September 4, 2009

Lets Go Knights!

Lyla got to attend her first Victoria football game tonight. At first we thought the weather was going to be too yucky for us to go but then the good ol' sun decided to make its appearance and we headed towards the game. In the pictures she looks so mad, but truth is she was just hungry. She actually loves to be in her sling. I kept her in the sling for most of the game and she fell asleep for a while before the band woke her up! The outfit she is wearing today is by far my most favoritest outfit in the whole world of hers. I actually wish I could get it in every size but Old Navy stopped selling it long ago. Especially long ago if you consider I bought it 5 months before she was born!

Since her umbilical cord fell off last week we were able to start giving her real baths. Yesterday was the first time we did it and she cried through most of it. We had to give her another one today and she did much better. But she also pooped in it this time too. Made for some fun. I stuck her under the faucet and washed her off before we could resume. The tub we have has a sling in it so the poop all stayed on there so we didn't have to empty the whole tub in order to finish her bath!
Now that I look back at the pictures she looks like she cries all the time. Honestly, she's a happy baby. The only time she cries is when she's hungry, has to poop, or is over tired. We got really lucky (so far) and have a great baby on our hands!!
Well I just put Lyla down for the night so I'm off to sleep as well! We are headed to the lake tomorrow for a Luau with our lake friends. I've been looking forward to this for a few weeks! I love the lake and love hanging out with our crew. On Sunday we are headed to GB again for my soon to be SIL's bridal shower and Sean is helping Dad with some grass stuff. And Monday I'm resuming my photography and have a session with 7, yes 7, freshmen girls! That should make for a good time!
Hope you have a great holiday weekend!!!
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