September 22, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Yay! It's fall! Probably my favorite season! I love the weather, the clothes, the football and the holidays!

Speaking of holidays, the next one up for us is Halloween which means the princess of the house needs a costume. Oh, and we are talking about Lyla, not me! :)

Here's my top 2... pretty please with a cherry on top leave a comment and tell me which one you like. I know I have more than 2 people who read this, so come out of lurkdom and tell me whatcha think! This is her first Halloween after all! Oh, and I should mention Miss Reese is going to be a pumpkin. She also has a bee costume but Sean refuses to allow them to dress alike. I, on the other hand, think it will be super cute.

And for what it's worth, I'm voting for the lady bug.

Choice #1 - A Piglet

Choice #2 - Ladybug - but instead from Pottery barn, I'll be making my own.

So whatcha think?


  1. The piglet looks really warm but I'm sure you aren't going to actually go trick-or-treating. I think the piglet would be cuter next year, when she's toddlering around.

  2. Bryson and Corbin vote for the pig and i say lady bug!!!! :)


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