August 31, 2012

FHSU soccer

 I've been a big fan of soccer since I've been an itty bitty. I've played for years when I was little and up until we moved to Kansas plus 1 year in high school.  FHSU had gotten a soccer team 2 or 3 years ago, maybe and we finally made it to a game! They happened to have their opener on Cohen's 1st birthday, so we made it a date with dinner!

We headed off to Applebee's (Lyla's favorite plus we also went there on her 1st birthday!) and then went to the game. When we arrived there were maybe 10 people but once kick off happened the stands were full.  Cohen WILL not sit still so we mostly hung out around the field so he could walk/crawl around!

 A little half time kicking on the field with a basketball. Nice, huh?

And Cohen was cranky and not in the mood to be in a picture, so that would be why he really isn't in any! :)
Overall, good game! They won and we got to spend a nice evening as a family!

August 29, 2012

My birthday girl

At the beginning of the month we had Lyla's 3rd birthday party with our family and friends! I was totally against having their parties together so we did Lyla's at the beginning and Cohen's last weekend! 

She was so excited for her "friends" to come over and hang out and couldn't wait to open presents! She kept asking about her party a couples days before hand. 

My nephew, Ben! Loves him!

Her cake! Adorable, right? I LOVED it! By far my favorite cake that I've had made for her!
 The set up! We just served snacky foods and drinks!

 Did a little slip n' sliding!
 Tayla and Lyla! Aren't they cute?

 Cake time! Last year she was scared to blow out her candles but this year she did just fine!

 Clay and Alicia - don't you think they need another one! :)
 Girls' table!

Presents! She got a bunch of cute stuff! Lots of  craft stuff which she is big into right now, a barbie, an embroidered book bag, puzzles and stuff for her kitchen, which we got her!

The kitchen! We got it at IKEA and I LOVE the look of it and the kids love playing with it!


 Overall, great birthday party for our sweet girl!!

August 28, 2012

best friends


1st hair cuts!

 2 weeks ago, Cohen and Lyla got their first professional haircuts! We use Emily at Redz and she was so good with the kiddos.  Cohen did pretty good and Lyla did really, really well!

Legos and suckers made the process a little better.  I got a bit teary watching. I loved his little wispy curls over his ears! He definitely looking much older now :(

 And this girl, she is just so good! I'm pretty stinkn' blessed with how good she is! :)

Overall, I considered this a success! :)

August 27, 2012

Laking it!

 Ahh, our second home! Except this summer, we barely got to be out at the lake much.  As in only 3 times all summer! Boo! After Sean's tri, we all headed out to the lake.  

Sooo, I happened to forget Lyla's swimsuit...who does that? So she got to swim in shorts and a tee.  
And also, puddle jumpers are THE best life jackets out there for kiddos. Seriously amazing!

 This little boy does great at the lake minus the fact he will not sleep whenever we are on the boat.  Lyla will fall asleep within minutes of us getting on the water. Cohen just wants to stay awake to see everything!

 I just love them!

 This year Lyla was all about playing in the sand and no much about swimming in the water. 
 See, she sleeps great in the boat!
 He loved crawling all around in the water!

Here's to next summer! We are hoping to sell out boat and get a new one next spring! ;) Yay!

August 26, 2012

Sean's first triathlon

 My brothers love for triathlons had rubbed off on Sean! He ended up buying a tri bike and had been training for his first race.  It was the couch potato tri and he swam 300 m, biked 5 and ran 1.  He got 17th out of 49 with a time of 36:09.

My stud! :)
 Swimming was/is his hardest part.

 She just may be his biggest fan!

 My favorite picture - look close, what do you see? Handicapped parking ;)

 Off on his run!

I'm so proud of him! ;)