September 13, 2009

Wanna catch up?

Miss Lyla got to experience her first shopping expedition on Friday. We (more meaning myself than her) had a great time shopping and hanging out with Granna and Pops. We headed to Salina and she did so good all day! She pretty much slept all day and even slept most of the night. Maybe we need to shop more in order to get her to sleep longer periods at night?! Just an idea, but an idea my hubby won't go for!

There was one exciting moment of the day. Miss Lyla had a blowout at Target and well, managed to get poop on her Granna. Poop must be attracted to my mom somehow because I'm sure I pooped on her as a baby, Miss Reese has pooped on her as a puppy and now Miss Lyla has christened my mother. Oh, Granna.

I nursed in public for the second time and all went well except for a creeper than was sitting near us. He was a little on the strange side and it made for some awkward moments while she was eating. We also took some pics (of course) while we were shopping. I had to document this momentous (is that a word?) occasion. We even took one in front of the fish (eeh). Those fish are huge. And scary. And freaky. And scary. Remember folks, this chick is not a fan of fish. I was literally scared of them even though they were in a HUGE glass tank and not attacking me like they did on our honeymoon. Anyways, that was off track.

We also took a picture of Miss Lyla in her I love Mommy onesie! It's the cutest onesie and well, she loves me! :) Unfortunately she didn't get to wear it too long after her blowout in Target that took a bit to clean up.

Let's see... Miss Lyla managed to get a few fall outfit because that girl has mostly sundresses because it is September and I was still expecting hot temps, not fall like weather. We got some great deals on Carter outfits. Actually majority of her outfits were Carters. Oh, and she got her first pair of Uggs. If your out of the fashion loop, Uggs are a type of boots. Mine are Ugg-wannabe's. Oh, and Lyla got her first KU warm-up outfit and KU cheerleading uniform! They are still a little big, but she'll be in them soon.

And for the record, tomorrow Lyla will be 4 weeks old. Only 3 days after that will she technically be a month old. This makes me sad. Very sad. My baby is growing up WAY to fast!

Well, I think that sums up Friday. Saturday I had a bridal shower and that was about it for us. Sunday Sean took Lyla to church by himself while I had a photography session. I went 4 hours without my baby girl, the longest I've gone so far! Sean got her all ready so I got a little more sleep, which was nice!
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