March 31, 2010

Easter Events!

HMC had an Easter Egg hunt and so Lyla and I, Shelly, Becca and Brynn and their kiddo's all met up and let our kids (minus the babies) go get some eggs for about...3 minutes. And then it was over. We definitely waited around a lot longer then the time we actually went looking for eggs. It was cute though. I helped Becca and Shelly and took a few of their kids to the 3-4 age group and with a little persuasion we were able to get a few eggs and lots of candy. Lyla had a so not fun time as we missed napped time and she also got bit by a little girl :(. So she wasn't to thrilled with the Egg hunt. Fort Hays is having another one on Saturday we all are going to meet up again and go to that one! :)

Happy hump day! Oh, and in case you are dying to know... 3 days til my birthday!!! :)

March 30, 2010

Hello Spring!

Nothing to special going on around here the past few days. We did make a day trip to Salina to see a friend of Sean's and do a little, or a lot, of shopping including a few gifts for the self-proclaimed birthday girl. It's my birthday week, didn' t you know! Except a certain someone in the house doesn't believe in birthday weeks and so there has been no birthday week celebrations. That someone is also a party pooper if you ask me! :)

And what might you ask did I get for my birthday????

Drum roll please......

A new coffee table and end tables! And I'm quite possibly in love with them. It was quite the ordeal to get them as well. If you know me, you know I'm not patient what so ever whenever I want something. Well I found this set and I wanted it now. Except we already has a pretty full trunk load including a jogging stroller that is quite large. About 20 minutes in the rain and reorganizing the back of the durango twice, all was well and I got what I wanted! :) Then the next day Mr. Seany boy got them all put together. And I might say they look lovely! :)

Sunday equaled a day of crabiness for a certain cutie patootie in our house and it wasn't me this time! Sunday rolled into Monday and that certain little girl had a fever and a not so great attitude along with a yucky cough. But we are on the mend and much, much happier!

And a little craftiness from the Rodger household. I wanted a new spring wreath and found something similar to this while stalking some craft blogs. Cute isn't it? I'm thinking of hanging ribbon on the back to add a little more pop of color. But this was super easy and I must say it is super cute! Welcome Spring!!!

March 29, 2010

The story of Zac Smith

I came across this video over at Kelly's Korner and wanted to re-post it here and share. This man is 33 and isn't expected to live to see 2011. He is married and 3 young children. After listening to his story, it will make you question why God does the things he does but Zac has such a great outlook on his life and and is in great spirits because of his faith in God. It's pretty touching and wanted to share.

With love,


The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

March 28, 2010

Da da da da da

Some one sure loves their daddy!

March 24, 2010

A recipe

I've been a big fan of trying new recipes recently... so here is one you might like. We both enjoyed it! Oh and it was easy. REALLY easy! (So easy, my friend Becca could do it! ;) )

4 thawed ckn breasts or 6-8 ckn tenderloins (that is what I used)
1 24 oz can of cream of ckn soup
1 can of diced tomatoes
1/4th cup of water

Put all ingredients into a crockpot. Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4-6.

Yup, told ya it was easy! My favorite kind of meal.

We ate ours over egg noodles but you could eat it many different ways. Potatoes, rice, etc.

Enjoy! :)

March 21, 2010

Happy Spring?

What???? You're telling me there is still snow on the ground!! Isn't it supposed to be Spring??

However, I'll welcome spring as long as there are no more snow showers. Yay for sunshine! And as we all know, after Spring comes Summer and that means the lake! Oh yeah!

It's been a very nice weekend around the Rodger house. I attended my first MOPS group with Becca and plan on joining! Then shortly after that Sean left for Abilene to visit his bromance and I headed to hays for a photo shoot. My friend Shelly and her 4 boys watched Lyla while I was shooting and she got some good loving on from them. Shh... don't tell Sean. She even slept in a boys bed!! haha! Shelly and I and the babies went to Carlos's for dinner and watched KU lose. Boohoo KU. I thought they might possibly pull it out at the end but they didn't.

Today Sean is headed back from his bromance weekend and we are headed to Hays for a little birthday shopping for this mama!! 13 days til my birthday just in case you were wondering! I want a coffee table for my living room and so that is what we will look for today. I'm also in need of an Easter dress. The hubby is SO excited to go shopping! :)

I'm also trying a new recipe tonight and I'll post if it is good. The last new recipe I tried I didn't love so I'm hoping this is better!!

Well I'm off to finish picking up before Sean gets back!!! Happy Sunday Ya'll!!!

March 18, 2010

A heavy heart

I have a heavy heart tonight. I just found out some sad news about a friend and ask you pray for them. I won't go into details, but it is super sad. She said to me, "Make sure you hug your healthly little girl extra tight tonight". I think I've started to take those little things for granted. And I shouldn't. I've very lucky to be blessed with a healthy baby girl. I could have or can still be in her shoes some day.

So please pray for them. And anyone that is in their shoes right now. And maybe, take a little extra time with a loved one or call and tell someone you love em'. Ya just never know...

Good night!

Too many to choose from...

...but want to know 1 reason why my niece Abi is the best?

She makes me feel skinny in her drawings!! Oh the joys of stick figures!

March 17, 2010

Happy 7 Months & St. Pat's Day!

I think I start out every one of Lyla's monthly posts the same way. And again...Omigoodness, I can't believe Lyla is 7 months!!! :)

Time is flying and I think as we start gliding into spring and summer, time is going to fly ever so fast!! I'll be honest. I've actually been kinda sad about today. I'm not ready for Lyla to get big. I'm not ready for her to be 1. And now that we are closer to 1, than birth, it makes me sad. It's exciting for her, but ever so sad for this momma!


- You weigh around 15 lbs and while that isn't a lot for a 7 month old, you look super chunky. I'm sorry you got short genes!

- You sleep soooo good at night! You've made mommy You go to bed around 7-8 and wake up normally around 6 or 6:30.

- You are still in size 3 diapers for daycare and you wear cloth diapers whenever we are home. We've also moved the snaps up on your cloth diapers so they are a little bigger now.

- You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes and I don't foresee you going up a size anytime soon. I'd say maybe by 9 months you'll be starting to out grow your 3-6 month clothes! I guess we'll see!

- You wear size 1 shoes. You've got itty bitty feet!

- Most people say you look like daddy and I'm ok with that since daddy is pretty cute! (Those my fingers are crossed you'll start to look like me as you get older!)

- You love food! So far you've had gr. beans, avocado, sweet potato, butternut and acorn squash, broccoli, peas, carrots, pears, peaches, mango, bananas, prunes, chicken, and applesauce.

- You've started sleeping on your tummy for the past 2 weeks. You are starting to become a mover whenever you are in your crib while sleeping. But when you're awake, you are very content just sitting and playing.

- This past week or so you've started rolling a little more. You can now do a full roll (tummy to back and then back to tummy) though you don't do it often. This is all OK by mommy because I'm not ready for you to become a mover quite yet! Stay little sweet girl!

- You've started a new little laugh and you like to copy us whenever we laugh at you.

- You haven't really started scooting yet, but you are good at moving yourself in a circle. You love to just watch the action.

- You are the best baby whenever we are out and about. You love to people watch too! And you don't mind any attention you may get from stranger either. You're definitely a ham!!

- We've started letting you play with a sippy cup at supper time! You've figured out how to hold it but not quite sure how the water comes out! :)

- We've moved you up to a convertible car seat!! No more luging you around in your infant seat.

Lyla bug,

I can't believe you are 7 whole months already! It's very hard to believe that time has flown so fast! Having you was one of the best things to happen to mommy and daddy! You bring more joy and happiness to us then we ever imagined!

We love you!!

So could I take a minute to brag about myself? Thanks! :)

I officially am a jean size smaller! Yippee! I fit into some jeans from about 2 years ago. I was able to wear them right before our wedding and then a few months after that. And then I proceeded to put on a few "happily in love" pounds and haven't worn them since. Well, then came Lyla and so now, I'm officially in them again! Yay!!!

Ok, I'll get off my high horse now!!!

Happy St. Pat's Day!

P.S. I didn't wear any green!! Did you?

Baby, do you love me???

Happy Wednesday!

I think today is a super great day! Why?

I get to spend it all day with my Lyla bug! Love days like this!

Sorry I've been a blog slacker. Lots going on but nothing to exciting.

The 1 piece of super exciting news is we bought a camper. Yup. We are camper people now. Yay!

I'll post later with Lyla facts as today she is 7 months! Holy cow!!!

Have a wonderful day!

March 13, 2010

One of those days.

Have you had one of those days where you think, " I just shouldn't have gotten up"? I did. This past Friday....

So I had an awesome opportunity to be part of a career fair for the high school in my town. Keep in mind, I live in a very small town. When I compare it to the high school I went to, I'm pretty sure that both the elementary school, middle school and high school don't even make up the amount of people that were in my senior class. But still, this was a great opportunity to get my name out there and get to meet some kids and give them whatever advice or information that I could. But I was NERVOUS. Like, my palms would sweat just even thinking about it. And of course, Friday just had to be one of those days that I shouldn't have even gotten out of bed. First off, we woke up LATE. Like I was supposed to be up around 5:30 and didn't get up until 6:45 late. I still had to pump, shower, get ready, prepare my things for the career fair, get Lyla ready for the day, and feed her. Well, about half of those things actually happened. Then after work I had to rush around and get everything together that I didn't get together in the morning. Then I go to play the slide show I made on Sean's laptop and it.won' I tried everything but for some reason it wouldn't play the CD. And of course I haven't updated my website in forever since I'm in the process of a new one. Blah.

But overall it went just fine and I was WAY more nervous then I needed to be. No offense, but they were high schoolers and they were just happy to be out of class! Still a great experience for me though!

Oh, and after the fair I had to mess around with banks and send some information by a deadline, but after all of that...

We now own a camper! :) Whoo stinkn' whoo!

March 10, 2010

Food, food, food!!

Lyla is such a great eater! I thought I'd put some food out in front of her and let her go at it! She was so dainty with it, like she didn't want to make a mess! Of course, she got messier then she's ever been! But it was a cute little memory! Ohmygoodness, I love her.

A nice little mixture of chicken, sweet potato and peas!

Lyla has peaches for the first time tonight and she liked those. We tried chicken the past few days but no such luck. Tonight she managed to choke some down, but there were a few gagging moments for her. Such a drama queen and I have NO idea where she gets that from! :)

Well I'm single moming it again and Lyla just laid down, so I'm off to work on some photography! Booked a few sessions today!!! Super!!! :)

Have a good night!

March 9, 2010

Wow, have I been a blog slacker or what? :) Nothing really new to report or many pictures but here are a few from our other camera. Lyla is growing and is seriously the most laid back baby! She is such a great baby that I have no problem going anywhere with her. As long as her tummy is full, she's happy as can be! She can still roll over but hardly does it. She is very content just laying there or sitting and playing with her toys. She has started rolling over in her sleep every night and now sleeps on her tummy, at least that is how we find her most mornings. Still no where close to scooting or doing the army crawl. My mom told me I never crawled. I just sat there until somehow I learned to walk. I sure led an exciting life when I was a baby! :) Maybe Lyla is just following in her momma's footsteps!

This past weekend (Saturday) we unexpectedly headed to Salina with 2 friends of ours to go to a RV and boat show. They had a ton of boats but only 3 campers but we got a few ideas since we are now in the market for a camper! (We have now paid off my Durango and just this close to paying off Sean's truck.) So we are off to find a camper. Anyways, we had such a great time with them! They are awesome friends and great people to hang out with! We did a little shopping (Hello Hobby Lobby), ate supper and got home around 10:30. Sunday I had 2 photo sessions (yay) and then did some work on my new business cards (double yay) while Sean and Lyla bug headed out to his parents for a little bit! And that's about how exciting our weekend was! It was fun, though and we had a good time! Couldn't ask for more!

Here's a few pictures to enjoy! Plus a little movie sniplets at the end!!! Happy Tuesday!

March 4, 2010

The verdict is in...

I will not be mom of the year.

I had my very first panicked mom moment today. When I was headed out to the car today after picking up Lyla I grabbed my keys out of my pocket to unlock the back door. Well some how the lock button got pressed (do you see where this is going???) and I laid my keys on the seat thinking to myself not to close the door because I would be locked out. Well I'm talking to Lyla and getting her in her and seat and....

Yes. I shut the door.

I locked my baby girl in the car!!!!

Talk about freaking out. Well, on the inside I was freaking, but I did a good job of staying calm. I went into the daycare and told her that I locked Lyla in the car and I'm not sure she believed me at first! I quickly called 911 who called Victoria's police and they came over. At first they couldn't get it open and had to leave to go get a different kit. Meanwhile, Lyla just hung out and smiled through the whole thing. She is such a good girl!!! Every time I looked at her through the glass she just gave me a big toothy grin!! Once the cop got back he tried with another kit and managed to get it open. And while he was doing that another cop showed up. Oh, and 2 daycare parents showed up too. I was completely embarrassed. But hey, I know I'm not the first mom this has ever happened to.

So, it's official. No super mom award for me! Good thing Lyla loves me no matter what!

March 2, 2010

I scream, You scream, we all scream for Ice cream!

So, I'd say very very few times have I made a meal that was highly un-liked due to cooking reasons. And to be honest, I don't think I've ever made a meal that we couldn't finish, whether we liked it or not. Until tonight.

I made Beef and Broccoli stir-fry tonight and it was H to the ORRIBLE! Seriously, worst thing ever. We couldn't even take a few bites. It was *that* bad. We are giving it to the dogs and I would be surprised if even they didn't eat it and they will eat anything. It was just way to salty. Every time we took a bite, we made a gross face. So guess what we ended up eating for dinner... Ice cream. With chocolate syrup for Sean and with peanut butter for me. Yes. We resorted to ice cream. And it really stunk because it took a while to cook this meal. And it is even a top 10 meal for me. It should of been a sign that we shouldn't have ate it whenever I burned the beef and filled the kitchen with smoke, or when I forgot about Lyla's meal in the microwave and over cooked puree green beans and broccoli. And it should have been a sign when I didn't cook the rice all the way through. I was offically a bad cook tonight. Good thing these days don't happen often. And it's also a good thing I don't have to cook tomorrow either. I think I need a night off! :)

Well I really don't have much to blog about but I do have some pictures. I'll also do another post later with some 6 month pictures I took of Lyla this weekend. Get ready because they are stinkn' freakn' adorable. Your heart might seriously melt! But until then enjoy some equally cute random pictures from the past few days!

I'm off to drink about a gallon of H2O since all that salt made me thirsty. Oh, and maybe to replenish and rehydrate my skin since Shaun T made me sweat again. That dirty man.