April 24, 2013

16 weeks :: Baby Jay 3.0

How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain? still in the negatives. Around -2 lbs now.
Maternity clothes? Just pants
Sleep? Between getting up to pee, a 3 1/2 year in our bed, Sean snoring or getting up at the crack of dawn to go work out, I sleep great! :)
Best moment this week? Nothing really - maybe that I've only puked once or twice??
Miss anything? Not gagging at everything - includes food in the sink, the smell of the fridge or trash can, brushing my teeth or the kids teeth, etc. Pretty much anything.
Movement? I've started feeling little things here and there (started last week). Starting to feel little things more often now. I felt it early with both the other kiddos too.
Food cravings? Totally depends on the day, but for sure nothing with meat. Fresh veggies and vinegar are always good! :)
Anything making you queasy/sick? Depends on the day.
Gender? 4 weeks to go. I say I'm about 99.9% sure I'm having a girl. That's just my gut feeling and then when I base it off pregnancies, this pregnancy is similar to Lyla's. Very similar.
Labor Signs? Nope
Symptoms? Normal pregnancy stuff. I've been super tired lately and headaches have plagued me lately.
Belly button in or out? In-ish
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? Totally depends on the day. If I'm feeling good, then happy. If I feel bad, then moody.
Looking forward to? Not gagging every day and feeling more movement!

I am happy I'm having more good days versus bad days. Though I have been exhausted lately and lacking energy. That could also have something to do with our crazy weather. Snow and rain don't help me feel super motivated!

Today, I washed the car seat cover so I need to get that back together and then that'll be one thing off my list. I'm SO anxious to get to shopping for this baby! :) Not that he/she needs much but I still love to shop.

Some funnies -

Cohen calls the baby Babu (bay-boo) and loves to kiss my belly and then follows up with a smack! He's so sweet! Haha!

Lyla swears we are having a girl and even at the mention of talking about boy names, she tells us no. We have been talking names and possibly settled on a girl name.  At least it is really the first name we have agreed on. Of course, Sean wants to keep it a secret (ugh) until he/she is born. One of my favorite, favorite girl names is Finley and I love it! Well Lyla loves it too and is adamant on naming the baby that.  Well Sean doesn't like it and vetoed that one but Lyla will not even consider any other names. When we mention something she always says No, Finley! :) We shall see if we can convince her to change her mind or she may be calling the baby Finley no matter what!

And the 16 week picture. I think my belly looks deformed here and I look like slightly like a hot mess. That's what happens with taking pictures in the evening! I'm at my exhaustion point!

April 16, 2013

Lyla's Garden - 2013

 I'm blessed with having a pretty awesome hubbydaddy. Lets just say I lack any type of green thumb. Plants and flowers "bore" me after a certain amount of time and I "forget" to water them. So in the end, they die. Each year Sean tells me I'm not allowed to get any flowers. Every year I end up with flowers! :)  Mama wins.

I love the idea of a garden, but truth be told, I don't want to take care of it. I just want to reap the benefits of it! Fresh veggies and fruits - yes please. 

On pinterest I found some stuff on pallet gardens and after mentioning it to Sean, he wanted to plant one with Lyla. We are also going to have a bigger one on the side of the house, but if you ask Lyla, this is HER garden. 

So saturday as we battled Kansas' crazy wind, they are planted Lyla's first pallet garden. 

Planting the seeds...


Love her... 


Minus the fact she looks a bit on the homeless side - she was so excited to be working on her garden with her daddy!

 Oh, this child!

We are planting strawberrys, spinach and cilantro. We may add something else once Kansas weather gets a reality check and it stops deciding to snow once a week.

I love all of his little tiny features! He was a covered mess of dirt by the time we were finished. While they were putting the dirt into the pallet, he kept taking it and throwing it up and it would land in his hair.

I really need to do a post on this boy. He is a heck of a hot mess but so much fun! 

The next morning Lyla wanted to go out and check her garden but she was not pleased that nothing had grown yet. We need to teach her a little patience! Hopefully she will enjoy gardening as both her grandmas do! And hopefully she won't kill everything like her momma does!

April 15, 2013

Quick recap

 Since I pretty much took a blog break from Sept til March, I thought I'd do a quick recap of a few things we have done since then.

Sweet boy turned one and I never blogged the full thing! But needless, he was a loved boy and we had lots of fun. If you remember how Sean tore his ACL, this was the day that he did that!

The birthday boy and his set up!
 Getting at it! He loves cake! :)

At the beginning of Sept, we went to the KU football home opener. Cohen got left behind because he would NEVER sit still for 3 hours so this time it was just us 3 and then my parents came as well! It was their first KU game!

Lyla is pretty much scared of every mascot in the world, but she did pretty good as long as someone was holding her!

Now some randoms that I don't want to forget! Cohen LOVES Piper's cage and we find him in there often! Sister also loves to lock him in!

Sean and I went on a little getaway in dec! We went shopping on the Plaza and Sean even arranged a horse carriage ride for us! So fun! The next day we went and toured the Chiefs stadium and then headed to a KU game! 

We then jetted home early to watch our sweet girl perform in her first Christmas concert at church! To say we were proud would be an understatement!

Then it was Christmas time! Baby Ben has started walking with a walker and all the kiddos got some great gifts, along with us adults!

 All the kiddos on my side! The best we got!
It's cute to see them together - actually being sweet! And Miss Lyla loves to pretend that she is sleeping! :)
 And I think this is right before we found out we were having another baby and before sickness took over our house!

Cohen doing what he does best - climbing! This boy climbs the kitchen table all the time!

My sweet girl! :)
So in summary - we were all alive, even if I wasn't blogging! :) A few of these should have proper posts, but I can't guarantee that will ever happen! :)

April 12, 2013

14 weeks - Baby Jay 3.0

How far along? 14 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain? still in the negatives. The most I was down was 6 lbs...now I'm around -3 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Just pants
Sleep?eh, depends on the day. I would sleep good if I didn't' have a 3 1/2 year old climbing in my bed in the middle of the night.
Best moment this week?My 2nd appt!
Miss anything?I really wanted a drink the other day - and besides sleep, thats it.
Movement? None
Food cravings? Nothing really, it'll change day to day. Carbs make me feel good!
Anything making you queasy/sick? Depends on the day. It could be anything from a smell in the fridge to absolutely nothing.
Gender? 5 weeks 4 days until we find out! But who is counting! :)
Labor Signs? Nope
Symptoms?Besides peeing all the time and normal stuff, nothing big.
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? Totally depends on the day. If i'm feeling good, then happy. If I feel bad, then moody.
Looking forward to? Not gagging every day.

Today was my appt and all is good! The babes heartbeat was 150 and super strong. I don't think I mentioned this before but I tested positive for group b strep. So that basically means, I have to be on an antibiotic when I deliver and we will have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours to observe the baby. That is the biggest bummer for me as we got to leave after 24 hours with Cohen and it was heaven. I don't sleep well in the hospital and I was super ready to just be home. Since I delivered without an epidural I was feeling great and it was so nice to leave. Now I get to be woken up every couple hours 2 nights in a row! :) Also, at my next appt we get to schedule our sono! :) Double yay!

And for the record, I totally feel like I'm having a girl. Every once in a while I'll feel like a boy, but for the most part, I really think it'll be a girl. This pregnancy is super similar to Lyla's - I feel gross, look gross, super sick and headaches all the time. That is just about how I felt during Lyla's pregnancy. With Cohen I felt great after the 1st tri and actually enjoyed the pregnancy a bit.

 Lyla will tell me some days she wants a sister and some a brother. Or she wants both! No can do sister! Today she said she wants a sister!

And a belly picture - my first one! Way behind on this game compared to the other 2! :) And I look HUGE. I'm not sure where this bump came from but it came out of the blue yesterday or today. I still have a LONG 26 weeks ahead of me (which I'm sure will become a fast 26 weeks) so this bump must slow down!

April 11, 2013

Our Easter - 2013

 I didn't get the chance to edit any of these pictures but I figured if I waited until I had time to do that I would never get the chance to blog it. 

The Easter bunny came and both the kids were spoiled! Lyla was extremely spoiled by getting the bike. The Easter bunny has no plans to spoil them this much in the future! But Miss Lyla needed a new bike and it was good timing. She was SUPER excited, but I think a bit intimidated by the bigger bike. If the Easter bunny would have given Cohen a basket full of balls, he would have been just as excited!

We headed to Milberger for church with Sean's family and then we headed to Nana's for lunch. Delicious! 
We then had our annual Easter egg hunt and the kiddos loved them! Cohen really didn't have much of an idea but he still had fun!

The kiddos and their Mimi

All the kiddos minus Hoyt. Um, can I say how freaking cute are Lyla and Cohen holding hands?

We then headed out to my parents and had an Easter egg hunt there and this time Cohen had a little better idea of what to do! 

Here she is with Uncle Kevin, who she adores. I'm not so sure what is so special about him! :)

 Kevin, Kelci and Ben. Ben was on the sick side (as was Cohen) so he wasn't in the best of moods!

 Not the best picture (and I REALLY need a hair cut and to feel like a human again). But this is us! Haha!

Pops and Granna with their grandkids!

And that sums up Easter for us! Family time and lots of good food!

April 7, 2013

Baby Jay 3.0 - First appointment and randoms

My first appt was March 15th. I was 10 weeks! Besides medical info, we tried to hear the hear beat and after forever (or at least what it felt like) we found it! It was 175 and nice and strong! :) I was a nervous wreck and had started crying (which I have done TONS of this pregnancy). But things are good! 

On to the crying part - I have been crying at the weirdest things. For example, I have never really watched the show but with being so sick and on the couch I had watched just about everything on TV. Anyways, I would cry every time someone made it through to the next round. Literally every single time. And it wasn't just a few tears, it was the ugly cry face, sobbing to where Sean would laugh at me every time. Also, I've cried at the new show Splash. Again, ugly cry face. Along with those, people have been posting inspirational sport stories on Facebook and I have bawled at just about everyone of those as well. I like to call my some an emotional hot mess! :) 

Also, a little shout out to Sean. He has been amazing this pregnancy taking care of the house and kids every night after work! He's pretty great - most of the time! :)

Lyla is also VERY excited to be a big sister! It changes daily, but for the the most part we get a brother AND a sister. This better not happen as this is for sure the last time I'm pregnant! Cohen has no clue what is about to rock his world.

April 6, 2013

All about Baby Jay 3.0 - so far

 So I found out I was pregnant on Feb 5th. I had dropped Lyla and her friend off at preschool and ran to Dillons to get a test. I just got a cheap one and went home to take it. Within minutes of getting home I had already taken it (I'm NOT patient) and tried distracting myself for a few minutes. When I went to check it, OMG was all that came out of my mouth. I had this feeling I was pregnant but didn't know if it would  actually come true. A lot more of OMG's later and panic kinda set in. Don't get me wrong, I was super excited but also super super surprised. I quickly went online and tried to guesstimate a due date which I was guessing at around Oct 21st. My body is way wonky so I really didn't have a true idea. 

My next thing was to decide how to tell Sean. I knew he was going to freak and I really wanted to get it on video but wasn't able to! But it was funny! :) I always knew that I wanted 3 or 4 kids but Sean was very content on 2 so I knew this was going to shock him! :) Especially since we weren't trying! 

This is how I ended up telling him. We have nick named all of our babies - Baby Jay - so this baby is of course no different. 

When Sean finally got home (which felt like it took forever) I had the chalkboard set up right where he would be able to see it when he walked in but of course he didn't see it. He then gave me a hug and asked me why I was so smiley.  I then pointed to the chalkboard. It took him a second but then looked at me and then the board again and was like No, No, really? No, now way? Seriously. Then I think he began to have a small panic attack! We were both laughing in between Sean breathing like he was already in labor. With that said, he was super happy but yes,very shocked and surprised!   
 Here he is looking at the board for like the millionth time and laughing!
 Ignore the horrible picture, but us shortly after telling Sean! :)

Since I wasn't sure of the due date I had called my clinic and they wanted me to get my blood drawn to see what my HCG levels were. It wasn't until a few days later that I finally got in to get them done. 2 days later I got the results and they were at 50,000 which would have put me between 5-7 weeks. I was thinking I was only 4 weeks and once I told the nurse that and also how sick I had already become she mentioned twins. Eeek!  So she ordered an ultrasound for us. On the  Feb 19th we went and found out just 1 little baby was making me miserable! They also told us that was 6 weeks and 6 days along with the due date of 10.9. Baby Jay 3.0s heartbeat was 122 as well! Everything looked great!

Since then, it has been a whole lot of sickness for me.This by far as been the worst pregnancy so far. On top of morning sickness, I have had just about every pregnancy symptom in the book. I also got the respiratory flu which then turned into a sinus infection (that is still lingering along) and also a UTI on top of that. Plus to make everything more fun - Lyla and Cohen were sick on and off all of Feb and March as well making it the longest 8 weeks ever. 

But things are starting to be better. I have a few good days then a few bad days, but I'm thankful the bad days are not everyday anymore. Now I'm not so patiently waiting to find out whether a baby boy or girl will be completely our family! My gut says girl but it changes about everyday. Only about 6 1/2 weeks to go! :) 

Next up - our 1st appt.

April 4, 2013

Read all about it!


If you happen to still be reading this blog (as I haven't blogged in FOREVER) this would be one reason why I have only blogged a handful of times this year (if even that)!

Baby Jay 3.0
Due October 9, 2013

Details soon (promise!)  :) Yay!!