September 28, 2010

My {Exciting} news!

You can now officially call me a WAHM (work at home mom) and I couldn't be more excited!

Since I know there are curious George's out there here's the details...

I'll be working PRN at the clinic I've been at for 3+ years. The opportunity kinda fell into my lap and I jumped on it, as this is something I had been wanting to eventually do! It just came upon me a little quicker than I had planned!

Since I'll only be working a few days a month at the clinic, this gives me more time to concentrate on my photography! I have been extremely busy and I'm so blessed to be able to do this! Now I can officially do the two things I absolutely love - my photography and raising Miss Lyla! I know that not everyone is cut out to stay at home but I have highly enjoyed my time for this past month! I have some big plans ahead, for both Lyla and I and with my photography!!!

So I'm super excited (can you tell?) to be able to do this! I'm beyond blessed and so thankful for my friends and some family members for supporting me as I do this! And can't forget Mr. Seany Boy, thanks bub! I love you! :)

Happy Thursday!

ETA: Happy Birthday to my mother-in-law! Hope you had a wonderful day!

September 25, 2010

Date Night

Seany boy and I had a date last night. It has been a looooooong time since we went out to eat without Lyla. Truth be told, I'd rather have miss sweet cheeks with us. But, we had a good time with out having to pick up food off the floor, entertain her with crackers or snack foods, or shush her when she decides she wants to test out her little squeal she does.
We headed to Gellas, like we do most dates. But we switched things up tonight. Instead of splitting an entree, we split 2 appetizers. Look at us be on the wild side, huh! :)
After supper we thought about going to play mini golf but that got nixed for some reason. We thought about a movie but nothing was playing that the both of us could agree on. So what did we do....
We went to Wal-mart.
If we aren't an old, married couple, then I'm not sure what we are! :) I'll aisle browsing (had to buy Lyla something of course) and then we headed to Hastings to grab a movie. Picked up Lylabug and headed home. Then PJ's, then movie, then falling asleep mid-movie finished up the date. Ain't Mr. Seany boy so lucky to be married to me? I agree. He sure is...
I love our little life.
Oh, and I took not one picture and even had out camera with us the whole time. Bad blogger! I even looked super cute (a random walmart shopper even told me that! :) )

September 22, 2010


have I mentioned how much I love her recently?

End of the day = not looking so hot. But I kinda love this guy!


How cute are we!?!

Happy Wednesday!

September 20, 2010

Lyla {13 months}

Happy {13} months, Lylabug!

- You weigh around 19 1/2 lbs.
- You wear size 6-12 month clothes but they are all huge on you. The white skirt you are wearing is 9 months and it falls off of you sometimes.
You wear size 3 diaper.
You sleep still from 8 -8:30 til about 7:30-8 am.
-You still take 2-3 naps a day. Normally it is 2 naps and if you miss a nap, you are miss cranky pants.

- You are still a great eater and love, love food.

- You say hi to everyone and wave. You especially love to say hi and wave at dogs!

-You can also say yum yum, uh-oh, dada, and mama. You also mimic thank you.

- You are finally pulling up on things all the time.

- You are also finally walking with your walker *and* enjoying it.

-You've started throwing some crazy tantrums. So fun.
- You still love, love to dance. Whenever you hear music you throw your hands up in the air.

-You and Miss Reese are still bffs. You get so excited whenever you see her.
- You also have finally started cruising the furniture too!

- You learned to blow kisses and are quite adorable whenever you do it! If we ask for a kiss or say we love you, you blow kisses to us. Or to anything we ask to you blow a kiss too!

-You got to attend your first KU game!! Unfortunately they lost, tho!

This has probably been one of the fastest months of your life! You are becoming quite the little is somewhat sad! You are no longer our little baby! We love you {soooo} much!

September 18, 2010

Drama Queen, anyone?

Really? The girl is 13 months (as of yesterday) and she's already acting like this?

She takes after her dad, right?

She started these little fits like 2 days ago and holy.stinkn.cow. To be honest, we ignore her. I'm good at tuning out her bawling! A little Mr. Google and a little parenting books and Sean and I have decided we are not giving her any attention during her little fits, positive or negative. She always snaps out of it after a few minutes and soothes her self to calm down and off she goes to play with something. So is working. But we'll see what'll happen with his drama queen we have!

September 16, 2010

Evening play

It is BEAUTIFUL out.
Oh, I {heart} fall.
So we played.
Ya'll know, since she is now not afraid to actually stand up, we can do a little more.
So we headed outside to play with the slide.

She liked it.
Actually, loved it.

she figured out a trick.

Hmm...should I do it?

Yup, I think I should.


I wish I could have gotten her when she toppled over herself.
But I was laughing to hard.
Which made her laugh...So fun!

Then she tried it the other way....going back up.

A shot of Lyla with all her pups. She {hearts} puppies.
It doesn't matter how grumpy she is, if she sees a puppy she instantly smiles and waves at it.

Happy Thursday! Can't you believe tomorrow Miss Lyla will be {13}!

September 15, 2010

Lookie here...

Someone has finally decided to get up and move. Around her birthday she started refusing to walk while holding on to our hands. Then just today she started walking with us so we used her stroller and off to went. The best part...without whining, which is what she had done in the past! Tonight she also finally decided to start cruising the furniture as well!

My baby is getting big! :(

September 13, 2010

September 9, 2010

My life as I know it right {now}

When you're walking with a friend
And listening to the breeze.
It matter not which way you choose,
There is only you to please.
When you're neither here nor there,
Don't wonder where you're going.
On any great adventure,
The best part is not knowing.
- Emily Hutta

September 8, 2010

{Sweet} love

I *heart* them.
Forever will I love them both.

Oh, Rose..

Miss Lyla is sick. again. Can I mention how tired I am of going into the peds office? Between winter sickness, ear infections and now this, I feel like I'm there at least twice a month.
Miss Thing has roseola. Nice huh?
When I picked her up from daycare Friday she felt really 103 degrees hot. Tylenol and a nap and she was a bit better. The next am she was fussy but no fever, same with Sunday. Monday night we noticed a little rash on her when we were getting her ready for bed. Didn't think much of it until I woke up to her screaming bloody murder at 4 am. Then I found this...

A little 4 am google session and I diagnosed her myself with Roseola "because that's what google said." Well after her appt today, google was correct. Luckily she's not contagious but she may have a rash and be a crankster for the next few days. And more good news...she should never get this again. Our doc said that this is just a viral thing that takes a few days to run its course and there isn't anything to do for it. But still...poor girl. And poor mommy.
I'm tired.

September 7, 2010

Rock Chalk

This post is going to rank high up on the list of my most favorite posts.EVER.
I met Todd Reesing AND got to touch him....swoon!
Oh, isn't that man delicious?
For those that don't know, he was the awesome quarterback for KU. I feel in love with him at my very first game. Here's a play by play for ya...
Jonathan: Todd Reesing is here.
Me:WHHAAATTT? Omigod. Omigod. {giggling uncontrollably}
Jonathan: Yes, he's up at the front of the store.
Me: {Walk up there and peek around a shelf} Omigod.{More giggling}{Race out to my car to get my camera.}
From there on, all I remember is more giggling and feeling like a high school girl googling over a crush. Every time I thought about talking to him I'd giggle. If Sean or Jonathan mentioned that he was there and I was going to meet him, my voice would squeak with excitement and get super, super high.
So we buy our shirts and I try very calming to walk up to him. I'm next in line and I try very hard to not start screaming. I try hard to talk without my voice squeaking. I try extremely hard to act like a normal person and not a crazy fan. I couldn't even look at him because I knew I'd start giggling. He mentioned how cute Lyla was and signed her shirt and his book. Then....I asked if we could take a picture. THEN...I stood next to him and....THEN
he put his arm AROUND me! Oh my. I think I died and went to heaven.
And for the rest of the day, Jonathan or Sean would give me heck saying, "You met Todd Reesing", and a HUGE smile would get on my face and I'd get butterflies in my stomach.
I can now die a happy woman! ;)

This was me after we got out to the car. I was a dingdong and didn't have him sign my jersey though, doh!
In other news, this was Miss Lyla's first KU game and it couldn't have been better. Well, except for the fact we could have won....but that was outweighed by the fact we met Todd Reesing..Mmmm.

I made her an A-dor-able outfit. We can't attend a KU without a stinkn' cute outfit! I rhinestoned KU on a onesie with a KU rosette flower and then made a KU flower rosette headband. And of course, no outfit is complete without a tutu! I also made a KU rosette flower for me!

So cute!

Us girls!

We tried to get Lyla's picture with the cheerleaders but she wasn't having a thing to do with them! I'm hoping this isn't what she thinks of cheerleading when she's older!

So cute!

We love her!

Our first KU game as a family!

Uncle Jonathan and Miss Lyla!

So since Todd Reesing is no longer there, my new favorite player is Kale Pick. He's quite delicious himself but he has a lot of proving to do to be the next Todd Reesing. And by that I mean, he needs to learn to throw the ball. Ooii!

Cheering for the Hawks!

We had taught her to put her hands up for a touchdown. However, KU never got a touchdown so she couldn't show off her skills.

A group picture! We are such a cute family! And yes, the bromance guy is part of our family too!

The bromance plus Lyla!

The end. We lost 6-3. Pa-stinkn'-thetic.

Overall, we had a great time! Miss Lyla did so good, even with not feeling that well. I wore her in my Ergo most of the time and she napped and was pretty much a great little girl all day. Everyone thought she was sooo cute in her little KU outfit and I must agree!

The next day (Sunday) we did some shopping for clothes for Sean and I. Since we've been working out, we both were needing new sizes of clothes! Such a great feeling! We didn't get home until 10:30 so we were exhausted after a long day! Such a great weekend though. Sean and I both feel so blessed that we are able to do this and live the life we want to live. I can't wait for future years of going to the games with Lyla and future kids.