July 12, 2013

Baby Jay 3.0 :: The second appearance ::

 Last Monday, I had another sono to check my fluid levels and so we got to see Miss thing again! Which I loved. Sean was swamped at work, so he didn't get to see her but we got a few cute profile pics. My favorite is the 2nd to last of her nose and mouth!  She was also yawning during the sono which was cute too.  Unfortunately right now the little stinker is breech. So she best be finding a way to turn around before her due date! She weighed in around 2.2 lbs and was measuring around 26 weeks 1 day. (I'm technically 26 and 5 days.). She is also still very much a girl! :) Oh, and her heartbeat was 135. I compared her to Lyla who had I had to have a sono with at 28 weeks and Lyla was 2.8 lbs and her hb was 136. So they are pretty similar!  Oh, and my fluid levels were higher, so everything is good there too!

And without further ado, Miss Baby Jay 3.0 at 26 weeks!

 My favorite. Up by her head is her hand as she kept her hands next to her face most of the time. Lyla did the same thing!

July 11, 2013

The Center tri - Sean's first tri of 2013

In June Sean competed in his first tri of the year and also his first tri since his accident.  It was another early morning, but it was beautiful out, so it was worth it. And Sean did really well. He got 9th overall and was 1st in his age division.

Last year swimming was super hard for him, but this year  he did really well with the swimming and was first in his heat!

 Transitioning to the bike - he rode 12 miles.

 2 of his fans! :)
 Transitioning to the run - he ran a 5k (3.1 miles)

 That afternoon Tyler and Kayla came up and while the boys were off golfing, Kayla and I sewed Kayla's crib skirt for the baby.  Then we had Sarah and Kynlee over for a BBQ. The kiddos had lots of fun playing together! Kynlee and Cohen are about 4 months apart!

I love his crazy hair!

 They were worn the heck out after playing all evening!

July 10, 2013

West Wild Fest 5K

Sean decided he wanted to run in the WWF 5K last Saturday and then decided he wanted to push Lyla and Cohen too. When he checked out the times for the race he knew he didn't have a chance competition wise, so he did it for fun and pushed 70 lbs instead! :) 

This is what our little runners thought of with having to get up super early!

 They were not excited for pictures!

 I walked a few blocks and met up with them at around the 1 mile spot! It was the only time I got to see them until the finish line!

And the finish!

Between pushing the stroller, his knee, and it raining, Sean did really well! He finished with a time of 26.34. He also likes to say he got 1st place in the stroller division. For the record, there was no stroller division! :) He's just ultra competitive.

They were a little happier once they got out of the stroller!

After the race, we headed to the downtown market and stopped and got the kids new tennis shoes before going to the parade! This was the only picture we got because the kids were to excited for the parade! :)

July 9, 2013

Goodbye curls!

 Cohen was in dire need of a haircut for quite some time. However, I LOVE his curls and didn't want them to disappear. I was super scared that if we cut it the curls would go away. The curls were just "Cohen" We called it crazy uncle hair! :) 

Like I said, dire need!
 He sat so well and did great the whole time! And....
the curls stayed! I was so happy!!

My stylist Emily with Cohens' final cut! Doesn't he look super cute!
This doesn't even show you how curly is his still is!

July 8, 2013

The 4th

 I've been so bad lately with taking pictures, but Sean's been good at taking over! :) On the 4th, in the morning, Sean went and played golf with all the guys and in the afternoon we headed to Sean's grandma's house to a bbq and to hang out with everyone! We had some amazing food (a pregnant ladies favorite part) and it was good hanging out with everyone!


This is a face we get from Cohen a lot these days if we tell him no! So dramatic!

 And Miss Lyla - isn't her dress adorable! I love how it turned out!!
All in all, a great 4th with our family!

Baby Jay 3.0's first pictures

 I just realized that I never got a chance to put up baby girls pictures from our 20 week sono.  I actually had another one today and that is what prompted me! :) So I'll get those up soon. But she is doing good! :) Enjoy!