September 11, 2009


This may be an off-the-wall post, so please forgive. I'm exhausted.

While I was pregnant, I would always think about what Lyla would look like. We had a name for her, but no face to put to the name quite yet. Every time I saw a baby, I would automatically wonder if our baby was going to be cute. There are ugly duckling babies out there whether you want to admit it or not. I remember one little boy from when I lived in Pennsylvania. Now don't hate, but we called this little boy ugly duckling. He wasn't a cute kid at all. Again, don't hate. I wouldn't call anyone's baby that nowadays (I was like, 7 at the time).

Anyways, one of my biggest fears of having Lyla was that she wasn't going to be a cute baby. And you people, if you know me well, know I love cuteness. If I do something Sean doesn't like, I always use this line... "But I'm cute". I have no trouble admitting it, though I don't really mean it. It's more of a joke. Anyways, again, I didn't want her to be non-cute.

But... the minute I saw her, I knew she was beautiful. She was adorable and definitely cute. Very cute. She could be covered in poop (like today) and I'll still think she's cute.

She is, my friends, indeed very, very cute!

P.S. Wanna know why she's cute? Because she takes after her momma, duh!
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