August 31, 2009

2 weeks old!

Time is flying. For the past 10 months I wanted time to fly and at times it did. But the last 4 weeks of the pregnancy went so incredibly slow. Actually make that 5 weeks since I went a week over. But now that Lyla is here, I want time to slow down a little. It's hard to believe that she was born 2 weeks ago.

We had her 2 week well baby check. And guess what... we have an oinker on our hands. Miss Lyla managed to gain 7 1/2 ounces in 5 days! She now weighs 7 lbs 7.5 oz. This puts her in the 25th percentile for her age. Her head circumference was in the 80th percentile and her height was 20 1/2 inches putting her in the 50th percentile. I'm assuming someone either measured wrong today or measured her wrong at birth, because I'm pretty sure she didn't shrink.

Some stats for her 2 week.

- Had her first road trip and did great!
- Slept for two 4-hour stretches 2 nights in a row.
- Attended her second wedding.
- Went to both the grandparents houses for the first time.
- Her umbilical cord fell off on 08.27.09.
- Had her first bottle of breast milk.
- Is nursing much, much better.
- Has no routine what-so-ever.
- Poops like a champ and burps like her dad.
- Now has a lacrimal duct obstruction to her right eye. (Clogged tear duct)

We've had soo much fun with her so far. This past weekend when we were in Great Bend Sean had his first of many up for 2 hours crying session with Lyla. I think he hit a frustration point and passed her off to me! He did well, but I think it stressed him out a bit. But because I'm just awesome like that, I got her to sleep in 5.2. :)

Well, I'll post tomorrow about Mission: Get rid of the blob, which I'm going to refer to as GROTB. I forgot to weigh myself this morning so I'll do that tomorrow. And my Shred DVD came in the mail so I'm going to start that tomorrow, too.

Well I hear a crying baby, so I'm off! Happy Monday!

August 29, 2009

Busy, busy Rodger's

And we are off again. Miss Lyla is going to be a world class traveler by the time she's 5. Luckily, so far, she's a great traveler. We made our first trip, just her and I, yesterday and she did fabulous. I think she likes being in the car... as long as we are moving. She was wide awake for the trip and only cried when I stopped in Russell for food at Sonic. Other than that, she did great! I wasn't nervous about the trip, but maybe a little apprehensive as I didn't know how she'd do. But I had nothing to worry about!

Well I have lots to post about, well not a lot, but some including super cute outfits. Have I mentioned how cute my baby girl is? Just thought I'd throw that out there again!

I'll post soon but wanted to say Congrats to Regina and Greg. I'm a bridesmaid in their wedding today in T-4 hours! Which reminds me, I should get ready!!

Have a great Saturday!!

August 25, 2009

Tummy time

So today I decided we'd start working on tummy time! I was hoping to do it this morning but I was exhausted and Lyla was sleeping. If baby girl sleeps, so does this momma. In the future I'm hoping to do it in the mornings since she's the most awake.

Nothing else too exciting around here. We did a lot of relaxing and snuggling. I did manage to vacuum, fold clothes, pet roll the furniture, brush Miss Reese and nurse a million times. Sean even made the comment that the house looked nice, so that's a plus he noticed. He also asked if I loved staying at home and my answer... YES! I love this and I'm totally in my element. Unfortunately we have bills to pay and right now can't afford to stay home. But hopefully in the future and at the latest, by the time we have another baby.

Well here's a pic of tummy time. I thought I got a really cute video but for some reason my camera is acting dumb. She wasn't a big fan of it and kept rolling off the mini boppy pad. So cute!! Hopefully I'll get a video of it tomorrow. Until then, just pictures.

Also, I want to make a slide show with music of Lyla's birth and visitors, etc. I don't want to use power point, so what other options are out there. I haven't googled it yet, but I thought I'd see if anyone else that reads this has tried it.

We have a doc appt at 9 tomorrow and then a few errands to run. I think, if Lyla is cooperative, we are going to stop by work and say hello to the girls and Matt. I also got to run to Wal-mart and if I'm feeling extra good, I thought about walking around the mall (but without my wallet) since it's so stinkn' hot outside. I am feeling a little weak today, so we'll see how tomorrow goes.

Have a great night!!

Lyla meeting Miss Reese.

Don't you just love those lips?

August 24, 2009

1 week

This past week has flown by. Out of 7 days we have spent 5 of them at Hays Medical Center. Not how I imagined spending my first week with Miss Lyla, but I guess you got to do what ya got to do. It's hard to believe 1 week ago I was in labor and at 7:06 1 week ago, she was born and I fell fast in love! She's so precious and Sean and I are beyond lucky having this little girl!

We had her weight check today and everything look good. She weighed just about 7 lbs and I'm still allowed to nurse since her weight is looking good. I also no longer have to use a SNS system, which helped Lyla nurse better and gave her more breast milk. So we are now just strictly nursing and a little pumping on the side to build up my stash for when I'm back to work. We go back on Wednesday to check her weight again so please pray for her to gain a few more ounces. They say a baby should gain about an ounce a day so 2-3 ounces would be great!

Also, Miss Lyla got to meet her best friend today. My parents brought Reese back home today when they came to visit. It was quite interesting watching Reese try to figure out what was squirming and making noises in the swing. She still isn't sure about her but she has quit barking and whining at her at the present so that's a plus. Since Reese is such a nervous nelly it'll probably take some time before she's actually calm around the baby. Oh wait, Reese is never calm. Scratch that idea! However, I think eventually she'll be Lyla's best friend. I remember growing up with my dog and I can't wait for Lyla to be able to do that as well!

Here's a few 1 week stats. (ETA)

- Sleeps about 1.5-3 hours at a time.
-Nurses 25-30 minutes about 10-12 times a day and keeps getting better at it.
- Loves to wear big bows on her head.
- Had her first hospital stay for jaundice.
- Weighed 7 lbs at her appt today.
- Had her first trip to Applebees.
- Attended her first wedding.

Really, that's about all I got. Not much else she can do right now! :) Tomorrow we are starting some tummy time so we'll see how that goes.

Here's a 1 week pic of my princess! (She wasn't up for taking a cute picture!!)

What does that spell?

For a very long time I was super excited to have a baby bump. I couldn't wait to be pregnant and show off how adorable I was going to look. Well I had to scratch that idea around 35 weeks whenever I blew up into a beluga whale. I got ginormous! Well that wonderful, ginormous bump left me with what I have now named, "The blob".

It's not pretty and I don't like it one bit. I'm super ready for the "blob" to leave and to be skinny and have a flat stomach again. Hopefully this happens sooner rather than later. I probably deserve the "blob" because, as they say, karma is a bitch. I have a sweet friend Becca that let me pick on her post-pregnancy stomach (I won't refer to it as a blob for her. She might not appreciate that! Love you Bec!). Well my time has come and I guess I probably deserve it. Anyways, since I'll never be a polka dot bikini wearer again due to stretch marks, I'd still like to look good in what I wear. No harm in that right?

So here's some stats. I gained 33 lbs and ended up weighing 174. Yes, I know. Wow, that's a lot. As of today I weigh 154. So that's 20 down and 13 to go. Except I want to get back down to what I weighed at my wedding so that would be 120-125 so technically I have 34 lbs to lose. At the least, I'd like to be 130 by the end of 60 days and then hopefully close to 120-125 by my brothers' wedding. I may be day dreaming that this is going to actually happen, but I'm going to try. And I won't be doing anything drastic because I don't want to mess with my milk supply as Miss Lyla is number one right now.

So the mission is to get rid of the blob. I'm thinking of trying The Shred, except instead of doing it in 30 days I'm going to do it in 60. Anyone a fan of it? I think between that, eating right, and breastfeeding I should be able to do it. Oh, and the only reason I'm blogging this is to be accountable for actually doing it. I'm even going to post my weight (gasp, it won't be pretty) and weekly I'll update it. It'll be on my sidebar in case you are interested.

So here is a picture of the "blob" that must go. I suppose for 1 week post-partum it really isn't that bad, but I'm still no fan of it.

You have now been recruited as my cheerleader. Gimme a B, gimme a L, gimme O, gimme a B. What does that spell?!? :)

Also stay tuned. I'll be doing another post. But this time it involves a super cute baby girl that turned 1 week old!! :) My baby is growing up... tear, tear!

August 23, 2009

A quickie...

I'm exhausted and I think one cute little gal is going to be hungry (again) here in a few.

Miss Lyla is doing so much better now! I still think she has a bit of yellow to her so she spent a good portion of the a.m. laying in her bouncer in front of the window "getting a tan". She's definitely not near as yellow as she was before, which is good.

Saturday she had her first real outing. Sean's cousin Tyler married a fabulous lady, Miss Kayla. I wouldn't have missed it for the world (of course, unless I was still in the hospital). It was a beautiful wedding and Kayla looked stunning. And Ty looked great, too! :) We managed to arrive on time and overall had a great experience. Maybe a little stressful planning everything, but remember, I love planning. I had to nurse and pump in my backseat of the Durango which made for an experience, but overall it went well.

Let see, what else. Um... wanna know about nursing? Probably so, because everyone else likes to ask about it. Honestly, it isn't going the best, but it's getting better. She doesn't latch on so I have to use this shield every time. I think my milk just came in today, but honestly I'm not sure. When people tell me stories about their milk supply mine is nothing like that. But since we got a bit of a late start, maybe it'll keep getting better. So in the mean time, I'm a pumping machine. As much as I want to nurse, I've come to terms with the idea it might not be the best thing for me or her and if needed, I'll probably just end up exclusively pumping and breastfeeding here and there. It also depends what the doc has to say tomorrow at the appt. Hopefully she's gaining some of the weight back so I don't need to supplement with formula. I'm hoping, praying and pleading I won't need to do that.

Other than that, all is well. Super tired but so in love, so it's worth it.

Well, I'm off. We have our appt tomorrow and I'll update then!!

P.S. Don't you love the dress?!?! I do! Thanks again, Aunt Kelci!

August 20, 2009

She's here!!!

Ready for it?!?!?!

Miss Lyla Ainsley (pronounced like Ans-ley) made her debut Monday August 17, 2009 at 7:06 p.m. She weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 21 inches long. We are madly in love with her!!!! Labor sucked but I managed. And yes, with an epidural that didn't work the best, but it helped. Labor lasted 11 hours and I pushed for an hour and 15 minutes. She came out just perfectly and had apgars of 8 at 1 minute and 10 at 5 minutes. She did really well the first 2 days but unfortunately now has jaundice and we are back into the hospital. I'll explain more later as I'm exhausted and ready for a nap!

Oh, and nursing isn't going the best but we are trucking along. It's actually been nice to be back in the hospital as I'm getting some more help with the whole nursing thing. Miss Lyla has no patience (hmm, who does she get that from??) and doesn't want to latch or stay latched on. Plus she doesn't have much energy and is pretty lethargic due to being jaundiced. Hopefully once my milk comes in we'll have more success.

Here's a few pictures of our princess. Plenty, plenty more to come!

Under the bili lights

Right before leaving for her first doctor appointment

Getting ready to go home in her KU outfit!

At her doctor's appt. I love her bow!

Daddy and Lyla rocking out the KU outfits!

Family KU picture

Momma and Lyla

August 16, 2009

1 day to go...

and I'm not gonna lie. I'm starting to freak. Ok, maybe not freak. But definitely nervous. It's pretty much all I keep thinking about.

I'll be quite honest. I'm a baby. Big baby. My pain tolerance is ZERO. None. Nothing. Zip.Zap.Zero. So the idea of pain in probably freaking me out more than anything. I really haven't thought about the idea of labor until now. I wasn't worried about it for the longest time, but now knowing that it's coming, I'm getting nervous. Which is expected I guess.

It's so hard to fathom that the time is here. I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant and thinking that 9 months was such a long time from then. I think it came a lot faster than I thought it would. I'm so ready, but at the same time... maybe I'm not.

I'm going to miss feeling my baby girl move around in my belly. I'll miss her hiccups and gym time. Probably won't miss tap dance sessions on my bladder all that much though. I'll miss hearing her heartbeat at the appointments. I'll miss my cute belly minus the stretch marks. I won't miss peeing 85 times a day nor having to get up once an hour to pee. I'll miss laying on the couch with my feet up, feeling her move around. I won't miss my sausage toes or cankles or my chipmunk face. I'll miss my maternity jeans but won't miss not being able to touch my toes or struggling putting on my shoes. I also won't miss looking like a beluga whale. And look forward to my old clothes. But mostly, I look forward to seeing and holding my baby girl... it's gonna be great. It will make all this so entirely worth it.

Lets see... I think we are ready. Ready for whatever is in store for us. I keep telling Sean whenever we do something that this is the last time we'll do it as a family of three (Reese counts). We are going to go on a walk tonight and it'll be the last walk we take as just a family of three. We went to Wal-mart today and it was the last time we'll go to Wal-mart as a family of three. I'm not sad that we'll no longer be a family of three, it's just strange to think about it. We start a new life tomorrow and it's going to be amazing. I can't wait.

See you soon, baby girl!

August 15, 2009

And still nothing...

Again, still no baby. Nor any signs of a baby. Ugh.

We got the house in order tonight and are just about ready for Monday. I have a few photography orders to fill and then I'll be good. The house is clean, the bags are pretty much packed, laundry is done, dishes are done, and yeah, we are ready. At least we think.

Guess we'll find out sooner or later!!

August 14, 2009


Still no baby. GGrrr... Doesn't she know her mother is impatient and miserable?

Anyways, and that's about how exciting my blog is going to be tonight!! Night ya'll!

August 13, 2009


I love planning. I love having a planner. My planner is my life. Everything goes into my planner. I have the days bills are due. Appts. Birthdays. Anniversaries. You name it, it's in that book. And today, I got to add another date down...


Yes friends. This baby is really coming. And even though for the longest time I didn't believe she was coming, I now feel much, much better knowing she'll be here no later than Monday or Tuesday. But hopefully Monday. At my appointment today I received nothing but good news. I didn't gain an ounce. I actually lost 2 ounces, but who is counting. Her heartbeat was 136 and the NST went great. Whenever we went into the room to set up for the NST, the nurse (love her) mentioned that she scheduled me for my induction on Monday. I about died. I did my little girl giggle and gave her a big hug. From then on, I couldn't stop smiling. And I'm pretty sure I haven't stopped yet. I'm SO ready for this!!! Even though it's only 4 days away, it seems like forever a way still. Tomorrow is my last day of work and it's also a half day for me. So I have errands to run after that and maybe a movie tomorrow night. Then Saturday evening we are heading to Sean's parents for a mexican dinner. Then Sunday we are going to clean up the house and hang out. Hopefully we'll get some sleep! But I really doubt it!

Here's a few pics. One of our camera's is retarded and won't upload pics using the USB cord so I had to take it to Walmart and get the pictures burned to a CD. So for your viewing pleasure.

She wanted a pic with the bump!

Love you guys!

During my NST today!

August 12, 2009


A couple of months ago, I put an ad on Nex-tech looking for someone that does embroidery. I love embroidery and wanted to embroider a bunch of baby things. A few onesies, a hat, ribbon for pacifier clips, and a pillow for the baby's room. I got a few inquiries and picked a lady out of Odin named Michele from One of a kind creations. She had experience and had done a lot of crafts. I was super excited.... but now I'm not so much.

I sent those things almost a month ago and have yet to receive contact from her regarding my items. And stupidly, one day I was cleaning out my inbox and deleted an e-mail from her so I've lost her e-mail addy, which was our only form of contact. So I remembered she had a website and was able to bring it up and contacted her through there. Well, that was a week ago and I've yet to hear anything back. She was really good with communication as I normally got an e-mail back from her that same day or the day after. So I tried looking for her website again and now I'm not able to bring it up. I did a history search of all the websites I've been too and I can't find it there either. I'm really, really hoping I haven't been played for a fool. I've googled for her website over and over (I know it's ooak something) and haven't come up with anything. I even remember a few of the things she sold and googled those too, and not a thing is coming up. One thing did come up but the URL couldn't be found.

I'm not to happy. So if you know someone named Michele from Odin, KS that does embroidery and has a craft business, tell her I'm looking for her.

GRRR baby.

August 11, 2009

Nothing yet...

Still no baby. Not that I honestly thought she'd be here. But I'm informing everyone else, what I know is true. This baby is not coming out on her own. She's loving my uterus right now.

Nothing to exciting today. I did lose my mucus plug today for anyone that wants to know. Sean was super grossed out about that considering he is quite disgusted by the word mucus plug. So therefore, it's been said a lot today and it was quite funny. Oh, my husband.

I got off work early and took a much need 3 1/2 hour nap. Heavenly. I love sleep.

Well, that sums up my day. We just got back from a walk and I'm off to enjoy my bowl of cookies n' cream ice cream. Mmm.

August 10, 2009

The low-down

My appointment went pretty good. Her heartbeat was 128 and I gained ZERO lbs. Not even an ounce. They had me do another non-stress test and everything was fine.

And for some good news....

I'm finally dilated to a 1. He also stripped my membranes (um, ouch). That probably wasn't the funnest thing I've done today. But hopefully it'll help. I go back on Thursday for another check and another non-stress test and we'll talk about an induction. I laid down the law with him to get me induced this week, but it didn't work. Actually, if you know me well, you know I didn't lay down the law at all. But I did ask... but was denied. But it won't be any later than next week. So I'm hoping on Thursday we can pick a day. That'll make me feel better. Other than that, not to much else. Oh, I do start my maternity leave next Monday. I'm not gonna lie. I'm super excited. It'll be a nice and much needed break from work. Sure I'll be "working" at home, but that is work I want to do!

I soooo can't wait to meet her!

Here's the scoop.
How far along?: 40 weeks
Total weight gain: 33
lbs - I didn't gain an ounce at this last appointment. I surely thought I'd gain a lot since I ate a million pounds of food at Herzog.
How big is baby?: around 7ish pounds.
Maternity clothes?: Of course.
Stretch marks?:Yuppers. Someday I will grow to love them... but not right now!
Sleep?:I get up to pee a lot more during the night and I'm still on the couch. Which Sean loves. He loves sleeping in the middle of the bed!
Best moment this week?: Finding out she'll be here no later than next week.
Movement?: She's a rolling, dancing fool in there.
Food cravings?: This past week it was dumplings and potatoes and gator tators from Herzog. Also, still on the lemonade kick.
Labor signs?: Still contractions daily but none that hurt.
Belly button in or out?: Out.
What I miss: Cuddling with the hubby. The bump kinda gets in the way.
What I'm looking forward to: sleep, margaritas, and of course, meeting her.
Milestone: Just making it another week without losing my sanity. I'm going with this answer again.

Oh, and here's a thought to ponder. Sean made mention of this the other day. It had me laughing pretty good, too. Why is it that whenever a baby is born the always gives the weight and height whenever they tell people the baby is here. Sean said it's not like I go up to people when I meet them and say, "Hi. I'm Sean. 5' 10" 170 lbs." It would be quite a scene if that was how my hubby introduced himself to someone new!!

ETA: FYI, Sean wanted me to edit his height as I denied him an inch. He is 5'10" not 5'9". Also, he wanted me to mention that he weighed 165 last night until this a.m.

There ya go honey. I hope you have our pride back.

Alright, we'll I'm off. Peace out cub scout!

August 9, 2009

1 day

Yup, only one day left til my due date. Man, I'm so stinkn' ready. This wait is driving me CRAZY! My appt is tomorrow, so maybe I'll get some good news. Or not.

This weekend has flown by, but we had so much fun! I love herzogfest. I've said that before, haven't I! :) I got my German food, twice, 3 snow cones, gator tators twice, a cheeseburger and fresh-squeezed lemonade. I'm kinda afraid for my weight check tomorrow. Oh well, it was sooo worth it. It's a lot different to attend herzogfest sober vs. a tad bit wasted. We mostly just walked around and kept running into people. I think I was asked when the baby was due about 20 times, no joke. And most people were shocked to hear 3 or 2 days. I was hoping with all the walking we did, she'd pop out. But no such luck. Saturday wasn't as fun, but it normally isn't. It's much more calm and we ended up going home just before 10 and watched the fireworks from our porch. Poor Miss Reese hid in the bathroom again. Then we headed over to our next door neighbors to chat for a bit and then came home. For the record, I managed to stay awake until 12 both nights. Without a nap. That hasn't happened in a while! :)

No big plans today. Sean is off golfing in Russell with a friend and I'll be cleaning, doing laundry, and computer stuff. Heck, maybe I'll pack my bag today in hopes for good news tomorrow.

Or not.

August 6, 2009

Itchy, itchy, itchy.

Here is a few pics of Miss Reese eating her cake last night. She is such a baby. She was scared of the plate on the floor until I fed some to her and then she went after it.

Wanna know what my title is about? Well, it seems I've come down with some sort of rash. And it's driving me crazy. It started yesterday on my hands and I took some Benadryl for it at work, which wiped my out. I ended up sleeping my whole lunch break. I then took some more in the afternoon and then slept the whole evening pretty much. So I knew I couldn't do that again. So after a call into my OB nurse, she recommended Tylenol (I had a low-grade temp), more Benadryl and an oatmeal bath. So I ended up leaving work and headed straight to Wally Martinez and purchased some oatmeal bath. But I don't think it did any good. I'm still itchy everywhere. The only time I'm not itchy is when I take the Benadryl and I end up falling asleep. I slept from about 10 til 6 today with a minor break to take another bath and eat lunch. So I'll be calling OB again and see what the next step is. I have NO idea what it is, but I can tell you it's driving me nutzo.

In good news, it's Herzogfest this weekend!!! Sean and I love herzog! They have delicious food and great music. The best part is that it's just a few steps away from my house. In previous years, I may have drank just a bit to much so this year I'll actually remember what's going on and all that jazz. Oh, and I'm sooo excited for German food and gator tators. Oh, and a snow cone. Love me some snow cones!!! So if you make it over to Victoria, look for me. I'm the one the resembles the beluga whale! :)

August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to...


Three years ago my adorable dog was born!!! Sean thinks it is dumb that I am celebrating her birthday. Do I care what he thinks? No. But I know that he will enjoy the cake that I made her.

Yes. I made my dog a cake.

Other than that, nothing too exciting.

Still knocked up.
Still kinda miserable.
Still hurting.
Still impatient.

Oh, I heart my life! :)

August 4, 2009


Many people have opinions. Actually, majority of people have opinions, it's just that not everyone on this planet expresses their opinions. Especially when they aren't needed. Wanna know where this post is going?

My good ol' hubby loves to give his opinion. Recently it's been about how impatient I'm being. Am I being impatient? OF COURSE! I'm about to meet my daughter any day ( or actually it feels like NEVER). Anyone would be impatient. But besides the fact I get to meet her soon, my body is being TORTURED. I can't sleep. My hip hurts. I'm WAY moody (just ask Sean). My back hurts HORRIBLY. Get my drift?

Anyways Sean keeps telling me to be patient every time I mentioned that the baby is never coming. I think he's finally learned it is best for him not to say that anymore!!! But other people have not. Which is why, here shortly, if another person tells me to be patient they may be slapped. Really. Not joking. Try me.

Another thing that is driving me nuts is people telling me how it's going to be with a baby. Really? Do you live my life? No. Therefore these people have no idea what it's going to be like for us. Yes, I understand things will change. But our life is not going to be over just because we are having kids. In our baby's first few weeks of life, she'll be attending 2 weddings, a bridal shower, 2 trips to the lake, etc. Will we be tired? Yes. Will it take more planning? Of course. Is our social life over? NO!

Ok. End of rant. Thanks for listening.

August 3, 2009


Anyone wanna guess what kinda of progress I made at my appointment today?

I'll give you a clue. It's not a number between 1 and 10.

I'm glad I didn't have my hopes up. I still wanted to cry whenever he told me that. I told him he was not my favorite person that day. So I didn't get any good news except that baby girl is still doing great. I gained 1 pound and I actually forgot to ask what the heartbeat was because I was chit chatting with the nurse. I'd assume around the 13o's. I'm still only measuring at 36 weeks so the doctor had me do a non-stress test. Basically I laid in a chair and was suppose to click a button whenever the baby moved. Well, baby girl is like her mother and just wanted to sleep so we didn't get any good results. They even had me drink pop (yuck) and it didn't help. I haven't had pop in ages! The last time I had pop was with a mixed drink and even that was over a year ago. Oh, and during the NST, I had 2 contractions and didn't even know it. So even though I'm having contractions, my vajayjay is closed up tight and nothing is coming out anytime soon. We have a work pool where everyone guessed what day they thought the baby was going to be born. Today was my day. And I'm losing big time! Grr...

OH, and we did have a "talk" about inducing and it doesn't look favorable for anytime soon because since my cervix seems so happy staying closed and not dilating. An induction would most likely lead to a C-section. So we'll see what happens at my next appointment. Also, he mentioned he would strip my membranes and when he did the internal, he was like, "Um, no stripping for you today. I can't even try." Grrr... him and my cervix are my least favorite people/body parts today. And they probably will be for the next 3 weeks when she NEVER comes.

My mom and dad arrived and we got a lot accomplished. I have much cleaner carpets, a super clean bathroom and a nice and tidy kitchen. Oh and my craft room is much more organized. But I hurt from being on the floor and getting up and down. Mucho thanks to my momma or else it all would have never got finished. I at least feel better about the baby coming home now. Oh, and I implemented a new rule that probably won't last long. No more shoes in the house. That's a big reason for the stains on the carpet in the living room. But like I said, we'll see how long it lasts.

Well Seany and I are off to the lake for some fun. His cousin Sonya is heading out with us to hang out and relax. I'm super excited because this may be the last time we are out there with the boat. Tear.

Peace kids.

August 2, 2009

A beluga whale...

is now what I refer myself as. Spectacular, huh? See a resemblance?

So far, baby girl is being a stubborn "renter" and not listening to her eviction notice. Everyday we have a "talk" and I'm trying my best to get her out. She only has 8, yes 8, days before her lease is up. She is well-cooked and very ready to make an appearance in this world. Lots of people are waiting for her to arrive. And there is 1 certain, impatient, momma waiting for her body back. I'm not sure if this girl knows how many cute clothes await for her outside the uterus. And I'm talking super cute clothes. Oh, and matching bows. And socks. Shoes. You name it. I've got it. Except I don't have a purse for her yet. But don't worry, she will someday. A plethora of purses.

My appt is in the morning and I'm not expecting any progress. That way I can't be disappointed, right? Wrong. I'll be disappointed no matter what since she's not here yet. Still, I got my hopes up high last time and was quite disappointed. We are also going to have a "talk" with the Doc about inducing options if she isn't here by her due date. Once again, we've got places to go, people to see, weddings to attends, and cute clothes to wear. I think the Doc will see my point. And if he doesn't then I'm bribing with cookies, cakes, or money.

On another note, I'm off work tomorrow and Granna and Pops are headed up to our neck of the woods to hang out and help me clean. I've been having a small nesting urge. Actually just a very, very small urge. My mom is going to clean our carpets because they are disgusting and my dad is going to do a few handy man things around the house. Here's my list. Pray it all gets accomplished.

1. Carpets cleaned.
2. Baseboards cleaned.
3. Kitchen floor cleaned.
4. Bathroom cleaned. (Tub, toilet, sink, floor.)
5. Clutter put away or thrown away.
6. Craft room cleaned and organized.
7. Desk area cleaned up.
8. More baby clothes put away.
9. Hospital bag packed. (Yup, still haven't done that.)
10. Dust.
11. Back door fixed. Maybe painted.
12. Some thingy installed that goes over the carpet and kitchen tile so that I don't stub my toe anymore.
13. No playing on the Internet. (Good luck to myself on this one!)

I have about 5 hours or so to complete this. This I can accomplish? I sure hope so. If Sean can switch with a guy from work, we are hoping he'll get off early and then we are going to go to the lake for a little bit in the evening with his cousin, Sonya. Maybe we'll bounce this baby out if anything!

Well I'm off for the night. Hope ya'll had a great weekend!