January 30, 2012

Naked butts & colds

So we have officially hit potty training. Boo - I'm actually kinda sad. This means my baby is really no longer a baby! :( So far she is doing pretty good - we had a few accidents today but overall she has done great! We are doing the 3 day potty training which recommends that they pretty much run around naked all day. This made Lyla's day because she loves to be naked. Or she loves to be naked and just wear slippers...and sometimes a purse. It's a great look for her.

We started off the bat with two accidents and then she pooped in the potty! :) That deserved her a toy and she got a Melissa and Doug magnetic dress up doll. After that she peed in the potty and got to read a book on Sean's Nook. She loves the dang thing and so now her treat for going potty is that she gets to read a book on the Nook. Easy enough! She wouldn't peed before her nap so I laid her down with a pull up on and she woke up dry. Shortly after that I had her sit on the potty and she peed again! She has 2 accidents this early evening but then she started going and sitting on the potty without us prompting or asking if she had to go and went three times this evening! Really it has been pretty easy! We get all excited whenever she goes and have a little dance party which she loves. She then runs around the house naked screaming Yahoo! :) Love her!

This little boy is trying to get over a cold and a cough. During the weekend he had a pretty good cold but it has gotten better. He's been fighting a cough since last week which led to a week full of NO sleep. No bueno for this sleep lover. But last night he slept 10 hours and then went back down for another 2 plus a 1 1/2 morning nap and a 3 hour afternoon nap! So hopefully the rest will get him to feeling better!

Oh, and a little funny about Lyla. She loves anything electronic - phones, computers, the Nook, my Ipod, our phones, etc. Well, Sean had laid Lyla down for a nap Sunday and they had read a book off the Nook. Well he left it in there and I had to go into her room to grab something shortly after Sean laid her down and I found her sitting in her bed playing on it. She was watching something on Netflix. The girl can work that thing better than me! She's also a pro at youtube! :S We also find her hiding behind pillows on the couch playing with the phones. She's a sneaky little thing!

January 27, 2012

Go daddy!

Last night we headed over to Russell to watch daddy sub on a b-ball team. This is the first year since I met Sean that he isn't on a team. He says he's getting old and his body can't handle it. Oh wait, maybe that was me that said it! :)

Cheering on daddy! She had fun cheering for him. She also cheered for basketball and KU. Pretty sure she made her daddy very happy!

They won their first game but then lost their 2nd!

This little boy just hung out for a while! He's such a good little boy!

January 26, 2012

Cereal and a princess

This little guy is finally liking some cereal! :) Now he grabs for the spoon and opens his mouth for it & actually swallows most of it! We've tried a few times here and there for the past 2 weeks and he just wasn't ready. Now he is! :) He even finished his first bowl of it last night!

He's also getting pretty good at sitting - he is getting to big, to fast!

We've had a few rough nights for the past week or so. Luckily last night he slept for about 10 hours with a little crying fit around 1:30. I got about 7 1/2 hours of sleep and I feel like a new woman. I haven't had that much sleep in a while! Don't get me wrong...I'm still tired. But it felt great to get some sleep. I didn't even mind waking up at 6 this morning! :) Now if only Lyla would sleep past 7 and I could actually have some peace and quiet in the mornings! :) Ha!

And this little missy. Well she is pretty much a hot mess right now! She loves to go without clothes and will randomly take off her clothes whenever she feels. Or she wants to change her clothes numerous times a day.

These little beauties are on her feet quite often too. A princess in princess shoes and a diaper! Great little mixture!

January 23, 2012

A great day!

We started off the day like this. Mind you, the robe that she is wearing is for 0-9 months! :) She rocked this outfit!

Mimi (Sean's mom) came over today to watch the kiddos while I got some stuff done. That even included going grocery shopping at Dillons by MYSELF and I was in and out in 30 minutes. That was heaven, if I do say so! Then I met up with Mr. Sean for a lunch date. It's been a while since we've done anything, just him and me! So it was enjoyable getting to visit with him.

We then had Lyla's last dance class...tear. I love her as a little dancer and I think she is just too cute. Yes, I am biased though. But really, look at her. ADORABLE! Mimi made her little leg warmers so she wanted to wear them to dance and I love her little outfit! Dressing up girls is SO fun!

Mimi, Sean and I went to watch her last day where the kids show off what they have learned during this class. I am so proud of Miss Lyla. Besides the fact she loves the class, she did really good for her age. I even signed her up for the same class again next month!

A little head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Cohen though sister did an excellent job!

Yes, we were the parents videotaping the whole thing! :)

Oh, I just adore her!

Then we headed home to visit with a couple that did this!

Yes, our house is in contract! :) As long as all goes well, our house should hopefully be sold in March! :) Yay! I just pray over and over that the inspection and bank appraisal goes well! I'm so excited!!!!!! :) And I also pray that the lady the owns the house that we want finds herself a home quickly so that we are not homeless...or living in the camper! :)

January 21, 2012

Cohen ::5 months::

Really? 5 months already?

1 week ago you weighed in at 12 lbs 14 oz, so I'm sure you have hit 13 pounds now. You are also 24 1/2 inches!
-You are in 0-3 months and 3-6 month clothes.
-You still are in newborn shoes!
-You now wear size 2 diapers.

-You can roll from tummy to back and back to tummy. You hardly lay on your back anymore as you almost instantly roll to your tummy.
- You are tripod sitting pretty good!
- You were sleeping pretty good but the last few days, you have been waking up after about 8 hours of straight sleep and then you have trouble going back to sleep.
- Normally, you go down to sleep between 7 & 8, sleep 8-10 hours, eat, then sleep for about 2-4 more.
- You nurse about every 2 1/2-4 hours and will not take a bottle for me and barely take one from your daddy.
- No teeth yet but you drool ALL the time!

-You take 2 good naps a day. Your afternoon nap is the longest and you can sleep about 2-3 hours. Your morning nap is about an hour.
- You love your feet. You found them around 3 months, but lately you have been playing with them a lot more and you like to try and eat them!
- You have a sweet little laugh, though it takes a lot to get you to laugh hard. If we pretend to laugh, you normally get a kick out of that.
- For the most part you are pretty laid back and good at entertaining yourself.

- Just today you have started getting up on your knees and trying to inch further. I REALLY hope you don't crawl soon. I don't want you to grow up!
- We tried cereal 2 weeks ago and you kept pushing your tongue out, so you weren't quite ready. We tried again the other night and while you gave us an awful look, you did eat a little bit. I'm in no hurry this time, because, again, I really don't want you to grow up!
- Your favorite toys right now include this steering wheel toy, a crinkle book, and a ball.

- We got out the jumperoo and you really haven't decided if you like it or not. If you do enjoy it for a little bit, it doesn't normally last long!
- You are mr. fussypants in the evenings, especially around supper time. You are a little needier than your sister was at this age!
- Your hair is slowly growing and getting thicker. Your skin is also getting better, but you almost always have some sort of rash on you.
- Your big sister LOVES and ADORES you and you love the attention she gives you!

I can't believe you are 5 months! Such a big boy! :) We love you!!!

January 20, 2012

Best friends...

Well it is looking like Lyla is missing Miss Reese more than I thought. Which makes my heart super super sad. Numerous times during the day she asks where Reesie is or asks to play with her, etc. If I ask her where Reese is, she'll say doggie heaven. But still, every day she asks for her. Super sad.
I'm missing Reese as well...even Sean said he is. I've found myself, numerous times, doing something that out of habit for her. Whether it be telling Sean to let her in or asking if she was fed. I had her for almost 5 1/2 years so you just get used to things!
As I don't want to replace Reese, I am looking forward to getting a new puppy and it being Lyla's best friend again. I know she misses playing with a puppy. And I miss having a little dog greet me whenever I come home or sitting on my lap.

This is Lyla's new smile...she closes her eyes! :)

January 19, 2012

Snow time

Sometime after Christmas, Lyla and Sean headed outside to play in the snow. Anytime Lyla sees snow on the ground she says it is snowing... even when it is 55 degrees and just a little bit of snow in places. It's quite cute! She was all excited to get dressed and go outside and play!

She's a poser! :)

Sometime after Christmas, Lyla and Sean headed outside to play in the snow. Anytime Lyla sees snow on the ground she says it is snowing... even when it is 55 degrees and just a little bit of snow in places. It's quite cute! She was all excited to get dressed and go outside and play!

My loves

They make my heart so happy! She loves her little brother more than I ever even imagined she would!

January 18, 2012

Visit with Santa

I just love how Cohen's turned out! He did so good! And Miss Lyla did waaaay better then I thought she would. When she first saw him she clung on so tight to me and started to freak and I told her to say hi and and wave which she did. But then he got up to do something and she freaked out again.
When it was our turn we put Cohen in his lap first, got the picture and then I pretty much threw Lyla into his lap. And while she was fearful, she didn't freak out! She told him she wanted toys and then decided she had enough! So overall, I'm pleased. And it is a much better picture than last year! Ha!

January 17, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we all woke up to see that Santa had been there and even drank the milk and ate the cookies we left him! Lyla thought she needed to finish the cookies that were left!

The aftermath! I didn't really get any pictures of us opening, but Lyla enjoyed opening everyone's presents!

How the living room looked afterwards!

Cohen checking out his new toy!

My new camera bag - love!

We then got dressed and headed to Great Bend. We first stopped off to see Max!

Cohen and Aunt KelciLyla and Uncle Bro - she adores him!
Then we opened presents - Cohen helping Pops.

Gigi and Pops got Lyla a box of dress up clothes! She loved it!

Gigi and Cohen

Princess Kelci

A few tries at a family picture

I made their Christmas outfits but it is kind of hard to see. Lyla's shirt was elf shoes and Cohen's was a tie onesie!

Overall we had a great Christmas! Miss Lyla got a tunnel with a tent, legos, books, pj's, a Melissa and Doug cookie kit, a few puzzles, money, a Jayhawk pillow pet, a zebra hat, a little puppy dog that barks, and digital camera. Cohen got a few "boy" toys, books, pj's, a Jayhawk pillow pet, a toy that attaches to my ipod so he can someday play games on it, his name train, Scout the pal dog, and some food things. Sean got a Kindle which ended up being returned and he got the Nook tablet, a cover for his Kindle, gift cards, and PS3 games. I got a camera bag, camera strap, a gift certificate for a massage and foot wrap, a FHSU shirt, a crock pot and a food processor! Overall, we were spoiled! :)