace.

June 29, 2009

34 weeks!

Goodness gracious, only 6 weeks left! And I/we couldn't be more excited!! It's going fast, very fast! But I am at the point that I'm ready for my pregnancy to be over and I'm ready to meet my baby girl!

I'll admit I've exercised pretty much zip-zap-zero while I've been pregnant. It's much much more fun to take naps. Well, remember my Prince Charming? Well charming he was not this evening after work. He woke me up from my nap to "talk" aka getting back at me for wanting to talk one evening while he was playing Xbox. He was being so dumb that he actually asked the question, "What is the meaning of life?" Wanna know my answer? Guess....

Sleep. Naps. Not talking.

I was a bit of a grouch after he did that. But I did become productive and we cooked supper, I cleaned up, did the dishes, swept the kitchen, did laundry, and we even went on a bike ride tonight. So yes my friends, I exercised! Was it fun? A little. Am I tired? Oh yeah! It was fun though. We rode about 20 minutes or so and I could def. feel the burn in my thighs. Those baby's haven't gotten a work out in a long time. Oh, and this bump that has overtaken my body has stopped me from doing a few things. Say for example, putting on socks and shoes. This was the first time I had to ask Sean to help me. I literally could NOT put on my socks. I'm going to blame this on the baby AND the fact I ate a huge dinner. But still, it was quite the sight watching me try to put my socks on. So my Prince Charming was in fact charming once again! Thank goodness I'm not a single mom. Who'd put my socks on for me?

Oh and our day at the lake was awesome of course! I got a nice tan and only burnt in a few places! It's nice not to feel white anymore! :) Mom and Dad Rodger joined us for the afternoon. We didn't do much but ride around but it was still fun. We even found a beach (pretty much all the beaches are gone since the water is so high) and got out for a little bit. But pregnancy brain stopped me from snapping any pictures! Hopefully we'll get out again before Baby Jay makes her presence. I'm not sure if we are going out for the 4th. Our plans are still up in the air!

Anyways, I'm off to shower and get ready for sleep. :)

June 28, 2009

Guess where we are headed!

The lake gods have called for super nice weather, so we are headed to the lake for an afternoon of boating and just hanging out! I'm beyond excited. I may have woke up at like 8:30 and asked Sean if he was ready to go. I wish our awesome lake crew was going to be out there but not this weekend. We'll get to see em' all next weekend hopefully!
Here's us last summer! Aren't we just stinkn' adorable! Oh how I heart him and our life together. Did ya know we are celebrating 2 years in just 10 days! Times flies by fast when your having fun!!

Anyways, here to hoping for clear skies, an awesome non-burnt tan, and quality time with prince charming!

June 23, 2009

33 week appt!

Everything checked out great again! Baby's heartbeat was 126 and I gained 7 stinkn' pounds. Ehh. I weigh almost as much as Sean with a total gain right now of 30 lbs. I was hoping not to go over 35 but it doesn't look like that going to happen! Nothing else exciting! Off to work on pictures then a walk when it cools off. I hate this hot hot weather. I'm much more of a spring/fall kinda girl!!!

Have a great night!

June 22, 2009

33 and 7

I'm 33 weeks today with hopefully only 7 (or less) weeks to go! Times a flying, that's for sure!
I'm a honeydew!

Baby’s senses are continuing to improve -- when light peeks in through your (extremely) stretched belly, those tiny eyelids and irises blink and dilate. And, baby can now recognize and react to simple songs… time to start practicing your lullabies! Growth (at least inside your womb) is starting to slow, and you may notice baby descend into your pelvis at the end of this month.

Sean and I were talking the other day and it's just so hard to believe how incredibly fast this pregnancy has gone! At some points it may not have felt like it, but overall it has flown! I remember being 7 weeks and having 33 weeks left to go and that felt like forever!

I'm doing pretty good overall. A little complaining here and there, but nothing I or Sean can't handle! :) I've started sleeping on the couch after the first time I get up to pee and I sleep SO much better! If Sean and I actually went to bed at the same time, I'd sleep on the couch from the get go, but Mr. late night doesn't go to bed til between 11 and 12. And most of the time I've been asleep for 2 hours already!

Baby has been moving a lot lately and it's hilarious to see my belly move sometimes! She's really going at it with whatever she is doing in there! I can notice hiccups about twice a day. It's also becoming a lot harder to get up and down. Touching my toes is now impossible (unless I cheat a little) and simple things like tying shoes, putting on pants, etc are becoming a chore. I've even decided to break down and purchase a pair of faux crocs. I'm NOT a fan of crocs. I think they are ugly. But when you have swollen feet and have trouble tying shoes, they may just come in handy. Sean hates em' too, and said that the crocs can not touch any of his shoes, ha ha! He's weird like that. He always has to point out how ugly they are whenever he sees them. Oh, and he forbids that our daughter wear them as well!

Well my appointment is tomorrow. I'm hoping for minimal weight gain. I'd say 2 pounds again would be good. Except I've ate a lot of ice cream lately, so I'm hoping that doesn't affect it! :) Oh well, it'll be worth it in a few weeks!!! Ahh, I can't wait!

June 20, 2009

Stupid Rain, GO AWAY...

and don't come back unless I DON'T want to be at the lake.

I'm sad. Disappointed.

I'm supposed to be tanning right now. Not blogging.

I'm supposed to be soaking up some rays. Not cleaning.

I'm supposed to be boating around the lake. Not reorganizing.

I'm supposed to be hanging with friends at the lake. Not sitting at home.

Grrr... can you sense my frustration? I was SO excited to head there after my photo session this morning. I kept thinking about it ALL week. I even dreamed about it. But then Sean decided to break my heart and show me the weather radar with nothing in sight but stormy weather. Stupid rain.

The good part of not going to the lake. Nothing.

The semi-good part about not going to the lake. Taking a nap.

I love naps. But I could be napping on my lounge chair. At the lake. Soaking up some rays.

Stupid rain.

The rain better not make an appearance this 4th of July or there will be some serious consequences. Be scared rain. Be very very scared.

June 19, 2009

Quick post!

Nothing exciting around our house. All you would have missed is me sleeping, Sean staining the back deck, and some swollen feet! Exciting I tell ya! Sean and I are off on a lil' date to go play putt putt. We haven't really done anything together like this in a while so it'll be fun. And he promised me ice cream afterwards, and I most definitely can't turn that down!

Busy weekend ahead for us! I have a bunch of photo sessions and then we are spending some time at the lake! Something I CAN NOT wait for!!! Oh how I miss the lake. Actually how I miss being tan and getting to tube. However I can only do 1 of those 2 this weekend so I'm still looking forward to it!!! (FYI, it is supposed to storm tomorrow morning! )

Have a great weekend!

Quick prayer....
Go to this blog and say a prayer. They have infertility problems and adopted a boy from Russia 2 years ago. She has gotten pregnant 6 times and has lost every.single.one. around 8 weeks! So they are adopting again and a few months ago they were about to adopt a girl and when they got there the birth mother decided to keep the baby. Well, they recently are trying to adopt another baby that was just born a few days ago and after much reassurance that this wouldn't happen, the birth mom is having 2nd thoughts!!! So if you wouldn't mind, say a quick prayer! I couldn't even imagine being in her shoes with all the loss she has felt!

ETA: I beat Sean by 6 strokes! Watch out PGA putt putt tour, here I come!!

June 16, 2009


Sean and I just started looking into daycare recently. I've done some research, got contact lists, made a sheet of questions to ask, etc. I wanted to be prepared as I'm "hiring" someone to watch my baby girl and that is HUGE! Hopefully it's not a forever thing but more like a year thing, but you never know what'll happen in the future. We met with our first (and only right now) possibility tonight and overall we are really happy with her. When we got there, she showed us her whole entire house, which I really liked. She didn't just show us where the kids would be playing and the kitchen. So it was nice to see everything. And she was very open with everything and answered all of my questions. She lives in Victoria which is great as we were hoping to do daycare in Victoria so she is raised with kids she'll go to school with. This lady will have another baby girl about 2-3 months older than ours. Her rates are super reasonable as well which is a plus. She can't be cloth diapered when she's there since she's a licensed daycare so that's probably the only con. She's a supporter of breast milk and is happy to do the homemade food for her as well! Her availability times are good too, and work well with my schedule whenever I have to travel. She's also huge about structure and a routine which I love. I didn't want my daughter to be in front of the TV the whole day whenever she gets to that age. Overall, we were super pleased and after talking about it, I'm pretty sure we are going to go with her. I'm going to give her a call tomorrow because I thought of another question. And if she answers it correctly (ha ha) then we are going to go with her. It's hard to believe it was that simple. We thought about visiting with other daycares but we are happy with everything today and just seeing more places will stress me out. There aren't anymore options in Victoria for us, so that would mean we'd have do it in Hays and that was something we didn't really want to do. We got along with her well too, so that was a plus!

Well I'm off to work on some photography from a wedding. I've been busy busy with pictures including 2 more sessions this weekend then a wedding and family session the following weekend. Then I have an engagement session in July and that'll sum it up before the baby comes! Hopefully this fall is busy as well!

Well I'm off! I took a nap this afternoon so I'm good to go for a little bit! Nighty night!

June 15, 2009

32 weeks!

If you do the math, that means only.....drum roll.... 56 days til my due date. I'd say until Baby Jay makes her appearance but I'm sure she'll be stubborn and make a late debut just like her daddy. Can't be early to anything! :) My baby email I got this morning said that she's weighs around 3 1/2 lbs. If that is so, then she's gained a pound in the last month! Which isn't really a lot considering if she just gains another pound each for the next 2 months she'd be about 6 1/2 pounds. Sean thinks she's going to be 5-6 lbs while I think 6-7ish. Momma's always right, right?

Well it's Monday so that means around our place we are doing nothing. Hubby made some awesome chicken quesadillas which I ate WAY to much of. But they were super good! Have you ever cooked with fresh cilantro? If not, head to the store ASAP and buy some. It's the best herb. Ever.

Well I'm off to watch Jon and Kate. I'm addicted. Peace.

June 14, 2009

Belly pictures!!!

So I convinced that husband of mine to take some pictures of me. If you were thinking, "Aww, how sweet", think again. There was a lot of complaining and whining on someone's part. And it wasn't mine. They turned out pretty good. I just wanted some "modern"ones of my belly and not so much of the whole me. My chipmunk face isn't all that appealing. Here's some of my fav's (which are pretty much all of them, but we didn't take a lot.)

Also, look at my pretty, swollen feet. They might not be cute anymore but at least my toes are!

And lastly, a picture of the bride and her maids.

I didn't get a whole lot of sewing done this weekend but I'm hoping to get the important stuff finished up this week. I did get the pillows, nursing cover and a blanket sewn. So at least the chair will look cute. I won't have to expose my boobs in public. And if Baby Jay gets cold, she'll have a super cute blanket to cuddle with! I have lots more on my list so slowly but surely it'll get done!

Oh, and my BABY brother Kevin completed his first Iron man triathlon today. I guess he placed around 500 out off 1500 contestant. He also ranked 90th out of the 1500th contestants in the swimming part. Overall, I think he's pretty happy with how he did! Good job kiddo!

June 13, 2009

Belly Molestation

I *love* my belly! I really, really do. And if you ask nicely I'll be more than happy to show it off. If you ask.

Today we were at this salon/store and I saw a girl I went to high school but was in the class below me. Anyways, she saw that I was pregnant and came right up to me, pulled my shirt up (yes, in the middle of this store/salon) and literally starts shaking my belly to get Baby Jay to move. I about died. I couldn't believe she was doing that. But it gets better.

She then gets below me so she looking up at my belly to check out if I have stretch marks and tells me that my belly is adorable! Then the baby got a ton of rubs over and over and over and over. I don't know anyone that has touched my belly that much, ever. That's even including me! It was hilarious!!!! It didn't really bother me because I don't mind showing off my belly but I just couldn't believe she did it in the middle of the store with people around. And this isn't a close, close friend. I haven't seen her in years, like 7 years!

The shower went great, the food was awesome and Regina got lots of practical gifts. Oh, and my toes look awesome! I love pedicures. I'll post some pictures tomorrow when I get home. I actually think I'm off to go lay in bed. I'm exhausted!! Much love, folk. Much love.

June 12, 2009

Here we go Pens, Here we go!

And the Stanley Cups champs are.... drum roll please....
Pittsburgh Pens!!
I'll be super-de-duper honest with you. I don't like hockey. It's a dumb sport in my opinion. But I do love Pittsburgh. A lot. So therefore I'm excited that the Pens won! I still remember my 1st and only Pens game. It was for my 10th birthday and my dad took me to this restaurant called the Bicycle Club and I remember the menu having weird food that I didn't know. But it was a sophisticated restaurant and I loved it! Then we headed to the game, which I couldn't tell you a darn thing about except that I got cotton candy and I fell sleep on the ride home.
Anyways, again, not a fan of hockey but I love me some Pittsburgh so I'm glad they won! This was the only game of the series that I actually watched and to be honest (again) I don't understand it. Please tell me why you would like to be chucked up against some plexy glass or lose some teeth because the puck hit you in the mouth. Not my kind of fun, if you ask me. But I'm pretty sure those hockey boys don't think sewing is fun either! The one thing I do like about hockey is the boys. Not gonna lie, they were pretty delicious in a scruffy, bearded, toothless kinda way (like the picture above but this boy actually has all his pearly whites, which I bet aren't real).
Well I'm back to home sweet home Great Bend but can't really say there's anything "great" about it! I did manage to go to Wal-mart and not run into someone. That could have been a first! Well I'm off to make pasta salad for my friend's shower tomorrow. I'm super excited for my pedicure tomorrow as well. This swollen-footed mama could really use one about now!
Have a great weekend!

June 11, 2009

No News...

I don't have much to report so that's the reason for the lack of blogs this week! I feel like I'm in my first tri again with being super tired so most of the time I fall asleep after work for a bit, wake up to eat and do a thing or two, then it's back to bed. Nothing to exciting! I'm headed to Great Bend tomorrow afternoon for the weekend. The plans include watching my parent's dogs while they are gone, my bestie's bridal shower and girls night out and a bunch of sewing. My brother is running in his first Triathlon this weekend so kudo's to him! Good luck kiddo!

Well I'll blog later, probably not until Sunday whenever I have pictures! Peace.

June 7, 2009

31 weeks!

I'm posting a little bit early since tomorrow I'll be spending my morning at my OB appt, at work for a few hours and then heading to Wichita to pick up my very much missed hubby. It's so hard to believe that I'm 31 weeks and time is flying. It probably doesn't help that Sean and I are busy, busy people, but we prefer it that way. I like that time is going fast. But once Baby Jay gets here, I'm sure I won't want it that way very long!

Nursery is coming along nicely and next weekend I hope to finish up my sewing projects and then the nursery should be 99% complete. All we'll need is a baby to occupy it! So, so exciting!

Here's a little pregnancy tidbit form I found on another blog.

  • How far along?: 31 weeks.
  • Total weight gain: 21 lbs - Only gained 2 lbs in the past 3 weeks! Yay for me!
  • How big is baby?: Well, she was 2 1/2 3 weeks ago, so I'm sure she's a little over 3 lbs now.
  • Maternity clothes?: Of course, nothing else really fits anymore unless I buy it lots bigger.
  • Stretch marks?: None on the baby bump (Thank you GOD!)... yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Only have em' underneath my boobs.
  • Sleep?: Oh, how I miss my sleep already. I get about 2-3 hours at a time. I either wake up to pee or just wake up b/c some appendage fell asleep or Sean's hogging the bed. :)
  • Best moment this week?:Getting the baby's travel system and other things for the nursery!
  • Movement?: Lots of rolling and moving. She gets the hiccups a few times a day and I love that too. I'm going to miss this whenever she's born.
  • Food cravings?:This week it was a sandwich from the Metro Grill in Towne West. Oh, I love that sandwich!
  • Labor signs?:None, which is good. I do get Braxton hicks everyday but not often at all.
  • Belly button in or out?: Out!
  • What I miss: Sleeping 12 hours straight and my skinny feet.
  • What I'm looking forward to: Sean coming home tomorrow and finishing my sewing projects for the nursery next weekend.
  • Milestone:Nothing really this week.I did find out at my appt today that I now start going every 2 weeks!!! Now I think things are really going to start flying!!

June 6, 2009

Swollen feet anyone?

If you'd like to borrow mine, you are more than welcome to do so! I had a wedding to photograph today and I should have known better than to stay up late putting away baby stuff. I woke up with puffy ankles and by the time the wedding was over, I could hardly move my feet. It's like my joints are filled with water and won't bend. Oh, brother. I stopped by to see my nieces after the wedding and they had their pool out and it felt so good to put my feet in the water. I'm considering getting one of those foot spas and putting ice cold water in there and getting a mini foot massage. I've had my feet up for the past few hours, but no change. They are huge. I sent a picture text to Sean and he called them hugungous or something to the liking. Yes, dear. I know they are huge.

Well Sean has been gone 2 1/2 days and I officially miss him. But the shopping I did Thursday and Friday did make up for it some. We got pretty much everything we need for the baby including the travel system (I love it and it may already be installed in the car. Maybe.), a vibrating chair, receiving blankets, bibs, clothes galore, and shoes. She is going to be so stinkn' adorable. I have already washed all the clothes and put them away and I've started really organizing the nursery. I got some done this morning but the rest might have to wait until tomorrow night. My feet hurt way to bad. And I have a photo session tomorrow afternoon plus I work the nursery at church. So I'm sure my feet will be the same way. Oh, brother.

Well I'm off. I'll post pictures soon of some of the baby's goodies!

June 4, 2009

And we're off...

Well folks, we are headed to Wichita here shortly! I'm super excited to shop (duh) but not really super excited to see Sean leave. We've never been in different states at the same time before. Corny, I know. He'll have a great time though! And I know he needs this little "boy trip" before the baby comes. What do I get before the baby comes? That's a very good questions, don't ya think?

Well, no blogging from me until probably Saturday. I bet your sad. But I'll post all the goodies I get. I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised if I came home with a lot! :) Have a great rest of the week!!

June 2, 2009

30 weeks!!

WOW. That's all I got...

Ok, so I got more. I can't believe I have 30 weeks behind me! That seems like such a long time, when in turn it really didn't take all that long to get here. Only 10 weeks to go and hopefully no longer! But this is one thing I don't get to much say in.

Here's a few stats for 30 weeks.

-I no longer sleep like I'm used too. It. Sucks. Big time.
-I still only get up about once to pee during the night but I'm awake probably 4-5 times a night.
-I'm starting to feel like I did in the first trimester. I'm exhausted all the time. I take a nap pretty much every night after work. And I still manage to be in bed by 10ish.
-The nursery has all it's furniture in there. We got the rocker/glider on Monday and it's awesome! It totally completes the room.
-My next appointment is in 6 days (Monday)
-I've been craving candy recently and still love my swiss cake rolls. I'm also praying (very hard) that I don't gain another 10 lbs in the past 3 weeks.
-Baby Jay is moving all the time and if you lay your hand on my belly, you'll almost always feel her move.

Well Sean and I have some cleaning and packing to do since we leave tomorrow for Great Bend then Thursday it's off to Wichita. I'll miss my bubba but at the same time, I have a busy busy weekend so the time without him will go fast. Oh, and I'll be shopping and I LOVE shopping! But you knew that already, right?