February 29, 2012

Pig tails

Believe it or not, but today was the first time I have ever put pig tails in Miss Lyla's hair. I'm not a huge fan of pig tails so I've never really had the desire to do it to her hair. At first I left them just hang out and it looked ridiculous (probably the reason I'm not a fan of them) but once I tucked them under and poofed it some, they kinda grew on me. It also helps that she is super cute! so I may just do these again.

This is a daily happening in our house as well. It's the only way I can get her to let me do her hair without her crying or screaming like I'm killing her. True story...but the second you put some sort of electronic in her face the drama stops. Drama queen!

Horrible picture of me, but still to cute of us not to post! Notice the basketball goal in the background?? Sean is starting them young! :) P.S. I really need some sun!

Mr. Cohen - he has been army crawling ALL over the house today.

Mimi came and watched the kids for a while this morning and so I got to get a little work done! It is always nice to work on my computer without a cute little girl say me help too! Oh and I wanted to remember this - If we have to talk to her sternly or even tell her no a couple times, she comes up to us, crosses her arms and tell us in a super sad face to "No, yell at me". It's entirely too cute when she does it, but I see her being a handful here soon. She's getting a little tude' on her!

Lyla's hair after her nap - she's a crazy sleeper! :) Lyla loves to take care of Cohen and was trying to "feed" Cohen.

Told ya, loves him! :)

Go Tigers

Last Saturday, we went and watched the Tigers last home game. I don't remember the score, but we won! :) I had a wedding that day, so I arrived late and met Sean and the kiddos there. Sean had ran into our neighbors and so we sat with them and got to catch up!

I think she was mad because she wanted more popcorn! :)

He's such a good little boy! He stayed awake for the whole thing and hardly fussed!

Until the next season...

February 28, 2012

Pretty kids and messy faces

I've gotten off the track of daily blogging to keep track of our daily happenings. Since I print these out and use them as a scrapbook/journal, I really want to get better at this! So, with that...

One of Lyla's favorite things to do after Cohen's morning nap is climb in his crib and play with him! Ignore the snot running down Cohen's face...it's a daily happening right now! Have I mentioned Cohen is the proud owner of 4 teeth? His bottom front two have come all the way through and the ones on the side of those have started poking through. They all came in one day, on the 20th. And yes, I just got bit today as well. The joys...

Ignore the mess and boxes in her room. We've started packing and sorting some stuff in her room!Her new smile... every time I ask her to smile for the camera, this is what I get?

After we got ready this morning, we headed to Russell and ate lunch at the Elks with Nana - Sean's grandma! We had fun catching up and we enjoyed seeing her! We decided to make it a monthly thing! When we got home, Lyla absolutely refused to nap and Cohen didn't want to fall asleep either, so we all cuddled together on the couch and ended up sleeping for 2 1/2 hours! That never happens. We slept so late that we were still sleeping when Sean got home from work! It was still fun though, cuddling with my babies! :)

Cohen started giving me kisses today!

I love him ;)

This morning I made Cohen some baby food. I made him some sweet potatoes! And the verdict is that he loved it! Which was a nice surprise, because so far he hasn't had to much interest in food. I also gave him a few puffs to try and he was definitely not impressed with them!

Love them!

And now because we slept so late this afternoon, Miss Lyla is still kicking it! I would love to have 1 child that loves to sleep like I do! ;)

Lately happenings...

Apparently I haven't been good about blogging lately! Nor have I been good at taking pictures of my own kids. Even with my "slow" season here right now, I've actually been quite busy, which has been a blessing!

So what has been going on....

- Sean just finished playing his rec 3 on 3 league and now started up a rec volleyball team in Russell. I must say basketball is much more interesting and enjoyable to watch. I have a hard time paying attention to the volleyball game whenever we go and watch! Besides that, he is training for a 1/2 marathon in April, so he's been plenty busy.

- I've been busy with my photography and keeping a float around the house. I've had high hopes for doing so many more crafts but the 2 kids keep me busy enough. I've been doing a few special orders for some friends, so its been nice getting to do some crafts. I too signed up for a 5K and need to get to running more. I have about 6 or 7 week until the race. I have not been motivated to workout but considering I still have baby weight to lose, I really need to get on that. Exercising has always given me more energy - now I just need to find motivation to get it started! :)

- Lyla has been so fun and such a handful at the same time. She is constantly asking questions and is learning so much. The child will finally count to 6, which is a plus. But she can be quite the stubborn little thing! Now that she is 2 1/2 I still need to do a blog post on her and take some pictures. Hoping she will get completely healthy soon as she has been fighting an on and off cold/cough since New Years!

-Oh Mr. Cohen - he is getting so big. He officially is army crawling and trying so hard to get up on his hands and knees. I'm not ready for this AT ALL! He is so much busier than Lyla was so that has kept things interesting around here! Not much babbling out of him yet, but I'm sure it'll be here sooner or later. Isn't really into food yet, but I also haven't pushed it like I did with Lyla. I'm making his food like I did with Lyla and need to get a stock pile going on that! He is still fighting a cough/runny nose as well but other than that, he's doing great! Here is a video of his army crawling! ( Don't ya love Ly just relaxing in her baby stroller? She is also eating a cookie that she stole off of the counter without us knowing! (: Stinker!)

- In family news, we are supposed to close on our house and also the house we have a contract on, on March 23rd, given bank appraisals and inspections go well! Considering our house is over a 100 years old, I'm a little nervous, so we are definitely praying all goes well! Sean is a bit sad to move out of this house but I am more than ready. Our little family has definitely out grown our space!! Here is too a new little adventure for our family!

Life is good - We are so blessed!!

February 27, 2012

Sisterly love

Lyla loooovvvveeessss Cohen. Love is an understatement actually. She wakes up from the night or from her nap and asks about him. She loves to play with him, read to him, tickle him, talk to him. She's a great big help with getting diapers and throwing them away. She will do anything for her brother and I have yet to hear here complain about him. I know that day is coming sometime, so for now I rejoice in the fact that they are best friends and love each other! It is so fun to see them interact with each other, especially now that Cohen is more active. I can't believe I was even worried that Lyla wouldn't adjust or love her brother once he arrived!

Oh I just love them!

February 23, 2012

Love him

These pics are horrible quality, but to cute not to share. I just love this sweet boy!

I'm having a hard time with him getting older. With Lyla, as a first time parent, I was so excited for her to do new things, and essentially grow up. With Cohen being 6 months old, I'm realizing just how much stuff he is going to begin doing in just a short more 6 months. He'll be crawling soon. He'll be babbling words, using a sippy cup, pulling up, etc. Truth is, I baby him way more than I ever did Lyla. With Lyla, Daddy does most of the babying towards her while I'm the disciplinary one.
I just want him to stay sweet and little... forever.

When he gets really excited he smiles like this...

6 months is proving to be a busy month for him. So far he has started scooting which has now turned to army crawling and has gotten 2 teeth all the way through and the 2 more that have broken the surface. My little boy is getting way to big, way to fast. Next thing I know he'll be off to college! And married. With kids. Ugh. I need a bubble for him. To keep him little forever!

I Love you Mr!

February 22, 2012

Cohen's Baptism

This little boy had a very special day. On Sunday, Feb 19th he got baptized! We are so blessed that family got to celebrate his special day with him!
He got baptized at the church Sean's parents attend and where Sean went to church as a little boy!
I really wanted to go with an old school suit and tie but in the end couldn't find what I wanted. So, he got the normal baptism outfit. He still looked pretty cute!

He did so good with the water - didn't even cry. Which didn't really surprise me because he loves his bath and don't cry when water is poured over him. He may be a swimmer like his Uncle Bro!

Lyla was in Heaven with all her favorite people being in one spot. She didn't quite know what was going on but loved all the attention!

We chose Sean's cousin Tyler and his wife Kayla to be Cohen's godparents and they are the perfect fit. They love Cohen like their own! Tyler and Kayla mean a lot to us and so it worked out perfect!
(Don't they look good with a baby?)

Three Generations!

Our sweet family

Lyla loves Tyler!

Us with Pastor Amy

The cake - it slid off of the base and I didn't want to mess it up with moving it! I wish I would have gotten a picture of the sides because it was my favorite part!

Our gift to him was a dog tag with the verse we have given him. Lyla had one too at her baptism and I had put it on a bracelet. Well jewelry for boys is a lot harder to come by, but I really love how it turned out!My baby! :)

These shoes are the shoes that Sean wore whenever he was baptized!

Uncle Bro and Aunt Kelci with the kids! Lyla spent majority of her time during church playing with them and playing on Uncle Bro's phone. She loves you guys!!

Sonya and Ryan
Don't they look good with kids! ;)We ended the day with going over to Nana's and all of us played cards!! A great way to end a perfect day! Thank you to everyone for coming and celebrating with us!