September 7, 2009

Guess what time of year it is

If you know relatively anything about Sean, then this should be quite easy to guess. It's the start of KU football. KU kicked off Saturday with a win that Sean was unfortunately not able to watch. They didn't have it on a TV station in Hays so poor Sean had to deal with listening to it on Sirius off and on while we were at a lake luau Saturday. If you have been reading my blog since last football season then these next few pictures should be of no surprise to you.

Yes. It is the return of the 8ft blow up Jayhawk. Oh, do I love this thing.(Sarcasm all around in case you didn't notice).

Like I had said we went to a luau at the lake with all of our lake crew Saturday . Tons of people and tons of great food. Most of them had yet to meet Lyla so she was a big hit, of course. I had to run to Wal-mart earlier in the day to get her a long sleeved pant outfit because she has mostly sundresses and the lake was a bit cold for that. I even had a bikini for her to wear but the weather hasn't been nice enough. Lyla slept through the festivities and so ended up having a long night. Or actually Sean had a long night. After she had ate around 10 she didn't fall asleep until 1:30ish. So I got 5 hours of sleep which felt great.
We headed to GB this a.m. for my soon to be SIL's bridal shower. Sean also helped my dad put in a new backyard. And I also had family from Colorado in visiting. They had not seen the baby yet nor had my cousins and aunt and uncle from GB so Lyla got a lot of loving on. And truth is I didn't get one picture of Lyla with any of them or any pictures at all. Silly, silly me.
So we are finally home and it's now 4 a.m. Blogging is a great thing to do in the middle of the night while I'm nursing. Maybe Lyla will get the blogging fever one day. Except by the time she's old enough to do this, there will be something newer and bigger and much more exciting then blogging. Blogging will be old news by then!
Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. You know she's crying because of that big ugly bird right?? LOL, she looks like an angel. Missing you lots!


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