September 10, 2009

Baby legs

I love me some cute chunky baby legs. But I also love me some babylegs on cute chunky baby legs.


Don't be.

My adorable ( have I mentioned that before?) daughter is starting to get some chunk on those thighs of hers. And I love covering that chunk with babylegs. They are somewhat like tights except they don't have feet on them and they only go on the thigh, not all the way up to the belly button area. They are a breeze for diaper changes and look oh-so-stinkn' adorable. Here's Lyla modeling 2 of hers.

I love her little feetsies!

Adorable, right? They are pretty big on her right now, but I still love em'! We should be able to wear them for years. I get mine for really good prices, normally about 5 bucks a pair from here. They have sales often so go snatch em up. You'll love em! I promise. And while you are there, check out other hyena cart shops. Hyena cart is somewhat like Etsy but I'd say more organic-ish items. Lots of cloth diapers, baby legs, baby clothes, etc. Majority of it is handmade, some isn't. So go support em'!! You'll love the stuff and you might just become addicted. Because I'm not. Not even a little bit. Um...

Well my beloved-super bowl winning-hotness of a team-Steelers are on so I'm off to check out some cute football butts! Have a great night!

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