July 31, 2011

The weekend

We had a great weekend around here!

Friday evening we headed to Olmitz for the benefit for Jen, Sean's cousin. They had a GREAT turn out! From what I heard, they had over 600 people and raised a ton of money!!!! Awesome, awesome! We then headed to Great Bend to my parents for the evening. Saturday was Max's benefit but we didn't head out there until Kevin and Kelci's first game around 4:00. Before that, we took Miss Lyla to the GB Aquatic park. Unfortunately, she loves slides but wasn't able to ride any but one because of her height.

Anyways, we got to Max's benefit around 3:45 in time to watch Kevin and Kelci and some of Sean's cousin's play. They, however, got their butts kicked! We stuck around for a little while and hung out with them before heading home. It was just to hot to be outside for the pregnant lady. The only place I go outside is the pool! We tried to win a few things in the raffle, but mom told me tonight we didn't win anything. Sean and I are not lucky people! We didn't win anything at Jen's raffle either! I haven't heard anything on Max's benefit as to the number of people to play/come out or anything, but I'm hoping it did great for Kevin and Kelci!

Today, we had a really relaxed day. We headed to church, Taco Grande for lunch and then food shopping. A 2 hour nap later and we were going to go to the pool, but the weather closed the pool here. So instead, Sean and Ly played outside and we picked up the house.

I was hoping for a July baby, but unless I have a 2 hour labor, it won't be happening. I have my appt tomorrow and I'm hoping for some progress but also trying to stay realistic that there might not be any change. As badly as I want him here, he'll come when he comes and I'm totally ok with that! I'm much more patient with him then when I was pregnant with Lyla!

And to end the post... my 2 favorite people watering the flowers!
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