September 8, 2009

3 weeks

Happy 3 week birthday Miss Lyla (2 days late)

Finally added her pic!

The stats
- Attended first bridal shower
- Saw Uncle Kevin and Aunt Kelci for the 2nd time
- Another trip to Great Bend under her belt
-Likes to roll from her back to her side
- Sleeps in her crib all night now and wakes up about twice a night. Once if momma is lucky.

Really, nothing has changed since last week so I don't have much to report as far as stats.

But I am going to tell you how I'm a bad mom. Miss Lyla and I were hanging out on the couch today and I laid her on the couch to reach for something off the end table. Well Miss Lyla decided to practice her rolling and yes, she fell off the couch. Don't worry and please don't go calling the SRS just yet. She fell into a blanket and barely even cried. And she's been fine all day. But I felt HORRIBLE! I've been a nanny, babysat a million children and not once has this happened to me before. My friends have done a good job telling me stories about it happening to them so I know I'm not the only one on the planet to have this happen too. But still. My poor baby. And for the record, instead of trying to make me feel better about the situation, Sean did a great job making me feel worse.

Well that's all for the exciting news around here. I've had enough fun today. Peace out.
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