June 29, 2011

Birthday gifts

There is a super cute little girl that will be turning 2 soon and so I've been on the search for present ideas for her. And since we don't know when her little brother will be making his appearance, I'm wanting to get them all purchased and wrapped, asap.

I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to get the little princess. She's good in the clothes department and the shoe department but if I see something that is stinkn' cute I can't say no. We thought about getting her a bike, but she's still a bit young to me for that, so I'm thinking that's an Easter present idea or something. We have a bunch of things for her outside that I thought about an outdoor toy box. I'm just too indecisive!

I've wanted to get her a little apron and I've been big into vintage-y things lately so I'm loving this little apron for her!

And I love the ruffles on this one. I found both of these off pinterest. Are you on pinterest? If not you should be. Don't know what it is? Google it my friend. It's the BEST place to acquire ideas and then put them in different categories with links to come back to later. Loves it.

And I super love this one...but with a 2 year old, I'm thinking a full apron would be better. Maybe momma needs this? I'll thank you in advance, hubby! :)

Anyways, I'm not having much luck on finding something I love without spending a bunch just so Lyla can make a mess. And truth be told, I could probably make it, but if I add it to my list of things to make, Lyla will be 18 before it happens. And I may wait until Christmas since I won't be doing much baking (and truthfully I hardly bake, but maybe Lyla needs to so she can be the next Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker) in the next few months.

I also got one of her birthday presents embroidered today and I LOVE how it turned out. And she loves it too! Adorable, right? Now if only I wait until her birthday!

As far as other gifts, her big gift this year is going to be a DVD player for the car. I was pretty much against having one until she was older as I'm not a fan of TV for kids as a babysitter but she's becoming restless in the car and books and other toys are not holding her attention for long. So I've given in! It'll only be used when she starts to get restless and won't be turned on for short little rides. It'll also be helpful out at the lake when she wakes up and wants to watch "Me" (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). So I'm also on the hunt for some DVD's for her. And lastly, I'm thinking a few new puzzles and she'll be set. I've also thought about an activity lapboard for her to color on and what not in the car. Now of course, I love buying gifts so who knows what she'll end up with! :)