July 22, 2011

An errand kind of day...

Between the heat & being 9 1/2 months pregnant, running errands have been pretty hard. Add in having to get a little/big girl in and out of her car seat over and over again doesn't make errands fun at all. Luckily, my mother in law came over to watch all her grand daughters today and so this gal got to run errands alone!

My first stop was the hospital to see my friend, Becca and her new little girl, Elizabeth. I brought my camera but forgot that the memory card was in my computer...so fail on that one! I made her some adorable burp rags and a little headband! Becca is anti-girlie and I'm not sure I've ever seen a bow in any of her daughter's hair unless it was when they were first born! :) So of course, I had to bring a headband. It was so sweet getting to hold a newborn and it's hard to believe the next newborn I hold will be mine! :)

After that I headed to the mall for some pampering...Shellac nails! :) Love them so much more than acrylics! This time I had to wait quite a while but I have cute fingers to show of it. Then I dropped off my first sewing project/order to a friend. Then I picked up Lyla's and Baby Jay's coming home from the hospital shirts. I had them custom embroidered and I love how it turned out! :) After that I met up with Sean for lunch at the Soda Shoppe. I told him this might be the last time we eat together as parents of only one child! :)

Then I went and got Miss Lyla and we both enjoyed a 2 hour nap! :) Heaven!

Looking forward to the weekend. We are headed to the lake for the day tomorrow with Sean's cousins and then hopefully we'll get to see my brother and Kelci for a visit tomorrow evening. Sunday I have 2 photo sessions and then church and then we are headed to my haven again - the pool! :) Have a great weekend!
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