September 24, 2009

I *love* having a girl!

Truth be told, I wanted a boy. Since I can remember I wanted 2 boys first and then my girl. I remember being so stinking excited that I was having a boy when we first "thought" we were having a boy. I started browsing cute boy clothes, boy toys, KU outfits, etc. Then whenever we found out that boy was actually a girl, I was shocked. I remember laying there being scanned with my hand over my mouth, mouthing oh my god over and over and over again. Then I remember squealing like a little girl. I couldn't believe it. I was way more excited then I thought I'd be. On the flip side, I was also a little disappointed because I had already planned so many things for this boy we thought we are having. Well all that disappointment went flying out the window shortly after it all sunk in.

So needless to say, I *heart* this little girl and I *heart* having this girl and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And the best part of having a girl is... dressing that sweet child up!

Today we put on our first pair of shoes.

I'll admit it. I'm a shopaholic. Especially for cute little girl clothes. She has a ton of outfits, more than I can probably count. So I was going through her shoe bin today and found these shoes that I totally forgot about. I also found another pair of shoes I forgot about too. But I have yet to find the perfect outfit for them. Anyways, these were the first shoes I bought her shortly after finding out she was a she, not a he.
So today we planned our outfit around them!! How cute is she?!?
Now hopefully she won't have *another* blowout and we can keep this outfit on all day!!

Oh, and take a good look at the pics. Miss Lylabug does have little bows, too!

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