September 27, 2012


 One of the first things I ever pinned on pinterest was something similar to this. I finally did. Mark that pin off of the 1300 other pins on there I still haven't completed. Darn pinterest.

Anywho, since they both had birthdays - it was the best time to finally do this. 

Enjoy :) (You can click on them to get them bigger)

September 25, 2012

Birthday Zoo trip

 Still catching up on birthday posts! On Lyla's birthday, we headed to Rolling Hills for the morning! We packed a lunch and had a picnic there before heading in to see the animals! Lyla loved it and all she wanted to see were elephants, which they have non of. But if you ask her what her favorite animal was there, she said the monkeys! The kids did so good with the trip and we all had fun!

 He's so big! :(
 If you know me at all, I'm freakishly scared of turtles. They give me chills, my heart races, uck - not a fan of them at all. Apparently that goes for statue turtles as well! I don't like ANY type of amphibian, for the record.

 Family picture! I think we all had the most fun feeding the animals in the kid part of the zoo! Or maybe, that was me! :)
 After the zoo, we headed to Salina and did a little shopping and then ate dinner with Ty and KK! Sushi, of course! :) 
When we got home late that night, but woke up the kids to open Lyla's presents and eat some birthday cupcakes! Lyla got a FHSU shirt, a toy that teaches you to write your letters, fake food for her kitchen (Melissa and Doug toys are the best!) and a few books.

We also hung balloons from each of their doors on the night of their birthdays. We hung Lyla's on the eve of her birthday and during the night she came to our room and never even noticed them!
 The birthday boy on the morning of his birthday (the next day).
 Saturday morning was Cohen's present time! He got a toy ipad thing, a turtle roller thing (that Lyla's plays with more!), a 4 wheeler toy, books, and a toy shape sorter!

 My girl and I in the morning! We are blessed with such great kids!
That night we had cake, went out to eat at Applebee's (1st birthday tradition) and then went to the FHSU soccer game! :) 

Happy Birthday to my kiddos! Mommy and Daddy LOVE you!


 The evening of Cohen's birthday, we went and did a few pictures so I could get a pose similar to Lyla's from her 1st birthday. Same spot. Same pose! Yes, I'm that mom!

Oh, I just love him!

September 24, 2012

Birthday wishes!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet niece, Abi!! :) Love you to the moon back!!!

Cake smashing

 So I've yet to have a smash cake session with Cohen! I had plans to - even had the cake, but then he was fighting a cold and ear infection so I didn't figure it would go over well.  So, we let him just eat a little of his smash cake on his birthday! Isn't it the cutest cake. Our cake lady does an awesome, awesome job! And they taste super yummy!

 Cake, please!

Needless to say, he loved it! :) He's got a bit of a sweeth tooth! :)

Cohen Finn ::13 months::

 I can't believe you are more of a toddler than a baby. Luckily, with you being so little, you still feel very much like a baby to me! 

 - You finally hit 17 lbs! :) 
- You wear 6 month clothes, size 2 shoes, and size 3 diapers.
- You sleep about 11 hours a night from 8:30-7:30 and nap 1 or 2 times a day. The best naps are in the afternoon!

- You are a great eater now and want to eat constantly! You love pretty much everything! 
- You can sign more and do it a lot whenever you are eating and want more food!
- You also take a sippy cup really well now and no longer take a bottle!

- Still no words and very minimal sounds. You say "eh" alot and will babble d sounds.
- You've battled chronic ear infections and just recently had another which could attribute to your lack of speech. Sometimes you'll say the uh part of uh-oh.
- You do sign more consistently and sometimes all done.
- When you want something you walk around, point and say eh.

- You'll wave hi and bye and at night night.
- Will give wide open mouths kiss if we ask for them.
- Will blow kisses too!

 - You scrunch your nose every time you smile and I LOVE it about you!
- If we tell you no or take something away you'll throw a major fit!
- You whine. A lot!

- You are a full time walker and are pretty much running now.
- You love to dance to music!
- You love to climb on and off of things!
- You are not shy at all and will go to anyone! You love to be held so you are game with anyone that will hold you!
We love you, little boy! :)

September 23, 2012

Family pictures

 In August, we had family pictures taken and I'm in love! :) I was a bit nervous being on the other side of the camera but all went well and the kids were pretty good! I had major issues with what I was going to wear so I can only imagine what my clients feel like when they try and get outfits coordinated! 

 A fellow photog friend from Colorado took these for us and I'm so pleased with how they turned out! She did fabulous! The only problem?? I have no idea what I want to print! :) I suppose that is a good problem to have!

I love my little family! So blessed!