January 10, 2014

Stella Monroe :: 3 months ::

Happy 3 months, sweet girl!

- You weigh around 12 1/2 -13 lbs.
- You are wearing size 0-3 and size 1 shoes
- You wear size 2 diapers!

- You are nursing every 2-3 hours during the day!
- You rarely sleep during the day - anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours if we are lucky!
- You sleep 10-11 hours at night. Normally from 930-730 - 8.

- You can roll from tummy to back, and back to tummy!
- You have started giggling a little more and it is super cute!
- Your smile is mommy's favorite!

- Your head and neck control is awesome and you will even sit unassisted for a few seconds!
- You love the swing and will nap the best there! Mommy also loves when you nap with me!

 Hard to believe that a 1/4th of your first year is over!!