September 23, 2009

Random day...

It is freezing outside! So cold outside that the inside was freezing. When we woke up this morning it was a frigid 66 degrees. A quick call to the hubby to inform him the heat was going on and voila...10 minutes later it was a nice 70 degrees in here. It's a-mazing what a difference 4 stinkn' degrees will do.

So given the weather, it's been a lazy day around here for us. Have I mentioned how much I love being home with Lyla. I called up to the office today and was informed I only have 21 days until I'm back at work. Ugh. I got an awful feeling in my stomach at that sound of that. I only have 3 full weeks left with Lyla at home. Then a lady, that is not me, will spend majority of the time with Lyla. Let me repeat that... someone that's not me. It sucks. But financially we can't do it right now. Our goal is by the time we are about to have 2, I'll be home. The sooner the better. Oh, and about that second one. We keep getting asked if we are ready for another. I am. Sean's not. I absolutely love being a mom. I don't feel stressed. I'm incredibly happy and wouldn't want it any other way. But I'm not ready to wish for another because when we have another one, then that means Lyla is older. And that's not something I'm ready to deal with.
Oh, Miss Lyla. This girl has been full of tears today. She's incredibly tired today probably given she slept pretty much from noon until 7:30 yesterday, only getting up to eat once. Then we woke her up to eat and play for a while but the child didn't want a thing but to go back to sleep. So a quick bath and some food and she was out by 11. But instead of those great 6 hours she has slept the past few night, we were up about 3 times last night. Yuck. This girl doesn't have the sleeping ability like her mother. I have a feeling she'll be like her dad in the sleeping department. Darn it all.
Oh, back to the tired girl. Anyways she is down for her 3rd nap of the day. And so far she is beating the other two as they only lasted about 20 minutes each. I've learned so far that I need to be quick. I got a lot accomplished in those 40 minutes. Laundry, lunch, pumping, putting out fall decor, and spending too much time finding cute clothes on the Internet. Darn etsy. Darn Gymboree. Darn Gap. Darn blogs that have cute kids with cute clothes that I *have* to find. Darn. Darn. Darn.

Oh, guess what. I'm married again.

Yup. You read that right. Wanna know why?

Because my wedding ring finally fits back on my finger. Sean and I joked about not being married since I couldn't wear my ring since about 28 weeks. It fit just perfect whenever I got married so to save it from being cut off, I just took it off. And finally yesterday I got it back on. I'll be honest. It was weird wearing it again. I almost felt like when I first got it because I just kept staring at it. I know. Nerd.

Well, guess whose awake. I guess she beat her last two naps by a whooping 10 minutes!

Have a great day! And stay warm!!

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