August 30, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Sunday funday? Or lazy day, maybe? Either way, a great day! Sean was kind enough to let me sleep in as a certain girl felt the need to get up earlier than we wanted! We then headed off to church and had lunch at Carlos O'Kelly's. Then naptime for all involved. I think Sean even dosed on and off for a bit. After Sean and Lyla got up, they headed to the pool with Grandma and Abi and Avery. Sean said they had a great time and Miss Lyla was a water bug!

Lyla first thing in the am! She was pretty excited about her bike and helmet. Doesn't everyone ride a bike naked?!?! ;)

She also loves her magnadoodle she got for her birthday!

Sleepy baby!

That evening Miss Lyla got to practice riding her bike again. How cute is she!? :) Mr. Cohen just hung out on the porch, not making a peep! He's such a great baby! I am truly blessed!

Safety first!

Love my girl!

And my boy! :)

Great family day! :) Love spending time with them!

Monday was a picture-less day. I actually took the babes for a walk and about died! I walked for 30 minutes and had to stop twice. I'm SO out of shape. I have a lot of work ahead of me!!! Also our friend Shelly brought us supper and it was delicious! Especially the desert which we ate a lot of!

Tuesday was a lazy day around the house. In the afternoon, Lyla wanted to play with her"cakes" a cupcake set she got for her birthday. She can decorate them and loves to play with them.

Love her long eyelashes!
Love her kisses ;)
When daddy got home, he got to enjoy some cupcakes as well!Her other favorite thing to do is jump all over her daddy!

That evening I took some more 2 year old pics of her in her birthday get up! Isn't she a doll?!?! She actually smiled and made this photo session pretty easy!

Today we met my friend Becca and 3 of her kiddos at the Victoria park for a play date. It was good getting to socialize, both Ly and I.

My awesome stroller. I heart it.
The stroller with both seats on in. It goes from a single to double and has like 16 different seat positions. And it is easy to push!

Lyla is big into cheesn' and take pictures - budding photographer maybe? She was taking my picture with my phone.And little brother! He resembles an old man to me with his wrinkled forehead!

And that wraps up the past few days!

Lyla's Birthday Party

Saturday evening we had Miss Lyla's birthday party! Mucho thanks to our fams for helping us out as I was worn out! Thank you, thank you!

I LOVED miss Ly's outfit. I made her shirt and then got the pettiskirt online! She looked adorable!

Her big gift from us was a trike...which she loves. Uncle Kev and Aunt Kelci got her the helmet and she actually likes to wear to it, which is great. She can't quite pedal it perfectly, but she's doing pretty good!

Cake with uncle Kev... I told him to keep her clean... not so much! :)
This was my brother and Kelci's first time to meet Cohen!!! Glad you guys could make it...we miss you!

Aunt Kelci and Cohen
Lyla's cake made by Kaycie Schumacher with Benella Bakery!
It was also Kayla's first time meeting Cohen as well! He got lots of lovin this weekend!

Family of 4!
She is scared of fire and would not blow out her candles, so momma did it for her!!!

Thanks to everyone for coming! :) Happy birthday, sweet girl! Until next year...

August 25, 2011

First milestone

Cohen had his first milestone last night. He slept in his crib for the first time! Exciting, I know! The best part - he slept for 5 1/2 hours straight! Thank you Cohen, you are well on your way to being momma's favorite. Except I don't play favorites. But if I did, you would SO be in the lead! ;) Keep it up!

This morning my friend Shannon and her daughter, Kynli came over to visit AND she brought daylight donuts. Yum! Miss Kynli was pretty excited about holding Cohen and had a big smile on her face the whole time!

This afternoon, Miss Lyla posed with Cohen so of course, a picture was snapped. This is probably the best picture I have to date. Love them both SO much! As much as I don't want either of them to grow up or to wish time away, I can't wait to see these 2 interact together. Will they be super close or despise each other?!? :)

I also did part of Cohen's newborn pictures today. I got everything set up and of course the boy woke up. A boob or two later and he was back to a deep sleep and I was able to get a ton of great pics! I took almost 600 if that tells you anything! Once Sean got home, Miss Lyla got a little one on one attention! She saw her cupcake kit in the closet and that is what she wanted to play with daddy! I love how Sean fits at the table! :) She loves her daddy and she is definitely wrapped around his finger!

A friend from my Mom's Club brought us dinner tonight and YUM... it was delicious. Bbq meatballs, cheesy potatoes, green beans, jello, and brownies. And there was so much that we'll have leftovers for at least 2 days! :) Thank you!!!

And tonight I enjoyed a beautiful night snuggling my 2 babies!

And this sweet boy is 1 week old... tear. I can't believe how fast this past week has gone!

- You are the easiest baby so far. You are chill about everything and rarely cry.
-You are a great napper/sleeper - thank you baby!
-You are also a great nurser!
-You are still a bit yellow, but I can tell that it is going away now.
-Your big sister ADORES you and you are great at putting up with her... for now!
-You had your first photo shoot! Get used to it because there will be plenty in your future!

Oh, and how am I doing 1 week post-partum? I'm doing great, thanks for asking! I'm honestly feeling pretty good. I haven't taken any pain meds today and doing pretty good without them. I've also lost 18 lbs so far with only what seems like a million to go. Or 38, same difference! :)

August 24, 2011

1st day

Today was my first day home by myself. Super sad Sean had to go back to work! We had to go to Hays to get Cohen's bilirubin checked again. My goal was to leave around 9:45 and I actually left around 10:30. I was worn out from getting ready that I took a break, hence leaving later. The kiddos were both good so it was a breeze taking them, minus the fact I'm not 100% yet and it wore me out!

The babes before leaving

Mission completed!Once we got home, my mom and dad showed up for a bit to hang out with their grandbabies and help me clean! :) Thanks mom! The rest of the afternoon went fine and I survived my first day! It definitely helps that I have easy babies! Cohen, so far, is a great baby and pretty calm. Lyla has always been pretty easy, most days! :) And Cohen slept great last night, so I'm feeling a bit refreshed! He slept from 9-1, 1:30-5, and 5:30-8. I can handle that. Now, he's slept most of the day, so I'm hoping it isn't a rough night!

Oh, and Mr. Cohen's bilirubin is down to 16.1 so we are in the clear! No more blood draws for that little boy! I can't believe he'll be 1 week old tomorrow. I'm going to attempt a few pictures, so we'll see how that goes!

Going home!

On Friday we got to take Cohen home. I was really hoping we'd only have to stay at the hospital for the 24 hours and felt blessed we were able to take home a healthy baby! We had to wait until 1 for them to do a few blood draws and once we found out his bilirubin was ok, we were getting ready to go. When we took Lyla home, we all wore KU shirts. So keeping with that, we all wore it to bring Cohen home! I made both Lyla and Cohen their shirts. Lyla's said Big Jay and Cohen's said Baby Jay! I loved them!

Lyla's first time holding himRight before leaving the hospital

We then had to go to Wal-mart to get my prescription and a few things. So of course I had to document that trip! :)Once we got home, we had to do a few family shots.

Love my kiddos!

First diaper change at home

Love them!Ending the night with some snuggle time!

So blessed! :)